Best Zone Blob Plays

Brent Mccoy
• Tuesday, 12 January, 2021
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Kevin Stalling of Vanderbilt uses the Baseline Rip Play which is one of the blobzoneplays that is quite effective. Sean Miller of Arizona runs the Baseline Rip Counter play that is quite effective in the library of zoneblobplays.

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They also run a “skip” play that is highly effective if you have a good three point shooters versus a zone. Fred Homburg of Iowa State runs the “middle bump” play which has a lot of action.

Bob Hoffman of Mercer University runs “Low Stack” as one of his zoneblobplays, and it is a great shot in the lane. Brian Gregory of Georgia Tech runs the “stack lob” which is one of Tom Izzy’s favorite zone set plays.

The logic is pretty simple: clog the middle and force the inbounds to the perimeter. It is important you work with all your players, and especially your better shooters about their footwork going into the shot.

This is a good place to put one of your better shooters, or depending on the set, one of your big men who can finish at the rim. Most of the time it is simply to set a screen to allow the shooter an easy catch.

Make sure to remind them of the following quote: “Two hard passes in a straight line beat a zone.” Each one of these inbounds play involve two quick passes that produces an open shot. Repeat this phrase until the understanding how the simple concept can produce so many good results.

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Play #1: BOX In this play that we call Box, we put our best shooter as the in bounder, shown here as 1. It also works well if you have your two big start at the free throw line, and your guards start on the low post. It helps if your 5 is a half decent ball handler and has the strength to throw a skip pass accurately and on time.

Similarly, 4 stops their cut and screens the top defender on the zone. At this point we have sealed the weak side corner and the in bounder, our best shooter, cuts there and gets a skip pass from five.

On the break call, the two shooters must sprint to the corners hard enough to get the attention of the wing players. We are hoping they fade too far to the corner and leave the blocks open.

If the spread out to cover the shooters, one of the two big swill be open because we have overloaded the baseline. In this play we call option, we line up our best shooter with the middle defender.

Many teams who play zone don’t anticipate this screening action. 4 holds the screen as long as he can while 5 fights to the near side block for an easy layup.

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3 simply fades to the top of the key as an easy outlet if we somehow don’t get either of those first two looks. Baseline out of bounds put you in a position as a coach to help your team out as much as any other point in the game.

Often, coaches dismiss zone out of bounds plays and their goal is just to get the ball inbounds. While getting the ball inbounds is very important, why not try to score in these opportunities.

Inbounds plays are similar to special teams in American football, and we all know how important special teams are in football. Also, most opposing teams don't spend a lot of time defending inbounds plays during practice, so you might be able to catch them off guard for a few easy buckets before they can make an adjustment.

Bert Salvo 02/19/2016Here is an overload BLOB set, that maximizes diving action to occupy the defense and get a variety of uncontested looks. Dana Beszczynski 01/11/2016Geno Auriga is a master of strategy and this BLOB Set vs a 2-3 Zone yields multiple scoring options with its good movement and spacing.

Jens Hakanowitz 01/25/2015The Cyclones run this BLOB play vs 2-3 zone defenses. A typical overload play to get the ball inside.

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As you can see in frame 2, X5 is forced to step up to the high post to guard the ball. Greg White 08/10/2012We use this BLOB vs a 2-3 zone defense.

From this overload, players screen the zone and work to take advantage as the defense reacts. Randall Edens 08/19/2013This is my 3rd set of BLOB plays ...this time a Baseline Series.

Hopefully these with small adaptations to your personnel and use vs. Man or Zone can help win the “Special Situations” portion of each game for you. Furthermore, we incorporate sign language here to disguise but to also teach our players a lifelong skill that is effective for play thieves who watch a lot of film.

Plus, we have found it helps with our players focus these situations believe or not so ENJOY. Follow me @CoachEdens if you have any questions and I will be glad to help.

George Washington’s baseline out of bounds series is based around a 1-4 low formation with both big sat the blocks. This set begins with the formation, 4 & 5 stacked together in line with the ball looking to fake a screen for the 3 man toward the corner.

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After inbounding the ball, the 1 sprints through the zone to the opposite lane line extended and receives the pass from 5. Bill Self teaches his players to pretend like you are shooting the ball to the corner of the backboard when throwing a lob to the 3 man to catch it easier.

The same box formation we just looked at from the South Carolina Women, this is a little different variation of a lob for an athletic 2 man. 2 cuts over the top of 4 & 5, a typical action they look to score off of in baseline out of bounds sets.

Click on the PDF link to download the Best Baseline Out of Bounds Lob Set Plays : 1-Series (plays for your point guard) (Take the seam off the break, “Loyola”, “51”, “41”, and the “Out-Over-Up” series) Plays designed to get shots for your point guard O1.

Including links to many other point guard plays. 2-Series (plays for your shooting guard) (“Kansas”, “Jay hawk”, “Louisville”, “Arizona”, “Arizona and Back”, “42 and 52”, “Illinois”, “Virginia”, and “Elevator”)A number of plays designed to get shots for your shooting guard O2, including links to many other plays for O2.

These plays mainly are designed to get your good post players the ball inside. 50-Series (“51”, “52”, “53”, and “54”)A series of several plays that uses your post player as a screener and scorer.

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Heat “A play used by coach Steve Fisher at San Diego State University America's Play A popular play to use against man-to-man defense that features O2 curling around the staggered double down-screen. These plays feature several options including 3-point shots for O2 or O3,, a pass to O1 cutting inside, a pass into the post, and a “slip” option.

This is good play to get O3 (left wing) involved with dribble-penetration and a pick and roll. Miami Also run this out of the 3-out, 2-in offense vs man-to-man or zone defenses.

OSU Run out of the 3-2 set, a good play with several options for O4 and O2. Ohio A good play to run when O1 is getting a lot of outside pressure.

Buckeye A good play starting with a box set, with a number of options, and often a lay-up for O4 or O5. Tiger This play starts in the high post, with a back-cut, staggered screens, a hand-off, and a flex-cut.

After you have established your half-court offense, you will want to add several basketball plays that you can call in a time-out or from the sideline. All the Coach's Clipboard's basketball plays are listed below with a brief description for many of them.

party blob
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These plays work well against teams that full-front our high post player. Double Stack Offense/ Plays (“Double-Stack”, “Hi-Lo”, “Triple”, “Iso-4, Bob Hurley's Stack Options, Bob Hurley's Stack Options, Double-stack Options vs Zone Defense, and Double-stack Baseline Out-of-Bounds Plays)Run these plays using the low double stack set.

2-3 Zone Offense Plays (“Carolina”, Zone -1X”, “Iowa”, “21 and 31”, “Indiana”, “91”, “Corners-52”, “45 and 54”, “Conn”, “Chicago”, “Miami”, “Vermont”, “Special”, “Special-Down”, “West”, X-Screen Lob”, “UCLA”, “UCLA-22”, “Raptors”, “Hornets”, “Wolf”, and “Pacers”)Run these plays against the 2-3 zone defense. 4-Out Zone Offense Plays (“Corners-52”, “Stack”, “Star”, “Weak” & “Wing Flash”)Run these plays against the 2-3 zone defense.

Full-Court Buzzer Beaters (“Maryland”, “Split”, “Hail Mary” and “Duke”)Only a few seconds left, and you have to go the full length of the court. Half-Court Buzzer-Beaters (“Warrior-1”, Warrior-2” “DePaul”, “Chicago”, “Pairs”, “Stack”, “Stack-2”,”Line-1”, “Fran”, and “Pistons”.

Tip-Off Play If you can get the opening tip, run this for a quick score. 3-on-3 Plays These simple 3-on-3 plays work well not only for your 3-man team (Maker), but are basic things that coaches can incorporate in any motion offense.

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