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• Saturday, 14 November, 2020
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There'll be notes about the type of defensive scheme the playbook in particular promotes, as well as any especially noteworthy coverage or blitz plays. It primarily revolves around 3-4 and Nickel/Dime formations, and below we've highlighted some noteworthy plays from the Bears' playbook.

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The Lions defensive playbooks has 3-4 and 4-3 formations, before going into big nickel, dime, and dollar packages. Play one of the deep corner backs in blue zones, and bring them down to help out the linebackers in coverage.

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This base formation blitz does a great job of getting a free rusher through into the quarterback's face. This does brilliantly against play action, bootlegs, and any quarterback that likes to roll out from inside pressure.

If you make sure to control whoever has man coverage on the running back then you can bring an extra body if your opponent keeps the RB in to block. Even though this is from base formation, it can be used against shotgun-heavy offenses, especially if you tinker with your lineup and put some man coverage experts at your safety spots.

Playbooks: BUF, CAR, IN, CLE, DAL, DET, IND, KC, MIN, NE, NO, OAK, PHI This 5 man blitz requires a few adjustments to make certain gets quick pressure.

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With this blitz you are a little weak against trips and will need to make a few zone adjustments, but it works very well against balanced offensive formations and especially outside runs and play action. The key is to know your defensive adjustment controls, so you can rapidly put in the switches you need.

Who doesn’t love throwing a 50-yard touchdown with a Hail Mary play? Although passing the ball excessively is a viable option, there are certain teams that have an array of plays that can further elevate your game.

Using this while in a spread offense lets the tight end and halfback free themselves up, allowing for more options for the quarterback. The Cardinals offensive playbook is one of the more heavy passing ones we will focus on, so if you are looking to use this in Madden Ultimate Team, be sure to have some stellar receivers.

The Oakland Raiders experienced a late surge in the season in an attempt to grab that final playoff spot. Jon Green was recently hired last season, and with his return to the team, the offense was overhauled with an innovative playbook.

Some key plays in this playbook are Power O, Rollout Smash, and Gun Trips TE. This one should come as no surprise to Madden fans as the Patriots are known for their offensive talent over the years.

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Much like the Arizona Cardinals, the Patriots’ offensive playbook is centered around passing plays. The ability to get a sack, an interception, or run a game-changing blitz play is still some best Madden moments for fans of the series.

Still, with the ability to make ground-breaking plays, people seem to dislike this side of the ball far more than offense. Led by star defensive end Kahlil Mack (98 Overall Rating) who is considered a top-five player in the league, the Bears run a 3-4 defensive scheme and various forms of nickle and dime formations.

The Baltimore Ravens cruised to a playoff spot and are one of the biggest surprises of this past NFL regular season. The Ravens' defensive playbook offers some of the best blitzes in Madden20, and the team has some stellar nickel and dime players.

This article was written by Nick Farrell, a full-time university student who loves writing and talking about video games. For those that love scheme lords and have been waiting for their turn calling the shots, Madden20 offers the chance to take over and control your favorite team.

One of the best things about Madden this year is new and expanded playbooks that include RPO (run-pass option) plays as well as fresh looks for new coaches like Cliff Kings bury and the returning Gary Kodiak. Knowing which playbook best suits your own style of quick passes, outside runs, or deep bombs is half the battle to finding success in Madden20.

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There should definitely be an honorable mention to the New England Patriots on this list, but with the addition of Cliff Kings bury to the league it might be time to try something a little different. Shotgun cluster is an exciting new package where the TE is not attached to the line and is very popular in the college ranks.

A receiving TE and HE will thrive under these spread style plays with lots of short yardage opportunities. There are a lot of HE motion plays, and will really benefit a team where your QB is accurate but not the big time player that you want to rely on to make 50-yard bombs.

You will need to learn how to maximize your substitutions to ensure you don't end up with players in entirely the wrong positions and leaving mismatches for your opposition to take advantage of. These playbooks are brilliant to use in Ultimate Team as they provide a lot of variety and disguise to your play.

Ultimately, unless you’re playing at the highest levels, player skill will always trump what playbook you pick in Madden20. On offense, the big thing you want to keep in mind is your QB’s mobility.

If you’re using a highly mobile QB such as Cam Newton, Lamar Jackson, Aaron Rodgers, or someone of that ilk, you’re going to want to use a playbook that encourages that style of play. Taking advantage of the new RPO plays is something you might find attractive and the Panthers have a nice mix of them which isn’t surprising considering who is at the helm there.

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If you’re going for a more traditional passing offense, you could opt for the Patriots which are built around Tom Brady sitting in the pocket and throwing the ball all around the field. Finally, if you want a more balanced attack that features both running and passing plays, our two picks for that would be the Giants, which are going to rely heavily on the run with Squad Barkley but are also built around a statue of a QB in Eli Manning, and the Saints which are the most effective balanced attack in the league.

As far as which teams have the defensive playbooks for each scheme, well we’d recommend the Jaguars if you like the 4-3. For the 3-4, the Ravens have built an enduring competitive dynasty off of their strong linebacker play with hall of fame after hall of fame joining their LB ranks, and they’ve been a staple choice year after year in Madden for the playbook’s versatility.

There are so many formations in the Ravens defensive playbook such as quarter packages (designed to stop long passes), aggressive blitz plays, and traditional base 3-4 plays that leverage linebackers to stop the run. If you’re serious about high-level play in Madden20, what you really need to do is take your team into practice, learn about the various formations that you can use on both offense and defense, and get a feel for what works best with your personnel.

It’s clearer in modes like Franchise, but with a mixed-up squad in Ultimate Team, it can be a bit confusing. Carefully and strategically setting out your game plan is a staple of the Madden gameplay experience and the newest title proves no different.

The playbooks in Madden NFL 20 have pretty solid plays for you to take advantage of, so you need to find one that suits your style best. This guide lists the best defensive, offensive and overall best playbooks in Madden NFL 20 BUT.

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You can think of playbooks as guidebooks that come with their unique formations, strategies, personnel, defensive, and offensive options. Lions playbook is great for strategizing your game in a way that leaves the opposing team dumbfounded due to its extremely versatile nature.

The Shotgun: Bunch Trail play allows you to hit the receiver on either the left or right sides when they cut to the sidelines. Other shotgun plays such as Wheel, Mesh Switch, PA Counter Go, and Bench Swap.

Not only is the passing great, but it’s filled with incredibly strategic running plays that allow you to pull guards and tight ends. Shotgun: HE is particularly great as it allows you two pulling guards so that you can clear out the path for your running back.

Jon Green’s return has led to a more strategic and tactical approach being adopted by the team. Not only is the offense strong with a ton of Shotgun plays but the Single back formations allow some level of variety and versatility to remain in the playbook so if you’re a newbie who hasn’t quite figured out how his play style yet; this is the perfect choice for you.

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