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• Saturday, 26 December, 2020
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That depends on your favored play style, but Cold War’s version of the M4 delivers on the reliability and adaptability for which the weapon has always been known. Right now, the XM4 sits in the upper middle of the pack, hitting harder than other weapons in its class while still losing out to Cold War’s dominant SMS.

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Even if it’s not naturally ideal for Cold War’s mostly small maps, the XM4 is a solid, accessible rifle for new players that can be competitive in the right hands. To help you kit out this modular beast, I’ve put together a list of the best Cold War XM4 loadouts that will serve you well.

Optic: Microflex LED Muzzle: Infantry Compensator Barrel: 13.7” Extended Under barrel: Foregrip Handle: Field Tape (Image credit: Activision)A simple red-dot sight with minimal zoom and excellent peripheral vision.

With the combined recoil steadiness of the compensator, foregrip, and field tape, the XM4 effectively becomes a precision laser. The extended barrel helps here, too, heavily increasing bullet velocity to make the weapon feel like hit scan at almost any distance.

The basis of the build is the Task Force barrel that, in a rare move for Cold War attachments, actually raises the damage to the weapon at a heavy cost to ammo and recoil. (Image credit: Activision)Heavily increases effective damage range at the cost of sprinting move speed.

In Fire team Dirty Bomb and Combined Arms, a proper scope like the Royal & Cross 4X is necessary, as is the 13.7” Takedown barrel that cranks up damage range as high as it’ll go. Recoil and flinch resistance are secondary concerns, so take the Muzzle Brake, Foregrip, SAS Jungle Grip or equivalent attachments that you’re more comfortable with.

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This XM4 loadout is designed to reduce recoil while simultaneously increasing your effective range and bullet velocity. The Field Agent Foregrip is there to reduce both horizontal and vertical recoil, while the 40 round magazine is a welcome addition for any player who wants a chance at defeating multiple enemies in quick succession.

If you don’t have the lawbreaker Wildcard (and therefore can’t equip two primary weapons), then we’d suggest the Bauer 77 shotgun with the Task Force barrel. The Mounted Flashlight helps hugely when it comes to spotting enemies, and the Serpent Wrap increases our ADS speed (at the cost of some sprint-to-fire time, which we can afford thanks to our Raider Pad stock attachment).

Check Out All Assault Rifles Here Check Out Other Cold War Best Loadouts Here Stealth & Defense Combined Loadout XM4's performance is very stable and is dependable in most situations, so we added defense from Tactical & lethal as well as stealth to the loadout to prevent having to fight in unfavorable conditions. Check Out The Weapons List Here Use All Lethal & Tactical Assets Freely With Quartermasters & Airhead, you'll be restocking items very quickly.

Its licensors have not otherwise endorsed and are not responsible for the operation of or content on this site. By Joe Craven NRG/Trey arch Call of Duty veteran and Chicago Huntsmen pro player Seth ‘Slump’ Abner has shared his favorite XM4 loadout, as the AR proves very popular in the ongoing Black Ops Cold War Beta.

The Black Ops Cold War Beta dropped on October 8, giving players who have pre-ordered another opportunity to dive into Trey arch’ next Cod title. Complaints have focused on BMM, movement mechanics and connection, while praise has been given to the game’s Gunsmith, maps and gun play.

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This XM4 build focuses on balance, maximizing its range and accuracy, while also trying to improve its handling and make it viable for gunfights that require snap-aiming. The XM4’s versatility is also one of its strongest features in the game’s current build, with fast fire rate and impressive damage meaning it can be viable at nearly all ranges.

A specialist in Search & Destroy, he’s expected to bolster the team’s prowess in the stringent game type now that the league is moving to a 4v4 format. “Bringing Fell to the team was a natural move for us as we prepare to repeat our championship run from the League’s first season,” Empire’s Head Coach Ray ‘Rambo’ Fussier said.

Years ago, Fell made a name for himself online as one of the best S&D players, and the Team Envy-owned org is relying on him to bring a new type of heat to Dallas’ heavy-hitting squad. During the 2020 North American Challengers Final, Triumph managed to claim the top prize of $50,000 while only dropping one map of S&D during their playoff run to first place.

By signing Fell, Empire gives themselves some flexibility to switch out Curler ‘Huge’ Garland or Ian ‘Crisis’ Porter for someone that has a wealth of experience navigating S&D. Even after departing with James ‘Cluster’ Embanks due to the new Black Ops Cold War format, the Empire’s starting roster has to be considered among the strongest in the league.

Anthony ‘Shot’ Cuevas-Castro Curler ‘Huge’ Garland Interior ‘alley’ Halifax Ian ‘C6’ Porter Tyler ‘Fell’ Johnson (Substitute) Zombies mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War can be approached in a number of different ways, from searching for Easter eggs and hunting Dark Ether crystals to simply shredding zombies with the mode's best weapons.

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The Ray Gun has seen its ups and downs in terms of power since its first appearance in Call of Duty: World at War, but Cold War has made this weapon a viable zombie killer once again. It uses powerful projectiles that blast through waves of zombies like a hot knife through butter.

The Ray Gun appears (extremely) rarely inside mystery boxes. The RPD is another legendary weapon that has performed very well in Zombies mode over the years.

Barrel : 16.9” MAC Division Under barrel : MI6 Ergonomic Grip Magazine : Salvo 85 Rd Fast Mag Body : SWAT 5mW Laser Sight Muzzle : Muzzle Brake 7.62 Stock : Tactical Stock Perks : Pack-A-Punch, Speed Cola When upgraded via a Pack-A-Punch machine, it turns into the Skullsplitter, which is a bulkier and even more dangerous version of the M16.

Barrel : 20.5 Task Force Under barrel : Field Agent Foregrip Magazine : Salvo 54 And Fast Mag Body : SWAT 5mw Laser Sight Muzzle : Silencer Handle : Task Force Rear Grip Stock : Raider Pad Perks : Pack-A-Punch, Speed Cola It has a high fire rate and quite an impressive range, which is good for taking out zombies from a distance.

Barrel : 13.5” Task Force Under barrel : SOD Speed grip Magazine : SAS Mag Clamp Body : OF Target Designated Muzzle : Flash guard 5.56 Handle : Airborne Elastic Wrap Stock : Raider Pad Perks : Cold Blooded, Ghost, Pack-A-Punch If you want to up the difficulty in Zombies, you can simply use the Knife, which is the perfect melee weapon.

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The best part is that you can upgrade it by way of a Pack-A-Punch machine, which will turn it into the Closing Argument. These are the best weapons for Zombies mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

For more on Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, visit the game's main page for more tips and tricks, as well as our official review.

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