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James Lee
• Wednesday, 18 November, 2020
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They say defense wins championships, so if that's the case you will want to know how to play lights out? There are some situations where it can work, especially if you are adamant it will be a running play, but a good opponent will audible at the line to take advantage of your defense.

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As a general rule, if there are 3 or more Was then select a Nickel, Dime or Dollar defense. Man defense has most of your defenders accountable for a particular player on the opposition.

The downside is that if a player loses the battle, it can often give up bigger gains. Zone gives the defenders areas of responsibility to cover.

As the WR crosses zones there are gaps where they will be free, this is what the opposition is aiming to do. Most players in Madden like to stick to zone for the majority as it's much more effective, especially Cover 3.

There were some question marks over whether the new pass rush system would change the recommended approach to ushering in Madden21. This allows the AI to handle the pass rush, but they will be more effective when you are controlling the coverage and playing tighter.

Drags are good against zone and can pick up 4-5 yards each play. If you shade down using on RS, the defenders will come down to meet them and force a contested catch on a drag.

madden zone drops feature
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Be aware this will leave holes in your defense, but if an opponent is spamming someone this makes it difficult for them. Press left on d pad to bring up DL adjustments.

Gather your team and prepare for the Fall Ball Cup! Madden21 recently released and fans are getting their hands on the latest NFL video game experience EA has to offer them.

Like with the sport in real life, most people like to focus on the offensive side of the ball and discuss those players and highlights at length. Outside of James the team has strong pass rushers in Joey Boss and Melvin Ingram, with a set of linebackers and secondary who may not be household names, but work their butts off under head coach Anthony Lynn.

Not only are the Denver Broncos coached by an NFL defensive mastermind in Vic Anglo, but they also have one of their best players returning from injury. Nick Chubb is a stellar young edge rusher who was severely missed by the Broncos last season.

Alongside him, the team showcases the talents of Pro Bowl defensive ends T.J. Watt and Cameron Hazard, as well as the speedy force in the middle known as Devin Bush. Jordan Power and Micah Hyde may not be the superstar names you recognize, but they have a case for the best safety duo in the league.

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As great as Drew Trees and Michael Thomas are, sometimes the offense struggles, and Cameron Jordan and company have been there to carry them in times of need. With the recent release of starting free safety Earl Thomas, this rating is likely set to drop a few points, but for the time being its good enough to mark them as the 3rd best defensive unit in Madden21.

Most fans outside of Baltimore and the greater DMV area have forgotten that Calais Campbell joined the team this off season. He's pretty much their only superstar of note, but at every level, the Ravens have players who are smart, consistent, and play as a team in order to reach collective goals.

The San Francisco 49ers somehow managed to lose large pieces of a Super Bowl contending defense this decade and built it back into a Top 3 unit in less than 5 years. Adding Richard Sherman through free agency was a low-risk high-reward move that brought a level of experience and leadership to a rather young defense.

The Bears have a true playmaker at every level of their defense and the addition of veterans Robert Quinn and Shaun Gibson make the unit even more terrifying. His favorite video games include Mass Effect 2, Inside, Pokémon Soul Silver, Spunky, and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

He hosts his own weekly video game podcast at Controlled Interests and is a dedicated writer for Theater. In this guide, we will provide you with some handy Madden NFL 21Defense tips and showing you how to set your feet into the ground, and become an unbreakable defensive wall.

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Executing the right chain of movements, and joking your opponent at a mental level will allow you to counter back effectively and have an unbreakable defense in Madden NFL 21. Putting pressure on the enemy team in Madden games is relatively easy with good players by your side.

Hit A/Cross which will confirm that you want to change the defender’s assignment and bring up the defensive adjustments screen. Feel free to change different players’ adjustments before snapping the ball.

You now have a Pass Rush Budget, and Blocker, Memory and Resistance Bars. Resistance bars give an indication of how well the player can defend an attack from either side.

Another example would be to set Dion Jones to mirror the mobile quarterback’s movements. If they make any sort of play, Dion can stop them immediately by tackling them.

When Quarterback breaks the pocket, you need to essentially make sure you have an adequate player with good enough speed to stop him. Break the offense with huddle and press Y/Triangle to bring up your defensive adjustments.

defense madden zone beat
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Guessing wrong is going to cost you a lot, and you will end up giving large gains, use it only if you are confident with what’s going on in your opponent’s head. Performing the Right Moves An important part of defense is having complete control over your character.

You can now set the depth that your underneath zone defenders will drop to in your pre-plan adjustments menu. If you know an exact route combination is coming, you now have the tools to stop it.

In Madden 20, every good defensive setup ended in using QB Contain. EA Sports has made some adjustments to the pass rush to bring better balance to the game.

You will now have to decide whether to contain a mobile QB or bring a faster blitz. There will also be better defensive pursuit angles to stop the running game in Madden21 so hopefully the dive/stretch offense that was so prevent in Madden 20 won’t be nearly as effective.

As shown in the video, it can work with any caliber receiver, but I prefer to have faster Was if possible, with my best WR running the post route that I motion. This play has 4 man beating options that allow us to attack all areas of the field simply depending on when we decide to throw the ball.

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In this Madden21 Tips video breakdown, we look at a new game feature that’s been added to the defensive side of the ball. With options breaking free down the field and crevasses opening up at the line of scrimmage, these Madden21 offensive money plays will help you to move the chains against the most stalwart defensive units.

Playbooks with this play: Buffalo Bills, Green Bay Packers, Jacksonville Jaguars, Pittsburgh Steelers, Seattle Seahawks, Tennessee Titans, Las Vegas Raiders, Spread. For attacking cover three or four, it may be worth looking for a shorter gain and yards after the catch, or giving your tight end the flexibility of an option route to find a gap.

Playbooks with this play: Cincinnati Bengals, Jacksonville Jaguars, Los Angeles Rams, Las Vegas Raiders. Offering a great deal of coverage at all levels and set-ups that will perplex even the most ingenious of offenses, these are the Madden21 defensive money plays that you want at your disposal.

Playbooks with this play: Atlanta Falcons, Chicago Bears, Cleveland Browns, Indianapolis Colts, Los Angeles Chargers, Jacksonville Jaguars, Philadelphia Eagles, Seattle Seahawks, Las Vegas Raiders. Defensively, things haven’t been plain sailing when it comes to stopping dominant offenses, with blitzing not quite as potent as in previous years.

This Madden21 money play will work best with a versatile left end, able to drop into passing coverage, and is disguised well enough to trip-up human opponents. Playbooks with this play: Carolina Panthers, Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Lions, Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Chargers, New Orleans Saints, San Francisco 49ers, Washington Football Team, 46, Multiple D.

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This defensive money play has flexibility for dealing with marauding quarterbacks and pocket passers alike, and runs either through the line or bounced to the outside. Tip: Many other teams have a similar Cover 1 Robber Press in a 4-3 Normal, with the difference being the Dollar 3-2-6 play has a linebacker rushing the quarterback as the fourth pursuer.

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