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Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Voting closed 2 months local of Duty Zombies is a first-person shooter survival mode developed by Trey arch, Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games, and Raven Software and published by Activision.

When we talk about horror, ghosts, spirits, demons and zombies are the first ones that come to our mind. Ghosts and demons are supernatural entities, and they don’t seem to attack everyone.

A small town in Alabama has its own independent zombie movie project going on. In the meantime, they decide to make a documentary of the filming process.

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Alvin Murphy was an inmate in a naval prison when he was subjected to unwilling experiments approved by the government. A few days later, the world fell to pieces when a zombie outbreak turned everyone into a cannibalistic corpse.

His skin begins to turn blue, and he seems to have a control over other zombies. The contestants and the crew members continue to shoot and air the episodes.

And then comes eviction night, when the doors of the house open. While they are inside the school passing their time, a chemical plant in the city explodes.

Meanwhile, certain chemicals released from the plants result in behavioral changes in humans. As the time passes by, a couple of students become impatient and decide to venture out, to find out exactly what has been happening.

Dr Alan Farragut leads a team of scientists to an Arctic bioresearch station where a mysterious virus outbreak has left everyone perplexed. The company that hired them to handle the situation is more interested in the knowledge that they have gained about the virus, and the efforts of completely eradicating the outbreak don’t seem to be on the list.

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Soon, they find their connection cut off from the outside world as they struggle to stay intact in the life or death situations. Despite getting good reviews, the show couldn’t garner enough audience and was cancelled after the second season.

Sheila Hammond had a normal life until she threw up in front of her customers while showing a house that she wanted to sell. But, before they can land on a conclusion, things quickly escalate with Sheila eating up a man.

Clearly established that she is now a zombie, Sheila and Joel try to find ways to keep her diet satiated while trying to make their normal lives work. Also, the scientists have found a way to turn the consciousness of the zombies around to act as humans again.

A lot of medications, injections and a bit touch-up allow the re-animated people to go back to normal. While they face prejudice from the society, the re-animated people are also haunted by the things they did while they were combined.

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ serves an explanation to the events that led to the zombie apocalypse. When the drug-addict Nick witnesses his girlfriend eating a corpse, he tries to understand if it was a hallucination or was it a reality.

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Olivia Moore is a medical student with high hopes and dreams about her life. Severing ties with her fiancé and her family, she tries to preserve her sanity by eating the brains of dead people.

To keep the supply coming, she takes up a job at the morgue, where she can stay out of everyone’s attention, without arising suspicions. As she feeds off on the brains of the corpses, she discovers that she can temporarily inherit their memories.

With her newfound power, Liv finds a way to help a Police Detective in solving cases. One of the most popular shows of recent times and garnering critical acclaim on the side, ‘The Walking Dead’ is still going strong after an eight-season run.

It all started when Rick Grimes woke up from a coma and found that the whole world had been combined. Exceptional acting by its lead actors and consistently smart storytelling by its writers have resulted in a loyal following of the show.

Your tasks are to stay alive in a hard environment where the undead are coming in from all angles. There are 30 varieties of weapons to choose from, and you’ll gain points as you survive the massive waves of zombies coming from all directions.

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Don’t spend too much time looking for clues or admiring the view because hoards of zombies are coming to get you. It is worth mentioning that One of the Last is currently an Early Access game and supports only the HTC Five VR headset.

The only chance to stay alive is to grab your guns, and shoot the zombies with no mercy. You’ll encounter various scary creatures such as zombies, creepers, fasts and giants, and they’re not at all friendly.

If you want to stay alive, you need to use your surroundings to hide from vicious zombie attacks as well as find weapons to destroy the walking dead. If you prefer quick solutions, you can simply purchase powerful weapons, such as Dual Pistols or assault rifles.

You’ll fall in love with this shooting VR game from the first minute of gameplay. The action takes places at the last stage of Mars colonization project in AD 2075.

You’re part of a secondary investigation team whose mission is to eliminate all those naughty monsters. Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in December 2016 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.

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Among the post apocalyptic TV shows listed here are series like The Walking Dead, Revolution, and Lunatics Unleashed. These apocalyptic TV shows (some of which you can find on Netflix for your next binge) are full of drama, riveting special effects, and scary visuals that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Thunder Gun Although it has unlimited damage it has very crappy range. This gun literary sends the zombies flying away which is great when you're surrounded.

Ok in top 5 at least but not number 1. The ice staff is probably better because if you need to revive someone the ice can keep you alive with the blizzard and the thunder gun has almost the lowest ammo of any gun. PPSh-41 Has so much ammo it is ridiculous, Basically becomes a laser with its fire rate it is so fast.

Simply the greatest gun in the history of Call of Duty. Seven years from then, and it brings me to tears when I got in good drove.

Second best zombie assault rifle besides the AN-94 which I have no idea why this is notion this list. The gall is a miracle worker when it comes to headshots and for zombie train control it just mows 'em down.

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Works well past wave 40-50 depends on your skill and weapon taste. This thing has a lot of ammo, and it's very powerful for being a non-wonder weapon.

I love to Pap this gun, then train with it on higher rounds then, buzz all the zombies get electrocuted and fall to the ground. The wunderwaffe is a wonderful electric shooting gun that can out multiple zombies at a time.

In call of the dead you can get it by doing the Easter egg, but in Her Raise and Thinknum it's an out-of-the-box weapon. Great when upgraded to vitriolic withering you should never die unless u run out of ammo fast.

it's so op I'm bo1 you all little doges it's better than ray gun mate one lol RPK Good but not in top 10 gotta be lower because in my opinion almost all the wonder weapons are better than normal guns except for jet gun and winters howl and VR 11 they don't even compare to any weapon but RPK is probs one of the greatest normal bullet weapons ever.

Great for training and good ammo would be higher, but it's not a box gun. Dragon Line em up and put em down with the dragon, ELO and pack a punch along with double tap, then you are set for rounds beyond 30.

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In my opinion the best sniper in zombies because of high damage one hit kill for a WHILE and semi auto unlike locus and SVG. Personally this gun has good recoil and handling in origins.

Staff of Lightning This is amazing great panic weapon the fastest fire rate and kills lots of zombies. Haymaker 12 Good but runs out of ammo too fast I don't know how people don't notice that fact.

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