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It controls both gas/electric and heat pump systems... including dual fuel. This thermostat is typically located in a hallway or main room and is controlling the heating and cooling for the whole house based on the temperature at that spot.

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The designers at copay have thought of everything over the last 14 years of development to make Smartphone the easiest a most functional zone panel available. Watch the 3-minute video below to see just how easy it is or click here for the full online installation guide.

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If you are looking for better home climate control than your central AC currently offers, you may hear about HVAC zone dampers. A zone damper is controlling multiple areas of the home or space with a single HVAC unit.

This article will examine the advantages and disadvantages of installing HVAC zone dampers and offer you think to consider before you buy. We will also show you the best HVAC zone dampers for AC duct systems so that you can choose the right type for your situation.

HVAC zoning is a process of cooling and heating different areas using different temperature settings. Each zone is controlled by its own thermostat, and in the past, required a separate HVAC system.

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When a room needs more air to raise or lower the temperature, the damper to that zone is opened. For the most part, HVAC zoning is a great idea and a huge upgrade to your current system.

It improves efficiency and helps to lower your monthly energy bills. Home Advisor estimates that conversion or replacement to a dual- zone system can cost between $2,000 and $15,000.

The price, of course, depends on the number of zones in total, equipment needed, labor costs in your region, and if existing HVAC parts can be used or need to be replaced. In fact, with an improperly designed and installed system, your monthly bills can increase.

Assuming you have the system designed and installed professionally, and you decide to invest in the upfront costs and fees, the system will pay for itself through your annual savings in energy bills and utilities. With this section, you will have a better understanding of what to look for when planning and pricing your new multi- zone system.

Zone control panels are the computer boards responsible for taking the information from the thermostats and sensors to control the airflow. Some brands make thermostats capable of controlling multiple zones from a single interface.

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However, for more precision control, you may want to install more dampers in the smaller service branches of the ductwork. Modulated dampers are more expensive, of course, but will make the system even more efficient.

The airflow rate is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). This measurement tells you how much air is being moved in a particular space, or the capacity of a system.

The higher the numbers, the more air is moved, resulting in faster cooling or heating. Likewise, if you don’t have a high enough CFM, the system will run longer, costing you more in energy consumption.

Depending on the control board and thermostat types, you may be required to install room sensors. Sensors will report to the control board and the thermostat the actual temperature in the room.

This means that you can set the temperature to 75 degrees (F), and the system will shut off when the thermostat reads 75. Sensors help prevent this by reporting the actual temperature across the zone.

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The term will depend on other factors as well, such as installation type (DIY or professional), type of system the zoned set up is added to, or if it is a new installation versus a retrofit. Below we offer you the 6 best HVAC zone dampers and controllers reviewed and compared for your convenience.

It runs on a dedicated 24v line with bright LEDs to let you know f any connection failures, status, and troubleshooting. This control board will work with any electrical, gas, dual-fuel, single-stage, multi-stage, or heat pump.

It also comes with a temperature probe to replace any current system that may require one to operate. With the SmartZone-2x you can take full control of your new multi- zone HVAC system, dampers and thermostats without having to worry about compatibility or functionality.

The board also sports a 5-year warranty to help you keep peace of mind while you make your system more efficient. Pros Economy mode, allows calls from zone 1 only, saving money while you are away.

Cons Doesn’t come with any other equipment or pieces (dampers, thermostats, etc.) Just like the top pick, this is a universal board designed for all types of installations.

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Using the Startling BUS, you can connect up to 5 4x control boards together for a total of 20 dampers. The control board also offers simple installation and set up, you don’t need screws, and all wires are push-tight locked without having to use set-screws.

You don’t need to have the control board professionally installed for the warranty, but it won’t cover if you wire it wrong, connect the power wrong, or otherwise have problems with abnormal use or abuse. Pros Use economy mode to setback all zones with one switch.

The Eco joy SmartZone-2L is a great control board kit for simple 2- zone systems. With the 2nd stage lockout, you can eliminate the need for a bypass duct that can hold moisture and grow mold.

If you have a single system with two zones, you will love the easy installation and set up of this control board. It features a push-button display to cycle through troubleshooting, modes, and system statuses.

This controller kit comes with easy to follow installation instructions that will have you heating and cooling your zones in no time. Like all Eco joy products, the warranty covers normal use and wear and tear for 5-years.

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You should register your product and maintain proof of purchase during the warranty period, though. Pros Includes temperature probe Ideal for replacement of higher-cost controllers.

Cons Doesn’t offer bridging for extra damper support. The 8-inch model is one of the most popular motorized power dampers on the market, though they offer 5 different diameters to accommodate almost any installation.

You will find the round dampers in 6, 8, 9, 10, and 16 inches, which should fit almost any commercial and residential application. The galvanized steel construction ill hold up to temperature swings all year round and will help you prevent drafts, air leaks, and other efficiency loss aspects of a conventional HVAC system.

You can use these dampers to create zones or to prevent heat from escaping your vents in the winter. The full-seal gasket on the blade ensures minimal leaking and requires 18-in pounds of torque to open.

Cons Can be difficult to install Need personal protection equipment to prevent cuts. If you are looking for a simple design in your backdraft damper, the Fan tech models will give you excellent airflow protection and require little modification to install.

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The dampers are made from a galvanized steel collar and aluminum blade. The backdraft damper requires at least 165 CFM to open, and the spring-loaded closure is light but functional.

These dampers won’t slam shut, unlike other models which can cause damage or shorten their life expectancy. Instead, you get a solid design, rugged construction, and paired with a Fan tech fan, you will have a worry-free operation for years.

You will want to install these dampers in a vertical blade orientation instead of horizontal. Pros Simple operation with moderate CMF required to open Cost-effective damper to control loss of heat or cold air.

Cons Return through Amazon only Needs to be installed in a vertical alignment. If you are in a hurry, the Speedi-Collar balance damper is made to install in a matter of minutes.

The best part, though, is you don’t need to spend hours in the attic trying to get them installed. With the Speedi-zip system, the collar will attach to the ducting end with a few tugs, and you can have the entire project completed in minutes.

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Mainly because of the machine-molded resin, there may be burrs or edges that need to be trimmed before installing. You also don’t need to put your hand and arms in harm’s way, with sharp edges or reaching inside ducting to install.

Initially designed for a temporary fix, the construction and production process has enabled you to use the Speedi-Collar in a more permanent setting. Pros 6-position balance settings 10-minute install Can be used as a temporary fix or permanent solution.

Cons Won’t last as long as other models May needs to be trimmed or cut before installation. Control dampers are installed in the ductwork along the airflow lines.

These dampers prevent airflow from moving in both directions and will work without actuators. Multi- zone dampers are using in buildings with many rooms, such as a school, office space, or multi-family dwelling.

Each damper is connected to an actuator and control board and operate independently of each other. You will find these dampers in industrial zone businesses, warehouses, and factories.

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Some systems will only need a damper installed in each major branch of the ductwork. Yes, you can add zones by installing ducted dampers to your existing system.

To properly zone your system, you will also need to install a bypass duct. There is substantial debate on the benefits or negatives to a bypass duct, including extra wear on the system and mold growth.

In most cases, you will find butterfly dampers installed within a few feet of the main trunk in your system. If you are hoping to add zones by simply adding dampers, it will be more cost-effective and efficient to wait until it is time to replace your HVAC system.

By zoning your home, you can control where the air goes and how long it needs to run, which can save energy by preventing unnecessary heating or cooling in rooms that aren’t occupied. For automatic dampers, program them to close the zone then start the system.

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