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I’d recommend doing this early on and upgrading it as you go, since being able to choose your own attachments is a fantastic way to maximize your salvage and loot drops. No more messing around then, here’s the ideal loadout you should be bringing with you into Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies mode.

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With how this game’s Prestige and progression works, you’ll receive unlocks no matter what mode you play. So, we’re going with a maximized salvage and equipment drop rate in this loadout, which is massively beneficial throughout the game but especially in later rounds.

It takes a second or so to activate, but you’ll get the hang of it, and using your Ether Shroud is a LOT better than getting downed. When you start camping in corners to take out loads of zombies in later rounds, this bad boy will be an absolute godsend.

Of course, start rolling for the Ray Gun when money stops being an issue, as having this in your back pocket along with your Gallo SA12 will make you extremely hard for the undead to take down. Zombie has, since its inception, been a more full-fledged game-within-a-game than it ever was a simple game mode, sporting its very own player base that is oftentimes completely separate from the main Cod cohort of fans.

Some familiar faces return to form and some new entrants make a splash in the arsenal of weaponry to choose from this time around, so follow us while we walk you through our picks for the best guns in Cold War Zombies. In a game mode where you’re looking to mow down waves of zombies rather than singular foes, features like magazine size, movement speed, and straight-power become favored over pinpoint accuracy or ADS time.

Indeed, the Ray- Gun was so powerful upon release that Trey arch was forced to hard-nerf it to a third of its original damage to prevent it from being, in the truest sense of the word, broken. With a large magazine and tons of damage, the RPD LEG is not only king of the acronym but an excellent choice for players looking to annihilate zombie hordes en-masse.

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Suck up enough souls, and the D.I.E Shock wave hits a heck of a lot harder and, more importantly, never requires ammo; its magazine is effectively limitless. With incredible power, trademark AOE, and a surprisingly effective range for a shotgun, the Gallo SA12 can see you through a few dozen rounds with ease.

One of the bonus features of the Gallo is that it can be purchased right off the wall at the Crash Site, making it a ready go-to for anybody looking to get some mileage in Zombies with an accessible setup. Source A classic of early Cod games, the M16 is back with a vengeance this time around in Cold War, and Zombies is no exception.

An all-around tactical rifle, where it falls short in close-range in Multiplayer, with many dozens of bodies for each burst to find home in, the M16 is a much more versatile weapon. We hope it helps keep your brains inside your skull and your limbs relatively attached to your body during your Die Machine rampages.

Feel free to shoot any questions at us down below, and don’t forget to check out our Black Ops Cold War Archives ! The sixth installment of Trey arch's Zombies mode was released in Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

In Black Ops 3, Snipers were finally a viable weapon in Zombies after being among the worst in the previous entries. However, with Black Ops Cold War, the Sniper Rifles have regressed back to how terrible they used to be.

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With the loss of Double Tap 2.0, Sniper Rifles lose what made them viable to begin with. The Pump Action Shotgun does a ton of damage, and when upgraded tears through the zombie horde.

As an added bonus, the Bauer 77 is a wall weapon, meaning you can save some Salvage since you won't have to upgrade it to a Green Tier. Even on the first round of the game, it's rare for zombies to be killed with it in one hit.

You don't have to drop in and upgrade it, as it's available early on in the game as a wall weapon that's already a blue rarity. Fully upgraded, the Gallo SA12 can even easily deal with max health Megatons without the need for Ring Of Fire.

If you're not shooting the head, the Magnum is going to do practically no damage, to the point it feels like you're just meeting zombies. This isn't a huge problem in early rounds, however, as zombies speed increases this becomes a near-impossible task.

Taking time to aim for the head isn't something you can do when zombies are moving too quickly, and the Magnum will start to fail you. The DSP 45 is one of the worst guns in the game, having the dishonor of being bad in both Multiplayer and Zombies (something very rare in Black Ops Cold War).

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It does poor damage, even after upgrades, and is too slow to reliably kill zombies. Perhaps if Double Tap ever gets added it may get improved, but where it stands now it's one of the worst options.

Years after its introduction, the Ray Gun has finally taken its place as the best gun in the game. The Ray Gun deals out tons of damage, and generally can be constantly refreshed with ammo every round.

Sniper Rifles are the worst kind of weapon in Cold War Zombies. Due to its higher rate of fire, it has a lower damage output.

With the low bullet penetration Sniper Rifles have, this makes it even worse than the other ones. Having worked many odd jobs, including article writing, he is now a list writer for TheGamer.com.

With loadouts, players can choose to spawn with one of five field upgrades and a weapon of their choice, complete with attachments. Bringing the best weapons to the match, along with knowing what wall guns work best, can make all the difference in outlasting the hordes of Zombies.

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Image via TreyarchIt sounds ridiculous at first, but the knife is quickly becoming the meta weapon to start the game with in a loadout. Black Ops Cold War isn't the only Call of Duty title where this weapon destroys and only gets better as each Pack A Punch tier goes up, making it a must grab.

Once the Legs are Pack A Punched, they can tear through trains of Zombies and make the difference between a swarm of death and victory. It's a powerful pickup and can be obtained pretty easily through a quick Easter egg and some harvested zombie souls.

Especially with the Pack A Punch upgrade, it has a ton of ammo, reloads fast, kills quick, and fantastic range. It can typically be found on the wall with higher tiers than the starting loadout weapon, at the downed crash site.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies is a learning experience, as even veteran players will need some time to adjust to the mode’s new features and Megaton enemies. The Gallo SA12 (a variation of the classic SPAS-12) seems to be the king of Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies offering, with the weapon doing immense damage to undead hordes that players have to go up against.

Multiple Call of Duty Zombies YouTubers have shared footage of the weapon in action, but MrRoflWaffles provided a detailed loadout for the gun as opposed to just gameplay. A fully-packed, max rarity version of the Gallo, along with these attachments recommended by MrRoflWaffles and other Zombies fanatics, is one of the best gun players can use within the popular survival mode.

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Leveling up the gun in Zombies mode is just as viable, however, as a Rare version of the weapon can be obtained via a wall purchase as soon as players exit Yacht Her Unto ten. Whether it is the wall version or the fully-customized machine, the Gallo is a powerhouse that every player should consider using in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies.

About The Author Richard Warren (587 Articles Published) A lifelong gamer and comics fan who loves writing about everything in nerd culture... and has a small addiction to trophy and achievement hunting. Yacht her Unto ten, (German for Night of the Undead) is first Zombies map, and the first in Call of Duty: World at War.

It was later released on the Hardened and Prestige editions for Call of Duty: Black Ops, as well as on the Resurrection downloadable content. It then appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops ll on the map Green Run as an Easter egg, which can be found in the cornfield.

Finally, it appeared as a map in Call of Duty: Black Ops all as the Chronicle downloadable content. Yacht Her Unto ten is set in an old and destroyed bunker, where up to four players must defend against an unlimited number of waves of zombies for as long as possible.

In the Upstairs Room, the BAR, Sawed-Off Double-Barreled Shotgun, M1897 Trench Gun, and the Stielhandgranates can be bought off-wall. Another utility, known as the Sniper Cabinet, can be bought for 1500 points, and will give the player a scoped Kar98k.

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Yacht her Unto ten, along with the other three classic Zombies maps, is available in the Hardened and Prestige Editions and the Resurrection downloadable content of Call of Duty: Black Ops. Zombies will now also reach through the barricades and attempt to attack the player if they stand right in front of them.

The musical Easter egg “Undone” can be activated in Call of Duty: Black Ops by shooting all the explosive barrels outside the building. Yacht her Unto ten appears Call of Duty: Zombies for iOS touchscreen smartphones.

Yacht Her Unto ten makes a cameo as an Easter egg in the Call of Duty: Black Ops II Zombies map Green Run. A utility called the Mystery Box, where players can get a random weapon for 950 points.

Since an update, the Mule Kick perk can be bought for 4000 points in the Start Room. Add a photo to this gallery Zombies occasionally drop Power-Ups that aid the player/s survival.

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