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The NFL is thriving with great, young linebackers which creates a dilemma for Madden Ultimate Team players when it comes to choosing the right one. All linebackers, as standard, should have decent tackling, play recognition and block shedding, and have okay speed.

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After that, you have got to prioritize specific ratings depending on your system and style. Finding a linebacker who excels in coverage can be a huge asset to help take away running backs and tight ends, or just the middle of the field.

85 speed, 85 jumps, 90 play recognition, 72 catching, and 85 zone coverage is good enough to let you leave the CPU to control in coverage. If that isn’t enough, he has 82 strength, 84 block shedding, 90 pursuit, 90 tackle and 86 power.

Jones is one of the rangiest linebackers in the NFL currently, and this card reflects it. With 86 speed and 87 acceleration, he has the gas to get to any spot in coverage or to stuff the run.

Where Preacher could play strong safety, Bullock could line up at corner back and manage. 86 speed, 87 acceleration, 85 agility, and 84 jumping make him one of the most mobile linebackers available.

Pair that with 84 man coverage and 82 zonecoverage, and he can match up with slower receivers and running backs, and almost any tight end. If that isn’t enough he also has 74 strength, 85 block shedding, 86 pursuit and 88 tackling, so he thrives against the run.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Lawsuit: CD Project Red faces class action suit from investors Our goal with this series is to provide you with deeper insight into our game and update you when we have new and relevant information to share about Madden20.

With that said we’re bringing back an article that Gameplay Designer Anthony White wrote (updated with a few tweaks). There is a lot of helpful information within this article, and it will be a great resource for you to use this season.

This resulted in the creation of multiple zone coverage assignments that can be used to create a variety of coverage concepts in the game. Each zone coverage assignment has rules and logic in place with the idea that they’ll be used in specific coverages.

Each player having a global knowledge of the scheme gives them the ability to make Progression Reads aka Pattern Reading/Pattern Matching ”. Before we get into the nuts and bolts of Progression Reads for the zone defenders, here’s a high-level overview of zone coverage assignments.

Flat zone assignment primarily used in Cover 2 type defenses by the outside corner backs. The Cloud Flat player is responsible for protecting the outside deep and short areas of Cover 2.

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Flat zone assignment primarily used in Cover 2 type defenses by the outside corner backs. The Hard Flat player is responsible for protecting the outside short areas of Cover 2.

The Soft Squat player based on the route concept ran by the offense has the ability to convert to man coverage. The Soft Squat player also has the ability to jump certain types of out breaking routes by inside receivers.

Thus, defensive plays where a Soft Squat player is present are sometimes referred to as “Trap” coverages. Zone assignment primarily used by the outside edge players in Cover 3 type defenses.

The Curl Flat player is responsible for protecting the outside intermediate and short areas of Cover 3. Zone assignment primarily used by the outside edge players in Cover 4 type defenses.

The Hook Curl players are responsible for protecting the inside short and intermediate areas of the field. In certain coverages based on the route concept, a Hook Curl player can also be responsible for the short outside area of the field to his side (Flat).

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The 3 Receiver Hook player is responsible for protecting the inside short and intermediate areas of the field. Zone assignment primarily used by the middle linebacker in Cover 2 type defenses.

The Middle-Read player is responsible for protecting the deep middle area of Cover 2 defenses. At the beginning of the play he reads the passing strength of the offensive formation to determine if there are receivers threatening the deep middle of the field.

The deep receiver will drive the middle-read defender downfield, leaving the underneath option open. This is consistent with how some NFL teams make an on-field adjustment to the corner back’s technique based on a formation tendency.

Putting a defender in a zone who otherwise would be matching leads to them giving up big plays for the offense. Receiver Count As we touched on earlier, our underneath defenders in zone coverage now have a global knowledge of the defensive concept they’re playing.

The logic and rules that govern how they play, gives the ability to adapt to what the offensive pass concept is as well as complement each other’s assignment. Real life defenses from a pass coverage standpoint, will draw an imaginary line down the center of the offensive set, basically splitting it in half.

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On each side of the offensive set the defense assign's numbers to each receiver starting from the outside, in. The defense splits the offensive set in half starting at the center/ball location and will number the receivers from outside in on both sides.

Most offensive sets will align running backs in the backfield directly on the center line. However, in most cases defenders need to recognize and understand that the PRE and post snap receiver counts will change once the play starts and the pass concept develops.

When defenses see these types of alignments from the offense, they’re generally expecting to get some kind of pass route concept where #1 and #2 will switch once the ball is snapped. Once the play starts the receivers switch release, meaning they crisscross each other’s path.

Having to know both the PRE and post snap receiver counts is a very important aspect of playing a progression read pass defense. Make sure to Tune into the Madden Classic staring this Friday, August 30th on the EAMaddenNFL Twitch Channel (www.twitch.tv/eamaddennfl).

Make sure to link your Madden and Twitch accounts to earn drops! You can send your questions to us on Twitter at @EAMaddenNFL and SEAPORTS_BUT or share your feedback on our EA Forums here.

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Q: The last Title Update recently added new Offensive Linemen Abilities into the game. The X-Factors and Superstar Abilities spreadsheet has been updated for the following positions: OF, FB, and K. The spreadsheet also contains a tab highlighting the Salary Cap costs for the new Offensive Linemen Superstar Abilities.

The team is working to address this issue in a future title update. Make sure to follow the Madden NFL 20 Franchise Mode section in the EA Forums for updates.

A: There are a lot of ways to play the Pro Bowl in Franchise mode, and the first thing to keep in mind is this: You must meet one of the following qualifications in your Franchise mode variant (i.e. Coach, Player, Owner, or QB1) to have access to the Pro Bowl in that league: When in Face of the Franchise: QB1 mode, and you are voted in to play the Pro Bowl, you are player locked as the QB for the full duration of the game.

When in offline Coach mode, and you don't qualify for the Playoffs but have at least 6 wins in the regular season you will be picked to Coach the conference team your regular season team belongs to. A: Pack counts not updating on the Madden Rewards website has now been fixed.

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