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This episode deals with what one is willing to do to protect their family, while, at the same time, how emotional and scary circumstances can divide close relationships among friends. This episode shows how humans react to dangerous situations, and the final moments allow characters to realize how far they are willing to go in order to survive themselves.

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A favorite among many viewers, this episode involves a little boy terrifying a small town with his special powers, leading everyone into doing exactly as he says. Part of the creepiness of the episode is wondering where the boy sends people when they make him angry.

This episode involves a dying man making sure the members of his family's faces match the people they are on the inside. The makeup effects, for the time, are top-notch, and the great performances by everyone in the cast make this episode a classic.

Before Chuck terrified audiences everywhere in the Child's Play franchise, there was “Talky Tina.” With a great performance by Kojak's Telly Savages and voice-acting by June Foray, this episode is sure to make viewers think twice before letting their children play with dolls.

Like “The Shelter,” this episode involves how friends and neighbors behave when they are put into a scary situation, and this may be the best example. Neighbors in a nice little suburb are driven into madness when they all fear each other, believing that an alien invasion is occurring.

Viewers slowly watch as everyone in the cast is driven insane with fear and destruction on their minds. Meredith plays an avid reader who simply wants peace and quiet so he can enjoy the wondrous and fascinating world of literature.

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This tragic tale has, arguably, the saddest ending in the history of The Twilight Zone, and Burgess Meredith's performance is worth the watch itself. It has suspense, a unique mystery, a fun sci-fi premise, great performances, and a fantastic plot twist.

Richard Kiel, perhaps best known for his role of “Jaws” in the James Bond movies, gives a great performance as one of the aliens coming to Earth and declaring they want to “serve” humans. The twist ending is iconic, and it is a great example of The Twilight Zone's wonderful writing.

William Shatter stars as a man constantly seeing a creature on the wing of an airplane during his flight. Filled with suspense and terror, this episode is a highlight of the series, and it has a clever jump scare thrown in there that is sure to make any viewer think twice before looking out the window.

About The Author Christian Craig (29 Articles Published) He is a student at The Ohio State University. Through blending fantasy, thriller, and science fiction, many of the themes and lessons from the memorable (and prescient) storylines still resonate today.

A film version was produced by Steven Spielberg in 1983, and the show enjoyed two revivals in 1985 and 2002, respectively, before the latest iteration helmed by Jordan Peele along with fellow executive producers Simon Kin berg (“X-Men,” “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”) and Glen Morgan (“X-Files,” “Final Destination. A crash-landed astronaut finds out his planet is on the brink of destruction, but luckily a woman from another world has also taken refuge on his new home.

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Richard Base hart, who played Ishmael in the 1956 film “Moby Dick,” is the astronaut Adam. This was the first episode audiences saw after President John F. Kennedy’s assassination crushed the nation and took over wall-to-wall TV coverage a week earlier.

An eager lieutenant who has never before seen battle orders his men to attack Japanese soldiers in a cave on the last day of World War II. Buster Keaton, known best for his iconic silent films with slapstick comedy, plays the janitor.

A couple that owns an antique shop finds a genie in a bottle who grants the pair four wishes. The man wishes for unlimited power and becomes Hitler in his final moments, similar to other episodes that provide commentary on World War II.

In this episode from the first season of the series, a schoolteacher is visited by her childhood self, who eventually helps the adult version remember what happened to her mother. He is stuck on a re-lived loop as a passenger on a freighter that he, during his life in the German military, sank in World War II.

After the man tests out his ability to elude death, his wife dies in an accident. Two of the actors, Virginia Christine and Dick Wilson, were best known for their roles in TV commercials for coffee and toilet paper, respectively.

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An older, wealthy businessman who is bored with his life gives most of his money to the devil in exchange for going back to his youth and living out the process of making it all over again. His second attempt at getting rich doesn’t work out, and he ends up selling what he has to go back to the present, where he becomes a janitor.

He escapes them by playing a harmonica, but his friends don’t believe him when he tells the truth about what happened. Andy Devine, who voiced Friar Tuck in the Disney film version of “Robin Hood,” plays the liar.

In that way, The Twilight Zone has always been a show distinctly adult in nature, and many of its best episodes challenged ideas like fascism, collectivism, racism… You know. Some are just thoroughly engaging stories, many of which have little twists at the end that I’m sure inspired M. Night Shaman a great deal.

Rod Serving did, after all, help write the screenplay for the original Planet of the Apes, which arguably has one of the greatest endings in the history of cinema. But luckily (or unluckily since this is The Twilight Zone) “Fats” gets a call from Heaven, and he goes down to Earth to challenge Jesse.

A great majority of this episode is just two people playing exquisite pool, but the tension is sky-high for both players. The ironic thing, though, is that we as an audience know that it would be better for Jesse if he loses, since it could only mean bad news for him if he wins.

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Norma (Lois Nettle ton) and Mrs. Bronson (Betty Garden) are the last people to stay in an apartment complex, but they slowly go insane from the excessive heat. And that image of the dripping paint at the end coupled with the music always gives me the chills.

Unfortunately, there’s a twist at the end that kind of spoils the rest of the episode, but overall, it’s one of the best in the series. That’s a big mistake on our part, though, since the word “serve” can have multiple meanings.

Or, You’re going to need a bigger boat.” You know, lines so popular that they’ve kind of seeped into the pop culture subconscious and settled there. This episode’s great and all, but it would be a little higher if it didn’t completely need to rely on that twist ending to be effective.

A shadow with lights and sounds appears over a quaint suburb called Maple Street. Things quickly go downhill when strange occurrences start happening in the neighborhood.

It doesn’t have any people of color, but it definitely touches on the concept of racism (us against them) and herd mentality. William Shatter plays a newlywed who stops into a diner after his car breaks down.

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Plus, Shatter is just fantastic as a man who has stumbled into an addiction mounted by fear. But when a giant bomb goes off while he’s in a safe, he finds that he’s probably the last living man on Earth.

A Neo Nazi (seriously) played by Dennis Hopper gets disrespected by pretty much everybody because he’s a loser. But when he has a chance encounter with a shadowy figure who sounds a lot like Hitler (Hint: It is Hitler), the Neo Nazi has a rise, and fall, after hurting somebody very close to him.

That’s a shame, since it’s extremely potent and probably speaks more to today’s fractured America than any other episode in the series. A man who is set to be executed claims that everything that is about to happen is all part of one of his dreams.

He proclaims that everybody in the courtroom is just a figment of his imagination, and he tries to convince them that “dying” in his dreams every single night is torture, but nobody believes him. It’s deep in a way that other episodes don’t even touch upon, and it takes its concepts gravely seriously.

A little boy (played by Billy Mummy) has godlike powers, and can basically kill you by just thinking about it. The concept is mind-blowing, and the performances of everybody cringing their way through their entire lives so as not to upset a little boy is the most effective the show has ever been.

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Opinions are purely subjective, but I think most people would agree with many of the picks on this list. I also made an obscure Twilight Zone list, so your favorite might have ended up on there.

Rod Serving, the series’ creator and charismatic narrator, was deeply insightful about society and the human condition. Consequently, Serving chose to explore moral ambiguity, inherent flaws of the mind, and more.

Let’s review how IMDb users ranked the best and worst of that iconic, imaginative, and revelatory show. It’s quite understandable that this episode resulted in such a low IMDb rating, given the silly tone and concept.

The story involves aliens in leather jackets, who plot to invade Earth, using lethal bacteria. Resorting to an archetype like leather-clad young men, threatening at the time, is needlessly tacky.

Weaker stories contradict the otherwise consistently superior tone and intelligent writing. Utilizing elements of science-fiction and horror, terrific actors bring a flawless script to life that explores our need for scapegoats.

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As a result, it doesn’t explore artificial intelligence, athletics, or even develop an actual point. The story develops such a sympathetic, relatable, docile protagonist and then utterly crushes him.

In this episode, a man who is denied a passion for reading accidentally survives a nuclear war. Perhaps it’s a study on the pursuit of our dreams, and how everyday responsibilities or relationships might feel oppressive.

Or, maybe it’s literally about how a ferocious reality with such war consistently destroys our innocence and ability to learn. This premise involves an awful writer, who uses black magic to summon Shakespeare.

But The Twilight Zone was never meant to have the same ideas or tone as Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. If played with a more Wilde sensibility, perhaps the premise could have offered some meta jokes about Serving’s relationship with the network.

The iconic originality of this show is basically absent here, and fans wouldn’t be satisfied. Given the heavy amount of special effects, this episode could have easily been a blight on the show.

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But with just a simple play on words, this episode proved how witty and terrifying The Twilight Zone could really be. Richard Donner is a very talented director, known best for The Omen, Superman, and Lethal Weapon.

But long before these wild successes, he actually directed six episodes of Serving’s iconic series. The twist of this episode, revealing a conventionally attractive woman, is exactly the kind of blunt strike that audiences needed.

And at the same time, the meticulous, effective camerawork throughout sustains a surreal aura of mystery. This episode perfectly combines entertainment value and informative, topical storytelling that will be forever timeless.

The story involves an angel trying to earn their wings by helping a bumbling woman become happy. It was written by famed author Richard Matheson, who flawlessly isolates and tortures his protagonist.

A man who has recently recovered from a nervous breakdown is trapped on a plane with a monster outside. The story expertly explores paranoia, blind skepticism, sanity, and paranormal phenomena.

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