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Maria Johnson
• Friday, 08 January, 2021
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That may be the case against some AI opponents, but that will definitely not fly against higher difficulties or other live players. This is where you will have to start being more reactive to opposing defenses by selecting certain types of plays to counter them.

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Streaks are a great way to try and counter this, as it often finds the right spots for you to hit if you’re trying to go more deep and across the middle. Four Verticals can be a good way to stretch the field and defenders to get in between their zone coverage.

Another good method is to use formations like Gun Tight Slots where the majority of your wide receivers and running back are on the same side of the field. If they do, this means you should be able to find an open receiver that he pulled off of to go after the running back.

Pass coverage has different levels depending on the position. Bobby Wagner has the best zone cover of any linebacker at 84, but this would be way down the list for a player in the secondary.

There are a few further stats that have a shout at being included, namely play recognition, awareness, speed, acceleration, and height. But to keep things simple we want to focus on the core stats.

Change of direction is a new stat that is being applied alongside the new gameplay styles and therefore could have a big impact. Coming off a league-leading six interceptions and twenty pass deflections, its no surprise to see him in the elite group of the best players in the game.

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EA have nearly given him the perfect score and as such he's in the 99 Club. He's fast enough to keep up, but more impressively he can cut and change direction almost effortlessly which helps him stick to the best WR's.

Hazard Jr sneaks into this due to his consistently high coverage stats, and he might be one under the radar. Charger fans will know how good he is, but with an overall of 89 you might have a better chance of trading for him in Franchise mode and still get some mouth watering stats.

He can play anywhere in the secondary, but with his great tackling he is best in a SS scheme that focuses on pass coverage. It's also worth pointing out there are players not included with higher total scores than some of those in the below list.

In preparation of the impending launch of Madden21, this guide will provide a refresher on how recognize and beat various zone coverage schemes. Try and get the CB's to play outside and audible your inside receiver to a drag/slant to draw the LB towards them to open up the underneath throw across the middle against the safety.

If you can also audible your inside receiver to play across the deep middle/vert it can help draw the safeties to that player, and open up the Post/C routes. Watch if the CB drops back to cover the post or pulls forward to play the underneath and adjust accordingly.

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Hitting those seam receivers can work really well in these situations depending on how the Lbs are playing their zones. Watch the deep seam receiver unless its press hit the outside WR before they get to the safety.

The CB covers the flat route and lets the wheel WR open up over the top. Primary way to recognize is spotting the one safety over the deep middle of the play and the two CB's on the outside about 7 to 8 yards off the line of scrimmage).

With four other defenders playing on the inside ready to drop into the underneath coverages. Look for the seam receiver that isn’t being covered by the deep middle safety.

Hitting the curl/comebacks, you need to have that underneath route to draw that flat defender from the inside and keep him down and outside to open up that curl/comeback. The deep CB will always being playing behind the curl or comeback, so you should have plenty of time to get the ball to your receiver.

Waiting long enough that your dig/in route receiver breaks across the middle of the play and out runs his defender or to hit your pivot route for a solid 5-10 yard gain. Using a stick concept will force the outside underneath zone defender to make a decision on which receiver to cover.

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Running Hi-low plays across the middle to take advantage of the inside linebackers. Waiting until the playfully develops and hitting your deep receiver when he’s right between the safeties.

Tuning to phaseout logic on Inside Release Post Routes (S-Posts). There was significant separation resulting from this release and cut when close to the line of scrimmage.

This change prevents defenders getting faked out during this early segment of the route. Added Gen 5-specific Change of Direction animations to locomotion which will improve a defender’s ability to transition from strafe to run quicker and smoother to help defenders get into position to play the ball quicker.

Tuning to improve ‘turn and run’ to better anticipate vertical speed threats Tuning to allow faster top-end strafe speed for defenders in Deep Zone Extended the distance that a Deep Third can look inside when anticipating Deep Crossing routes coming from the opposite side of the field. This has been used as an exploit to force the receiving team to quit in order to get out of the game.

Click on a signing and revert it to send the player back into the free agent pool. Mouthpieces can now be applied in all new franchises, we are working to have this update come to existing leagues moving forward.

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Click on a signing and revert it to send the player back into the free agent pool. Mouthpieces can now be applied in all new franchises, we are working to have this update come to existing leagues moving forward.

The latest Madden NFL 21 roster update is available now, ahead of the divisional round playoff... The latest Madden NFL 21 roster update is available now, ahead of Super Wild Card Weekend....

The Madden NFL 21 zone coverage patch is scheduled to arrive this week, as revealed earlier... The latest Madden NFL 21 roster update is available now, ahead of Sunday’s week 17 matchups, ...

EA has released their official Madden NFL 21 roster update for week 16, a day early.... Kraal mentioned on the broadcast that the patch might not arrive at all platforms at the same time or even the same day, so I wanted to give everyone a heads up.

The latest Madden NFL 21 roster update is available now, ahead of Sunday’s week 17 matchups, ... EA has released their official Madden NFL 21 roster update for week 16, a day early....

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The NFL announced the AFC and NFC rosters for the 2021 Pro Bowl earlier this evening.... Just in time for the week 15 Thursday Night Football game, featuring the Los Angeles Chargers...

Executing the right chain of movements, and joking your opponent at a mental level will allow you to counter back effectively and have an unbreakable defense in Madden NFL 21. Putting pressure on the enemy team in Madden games is relatively easy with good players by your side.

Hit A/Cross which will confirm that you want to change the defender’s assignment and bring up the defensive adjustments screen. Feel free to change different players’ adjustments before snapping the ball.

You now have a Pass Rush Budget, and Blocker, Memory and Resistance Bars. If your Pass Rush Meter goes empty, you will be unable to make any other moves.

Resistance bars give an indication of how well the player can defend an attack from either side. Another example would be to set Dion Jones to mirror the mobile quarterback’s movements.

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If they make any sort of play, Dion can stop them immediately by tackling them. When Quarterback breaks the pocket, you need to essentially make sure you have an adequate player with good enough speed to stop him.

Break the offense with huddle and press Y/Triangle to bring up your defensive adjustments. Guessing wrong is going to cost you a lot, and you will end up giving large gains, use it only if you are confident with what’s going on in your opponent’s head.

Protect the Sticks This adjustment will tell all your defenders to drop back to around the first down marker and tell them to keep everything in front of them.

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