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• Tuesday, 05 January, 2021
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There'll be notes about the type of defensive scheme the playbook in particular promotes, as well as any especially noteworthy coverage or blitz plays. Team PlaybooksDefensive SchemeNoteworthy Plays Chicago Bears3-4Buck SS 3, Corner Blitz 3, Over Storm Brave Baltimore Ravens3-4, 4-4Cross Fire 3, Monster Green, LB Blitz Detroit Lions3-4, 4-3Trio Sky Zone, Casino Blitz, Edge Blitz 3 The Chicago Bears defensive playbooks is widely considered to be one of the very best defensive playbooks in Madden20 this year.

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The Lions defensive playbooks has 3-4 and 4-3 formations, before going into big nickel, dime, and dollar packages. Play one of the deep corner backs in blue zones, and bring them down to help out the linebackers in coverage.

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While offenses are typically what get the most attention in Madden, a good defense can really be the key to picking up wins. With that in mind, we'll break down all the top defenses in Madden NFL 20 and explain what makes them so great.

Houston will be a fun defensive team to play with in Madden20 because of edge rushers J.J. Watt (97) and Devon Clowned (92). They each rank as the team's top defensive players, and Clowned's 87 speed makes him a dangerous weapon.

Add in a strong secondary with players like Justin Reid (84), Johnathan Joseph (83) and Shaun Gibson (82) and you've got a solid squad. Chicago's defense is anchored by one of the 99 club members: LOLA Khalil Mack.

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Miami does have Xavier Howard, who is a star in real life, but his Madden20 rating (83) is a lot lower than many expected. The Bus and Raiders tie for the third-worst defense in the game, but they're slightly more fun to play with than the Giants and Dolphins.

Stuff inside zones, HE Base, and stretches for a loss with ease. Start Dominating Madden20 today, by clicking the link below.

The latest update contains the newest, never before seen blitzing concept, exclusive to Madden. This new concept allows the only truly unlockable blitz in the game, Max protect combined with id, ing the mike along with slide protection will not stop this.

We also have a new Blitz concept that allows for you to only send 3 & get instant untouched heat, against a blocked running back. This one can be stopped with max protect, id’ING the Mike and sliding the right direction.

Overview : This is a great play to call when you need 15 – 20 yards in a critical spot but if your opponent knows it is coming, it will be easy for him to sit on the X/square receiver and user pick your pass. Just let the play develop, and then you’ll have a pretty clear angle to throw the ball to your X/square receiver on the curl.

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With the recent release of Madden NFL 20 on every current video game platform, players are coming into their own and getting used to the gameplay in the newest entry in the annual franchise. The offense is often the side of the ball that gets the highlight plays and praise, but a good defense can come in handy.

Many times when people start playing video games, they often fear getting familiar with the basics. The train of thought is that the more complicated or layered you make your play style, the more success you will find.

Though there is some truth to making sure to change things up if you become too predictable, there's nothing wrong with sticking with a handful of defensive plays and getting used to them. When people first learn about the hit stick mechanic in Madden it's often the thing they attach themselves to.

The problem is that this type of aggressive play can be used against you and certain moves by the opponent can make you whiff tackles and spark big-play opportunities. The most common reaction is that your opponent can easily move the ball on you and even though they just gained a handful of yards, they're destined to score on this drive.

Bending but not breaking will give you numerous opportunities to make a play, and forces your opponent to consistently beat your defense. A long known tip for people looking to capitalize on the AI programming in Madden is to carry the ball inside and bounce it towards the sideline.

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This tip requires a little of knowledge about offensive formations in football and which ones are likely to result in a run play being called, and which are most often used to pass the ball. Having a simple understanding of this can set you up to partially know before the ball is snapped what's the likeliest play being run.

Well, if you know what type of hot routes can be called then you can be prepared for the changes your opponent makes at the line of scrimmage. Knowing that your opponent hot routes the slot receiver to run a slant on 3rd down can make interceptions a piece of cake.

The NFL is slightly different from the NBA in terms of one superstar having the ability to change the success of an entire organization. These players can often create havoc on their own, and it lets you worry about the opposite side of the field considering they'll likely have their assignments covered due to their high overalls.

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There are a variety of defensive sets within each formation, and there is no worse feeling than being unable to stop the offense. If you can’t somewhat predict what the offense will be calling, the more likely you’ll find yourself giving up a lot of yardage.

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If the offense has speed at the wide receiver position, then your defense may need help over the top. Deciding ahead of time what you’re willing to give up will help your shrink the field to your advantage.

Utilize the variety of sets within each formation to stack your hand against the offense. Load the box against players like Ezekiel Elliott and Saxon Barkley.

Now, you will be giving up something else in another area of the field, but by using some creativity, it will force the non-X-Factor players to beat you, which is a reasonable trade-off. Therefore, the key to having a great defense includes a pass rush that forces the quarterback to get rid of the ball, scramble or get sacked.

If they possess speed rather than power, then get them wide and rush off the edge to come around for a sack. You will leave yourself open to a quarterback scramble, draws or screens, but again, it’s pressure.

This potentially leaves them blind to a sneaky blitz off the short side. Accomplish this by shifting the defensive line to the strong side against every offensive formation.

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Or, use a blitz to give the quarterback the impression you are leaving a specific area open for positive yardage when in fact you are simply baiting the quarterback to throw into a dangerous spot. For example, you can blitz the corners or safeties, but drop the defensive ends into the flats.

This can force the quarterback to throw a slant or quick out that gives players like Khalil Mack a chance to make a play. Not as many people believe in this concept as it relates to the NFL in 2019, but either way, it is much easier to win football games if you can prevent the offense from scoring points.

Every defense will give up points in every game, especially in the NFL where talent is all over the field. Having a solid defensive game plan and knowing which offensive players can beat you the most is the first step in holding the line.

Once you’re able to contain the X-Factors, you can start loading up and teeing off on the quarterback with pressures, hurries and sacks. In Alex’s latest trailer, he used Madden NFL 20 to put together footage of rookies and...

With Madden 21 news being delayed due to larger issues in the world taking precedence, I... The recent Madden Bowl is getting a lot of press beyond the usual outlets because it...

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