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Call of Duty Black Ops ColdWarZombies comes with a wide variety of new systems and mechanisms to make the gameplay as fluid and strategic as possible. Any weapon in the game can potentially be made into a powerful asset once pack -a-punched to slay hordes of Zombies.

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But they’re not made equal; some of them stand out as epic zombie annihilators, and we decided to curate a list of 7 of the best pack -a-punched weapons in Black Ops ColdWarZombies. Out of all the different classes and individual weapons, we have picked out seven of them which, according to us, are best utilized to get rid of zombies quickly.

Some of them are obvious picks, as many COD players would concur, while others are surprising finds that ought to be given a shot at least once. Screen grab via: MrWilliamThorComing up next is Magnum, a double action revolver that deals an insane amount of damage with low muzzle velocity and high penetration.

The weapon itself will depend greatly on how it is used and is akin to Python from Black Ops 1 and 2 and acts like a Destiny Hand cannon. If you only aim at the body, you might be a little disappointed regarding the damage it can deal since it works much better as a boss zombie killer gun.

Magnum is definitely in the latter category and is extremely reliable, especially in the initial rounds as you can choose to spawn with it. Screen grab via: MrWilliamThorThis is an iconic 3-round burst tactical rifle which players would recognize as the Skul-splitter from the previous games.

One could say its effectiveness has nearly doubled in ColdWarZombies thanks to its unparalleled burst fire accuracy when aiming down and high-damage output in short-range confrontations. As a pump-action shotgun, Bauer 77 deals high damage with quick 1-shot kills in close quarters.

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Even though it may not deliver a lot of damage per shot, its high fire-rate and its increased magazine size makes it the best shotgun, and one of the best weapons in the game, period. Screen grab via: Ch0pperThe Ray Gun needs no introduction whatsoever as it is a staple in the zombie universes.

The Ray Gun on launch day was a pure delete machine and essentially delivered a one-hit kill every time. But even after the tweak, it can easily take out full zombie hordes in a couple of shots at rounds as high as 50.

The sinister tinkle of the mystery box, the mind-bending Easter eggs, the wacky Pack -a- Punch weapons; it’s good to have it all back. However, in Call of Duty: Black Ops ColdWar’s Zombies mode, players not only have the usual means of acquiring some firepower through the mystery box, wall weapons, or Easter egg rewards, but they can now head into the fight with a custom loadout using any gun they’ve unlocked in the game so far.

There’s no definitive answer to what the best weapon in Black Ops ColdWar’s Zombies mode is as it can vary through each play through, and on your own play style. This is before you’ve had the chance to upgrade or Pack -a- Punch your weapons, and the enemies are relatively weak and low in numbers.

However, as upgrades and the prospect of Pack -a-Punching come into play later in the game, other weapons emerge as top picks for clearing the massive waves of enemies and chunking damage out of bosses. There is also a melee bonus in Black Ops ColdWarZombies which means that using the knife will rack up a tonne of points for you to spend on future weapon upgrades, perks, and clearing doorways and blockades.

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When levelled up using Ethereum crystals, Healing Aura can also knock back zombies, stun bosses, and create a beam that revives allies. Other honorable mentions for starting weapons include the Stoner LEG for its high ammo count and decent damage, and the Gallo SA12 shotgun, which will one shot enemies for a fair few rounds.

Black Ops ColdWar’s Zombies mode has some pretty tasty options for Pack -a- Punch King. Our top picks to chuck in the machine are the M16, the Gallo SA12 shotgun, the Ray Gun (if you’re lucky enough to pull one from the mystery box), and the Knife.

The XM4 and the Stoner LEG are also good alternatives to Pack -a- Punch, but the extended burst fire and high critical damage makes the M16 a beast once upgraded. It does massive damage to bosses, will turn zombies into crawlers if you fire it at the surrounding ground, and can clear trains extremely quickly.

It can be brought into the game with your starting loadout, can be purchased as a Tier 3 wall weapon early on at the crash site section of Die Machine, and when Pack -a-Punched becomes arguably the best gun for clearing hordes of the undead. This means you could walk around with, say, a Ray Gun, and if you get into bother and need to reload, you can one hit melee your way out without switching to the Knife.

Electrobolt Secondary: Closing Argument Field Upgrade: Ring of Fire Tactical: Cymbal Monkey/ Decoy Grenades Lethal: C4/ Molotov As mentioned before, spend your Ethereum Crystals on the melee upgrade to make sure you’re always one-hitting zombies, even with your primary weapon out.

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While Healing Aura is a great field upgrade for starting loadouts, we think Ring of Fire is the best for high-round runs. They’ll get you out of tricky spots and can bunch up zombies, so you can go on a safe knifing spree to conserve ammo.

Lethal grenades don’t really play much of a role in the high round meta, but a C4 or Molotov is good for damaging multiple zombies at once. Other things to consider, of course, include getting yourself a full set of perks and holding onto a Self-Revive Support by either crafting one or getting lucky with a random loot drop.

The new map is called Die Machine, and one YouTuber named MrDalekJD already has a full descriptive video (seen at the end of this article) on how to Pack A Punch in Black Ops ColdWarZombies. Image via TreyarchThe first right-side door costs 500 points and leads into the building that seems to be reminiscent of Yacht Her Unto ten, the original Call of Duty: World at Zombies map.

From there, to get to the outpost, players need to take a left after passing the debris and go to the end of the room, where there is another block in the wall. Purple arrows in Black Ops ColdWarZombies give hints to players about which way to go, and that block in the wall will cost 1,000 points.

Whether players start the path by going left or right in Black Ops ColdWarZombies, which in this case was right, they will eventually end up at the crash site outside the building in the snow. Players then need to follow the medical bay to the next door and open that turn on the power in the next room, which of course is required for Pack A Punch.

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Image via TreyarchOnce the power is on in Black Ops ColdWarZombies, there will be two terminal markers on the screen, both of which need to be activated. Once switched on, a black and purple anomaly will spawn in the middle of the room, a bit down the stairs.

Essentially, the Dark Ether seems like an alternate universe part of the map, that is the same as the base Black Ops ColdWarZombies, but very purple and full of ocean life-like aesthetics. If you're this far along in the Black Ops ColdWarZombies Easter Egg hunt, congratulations.

That includes turning on the power, crafting the pack -a- punch machine, getting the D.I.E. Machine weapon, locating the Arthroscope parts and assembling the scanner.

In this guide were going to explain what you need to do with the Ether Scope to further your progress and find the anomalies. Assuming you've done everything else, you'll likely find the Ether Portal in the Medical Bay.

So your primary challenge once you get the scope should be to go back into the Ether and then going to the Medical Bay. Diary in hand you can quickly find the Anomalies and complete this leg of the Easter Egg which will basically ready a containment trap as you push towards the final boss.

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So after you get the diary simply head to the downstairs area of the Med Bay. Behind the speed perk machine you'll find an anomaly as you approach.

Assuming that you didn't run out of the med back once you grabbed the diary this anomaly is pretty much right below you. Run upstairs out to the main hallway and then hook a left to go to the control room.

NextUnboxing the iPhone X with Justine + Call of Duty:WW2 LAN Party! The Easter egg to activate a song is something you can't miss from a Zombies map.

Read on to learn how to activate Die Machine's song in Black Ops Collar. The format of the song's Easter egg is the same as always, so you should find three objects scattered in specific locations on the map.

If you are on the stairs on the opposite side of the Speed Cola, as seen in the image, the cassette will be on the furniture that can be seen when entering. The last cassette will be at the bottom of the particle accelerator room, the same place where the portal to the dark ether is created and where the Pack -A- Punch is located.

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