Best Zombies Songs

Elaine Sutton
• Tuesday, 15 December, 2020
• 7 min read

Seen as British hitmakers with a handful of radio staples in the '60s, the legend of the Zombies fittingly came to life after the band's death and has only grown stronger with every passing generation. Songs about zombies have been around for a long time, but in recent years they’ve multiplied in step with all the new movies, books, and video games featuring the undead.

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We’ve reached a point where any dedicated zombie buff could put together a top 10 of zombie-themed songs without breaking a sweat. Of course, if you want to rock out to zombie songs for hours, you’re going to need more than 10 tunes.

Geeky singer-songwriter tune about a zombie trying to convince his friend to surrender his brains. Famous calypso song that’s been covered by multiple artists over the years.

Alternative hip hop song offering helpful advice on what to do when the zombie apocalypse comes. Funny tune about a zombie who refuses to give up on love.

Goofy nerd rock song about how the zombie apocalypse can ruin your weekend. This ska song isn’t literally about zombies, but no one’s likely to notice or care.

These zombie tunes have darker themes and a lot more head banging. The Castro zombies are coming to destroy us in this punk anthem.

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Dark industrial tune that sounds like something zombies might actually listen to. Fast-paced song featuring dialogue samples from Night of the Living Dead.

Heavy metal song with an important message for zombies. Epic 1979 song with references to lots of horror staples, including the undead.

This is the cheerful track that plays as the zombies wander around the mall in the original Dawn of the Dead. Fun party song featured in the Stephen King movie of the same name.

Atmospheric track from the cheesy 1980 zombie movie City of the Dead. Fans of Shaun of the Dead will know why this song is on the playlist (it’s featured in the big zombie attack scene).

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