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Its incredible attention to detail, mysterious elements with ancient factions, and well-realized worlds help this series rise above all the rest. That is why the idea of an MMO Elder Scrolls game made so many fans equally excited and worried when it was announced.

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This zone does a great job of presenting a variety of biomes and quests for players to do throughout their leveling experience. Elder Scrolls Online has never struggled with creating engaging quest zones or visually appealing locations, however.

It is a fantastic experience farm because of its Dolmens and beaches, but otherwise contains a lackluster dungeon and empty over world to explore. This amalgamation of jungle and plain is where Alder Dominion players will find themselves throughout their questing experience.

The main quest line here is somewhat lacking compared to other zones, but the side missions available are well-made and enjoyable to play. Quests provided to the player change based on decisions made in this zone and previous, making the world feel more alive and reactive than most other MMOs.

A controversial choice, Coldharbour houses some of the most inspired imagery in The Elder Scrolls series. More than that, the quests here are well written and enjoyable to play, giving a sense of urgency some zones lack.

Unfortunately, the large open world and long quests can make this area a slog on future walkthroughs. While this story is enjoyable to play through, the rest of the zone is lacking in incentive for solo players to enter.

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Some content has been tuned for solo players over the years, but it is still mainly built around groups fighting together. The story also does not reward skill points, meaning solo players can safely skip this zone.

If players can get past that, they are surrounded by impassable cliffs and a city that runs worse than most other zones. Vampires, gloomy setting, and a large variety of enemies make this zone a must-play.

The lore and backstory here make it worthy on its own, but the large variety of enemies and gloomy setting push it above the rest. Plentiful skill points, interesting item sets, and a fantastic story propel this zone into one of the best players can enjoy.

Towns are boring, the enemy variety is laughably bad, the dungeons are not fun, and is just a complete slog. Graduating from Pikes Peak Community College in 2018 with an Associate of Science, Charles has spent his time dissecting popular video games, movies, and technology.

Tamil is home to some of the most stunning environments in the history of gaming, and Elder Scrolls Online is no exception. From giant mushrooms to sprawling mountains, here are 10 of the most beautiful zones in the Elder Scrolls Online.

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Here the player will find muddy marshes, small mountains and the beautiful city of Mourn hold. Although some people may find swamps icky, they can be gorgeous when looking at them from the right spot, especially in a fantasy game like the Elder Scrolls Online.

When the player is in the midst of that swamp fog and those giant trees, DeShawn is definitely candy for the eyes. Vvardenfell is filled with giant mushrooms and Dark Elf architecture, there is also a fair amount of dwarves ruins hanging around.

What makes this zone so amazing is its mysteriousness and feeling of scale, there is always so much more beautiful scenery around the corner. Riven spire is a major contender for sure, and it is surprisingly fun to watch the sunset and walk through the zone blindly.

Reaper's March is an extremely grassy zone full of open plains and Habit Cities. This is the kind of place where you expect to see majestic animals roaming the land and that perfect rainstorm that somehow makes the environment look even more beautiful.

The Clockwork City is a realm created by Botha SIL, one of three members of the Tribunal in the Elder Scrolls universe. When the player enters into this realm, they are shrunken down to fit in the artifact that holds the Clockwork City.

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The Clockwork City deserves a spot high up on this list because Elder Scrolls fans have never experienced anything like it before. This combined with the fact that this small zone is beautiful to look at from the inside makes it a major contender on this list.

As such, the Imperial City has a giant dark anchor hovering over it which makes for a picturesque scene every time the player looks towards the center of the zone. There are towns and keeps that players must fight giant battles to keep control of which creates some beautiful pictures.

Players were excited to see this slab of land return to the Elder Scrolls Online, and they were not disappointed. An aspiring writer, Michael is just trying to share his passion for video games with the world.

If you prefer to level your characters faster via XP grinding, rather than the scenic route of questing, then the following are the best places to grind XP in ESO : *Pro tip: make sure to join the before doing any Zombie grinding because you will receive a Fighter’s Guild point for every undead kill.

Unlike recent single-player entries in the series, the world is not one continuous map, and is divided into several regions which cross the borders of the traditional Imperial provinces.

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Most of these locations are found “within” one of the Over world Zones, but some are completely separate, and are considered “Zoned”. Prior to One Tamil, zone content was geared to specific player levels according to the table below.

Good morning, time for another ESO guide. Broadly, this move was helpful for the game and most people like it, but something was lost in terms of storytelling: most players now just run all over the place and don’t get a sense of the narrative the game builds over time.

Granted, most of the zones, chapters and LCS have fairly independent storyline, and you don’t lose THAT much playing them out of order. But there are key NPCs that show up in the story earlier and later, building a relationship with you, and if you play out of order you miss out on that.

And there was in fact a major story arc that extended over two years that, again, you’ll miss if you play out of order. Anything I skip in this guide, is content that you can do at any time without concern for continuity.

“Your pathetic Cedric trinket can't defeat me!” This prologue is still available as a quest in the game; you will see a “Hooded Figure” appear near your faction’s starting city way shrine (Bulkhead Guard, Devon’s Watch or Dagger fall) and you just take it from there.

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It still basically works this way, but since the game doesn’t make you do content in order, you can often squirrel off the path. Here’s a basic chart of how the base game story content works.

I included approximate levels at which you’d reach various content, assuming you just did these quests and weren’t using XP boosters. Strong consensus among players that Riven spire and Reaper’s March were the best stories.

But the content is all fun and interesting, they do a great job bringing the nine races and cultures to life, and there're millions of XP and hundreds of skill points to be had. Without spoilers, I will note that beloved NPC characters from each of the three faction quest lines, as well as the main quest, are brought back on several occasions throughout the game’s future chapters, so it’s kind of nice to know when you were supposed to have met them and what you did with them.

These three proceed in order and a long and amazing tale comes to a pretty fantastic conclusion (and a VERY disappointing boss fight) with Summer set. Note: around this time, Los started releasing prologue quests to all of their story LCS and Chapters, about a month before they come out.

You can do them for fun and XP, and usually they reward some emote or pet or other silly bauble for your collection. The DLC dungeons are even related to the main story for the year.

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They also add a concluding story arc in the final DLC, only available when you finish the preceding content. Do the two Q1 dungeons, Depths of Malabar and Frost vault Do the Lower chapter quest line Do the two Q3 dungeons Lair of Marcelo and Moon grave Fine (these are not really important for the story) Do the Dragon hold DLC quest line After completing the Dragon hold quests, you'll open up another shorter quest chain, which is the epic conclusion to the Year of the Dragon story.

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