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Zones such as Strangle thorn Vale, Na grand, and Grizzly Hills have become beloved by fans thanks to their fantastic soundtracks, engaging storylines, and the memories that were made within them. Not only is Seventieth's lore brilliant from a storytelling perspective, but it also allows for some forgotten characters to return to World of Warcraft.

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Most zones within World of Warcraft tend to focus on wide-open outdoor spaces, so the density of structures in Seventieth makes it stand out. The architecture of these buildings has a clear Gothic influence, something popular in the fantasy genre and a choice that fits the ambiance of the zone perfectly.

Although this dark architectural style has been used in other World of Warcraft zones, such as Giles and Marathon, the pure size of Seventieth's structures makes it stand out among them all. Players get the opportunity to interact with and even work for Sire Denaturing, allowing them to learn more about his story in preparation for eventually fighting him.

The zone also offers secondary characters with surprisingly well-developed personalities, such as The Mad Duke Theater, whose mix of tragedy and comic relief is refreshing. Although it contains its share of simple kill and collect jobs, Seventieth also has some of the unique quests in World of Warcraft: Shadow lands.

Chains such as The Penitent Hunt enrich the lore of an already rich zone and allow players to really understand the horrors of the afterlife. It has a very different aesthetic from the expansion's other zones, and its storyline also wraps up neatly in preparation for World of Warcraft: Shadow lands' first raid, Castle Natalia.

With that in mind, this guide will outline which zones are best for you to visit depending on the level you want to reach. To help you on your leveling journey, check out the best deals on Everest and EQ2 Platinum, Items, and Power leveling.

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The tutorial area is a natural place to start to get to level 10 once you have created your character. Here you will find several NPCs that can offer missions to you, so make sure you speak to all of them then come back once they are completed to get more, and repeat the process.

They are able to give you more quests once you have reached level 4, and more NPCs can be found by progressing further into the mine. This zone on Lublin is located in, and you will be spending most of your time here fighting against Polar Fiends.

You will find a number of Goblin camps over to the right side of the lake, where the Sarah Fortress resides. You can find this place via the Netherbian Lair, and is a great zone for you to level up.

The mobs here can be dangerous due to their ranged attacks, but there is plenty for you to kill around here to get those levels up. You will also find a lot of mobs in Stone brunt mountain, which can be visited earlier if you choose to.

Another Lublin zone of use is the Athena Ruins, which can take you to level 55 if you wish, and can be reached via the Maiden’s Eye. The Steppes is also worth exploring, since you can find a number of camps with plenty of mobs for you to dispatch.

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Tasks given from Single here to be completed at the farm do often require a group of players, but the XP that they give make it very worth it. Meanwhile, the Di rewind Cliffs offer a variety of differing mobs which also give you great XP to make it to 80.

Several undead camps make it a great place for you to grind, as well as many other creatures such as werewolves and Minotaur for you to take care of. The sheer size of the area is your biggest advantage here, as well as the amount of camps knocking around.

These include Veteran Rewards, which can be earned by players who have had an account for an extended period of time. Whichever method you choose, there are many ways to get your Everest leveling up to speed.

Choosing the right zones can be a great method for you to do so, and the fact that there are additional bonus ways to earn more XP, to the extent that you should be reaching the peak levels in no time. The Best Zone Play & How To Disguise This is an extremely effective double screening action that gets you lay ups and wide open three point shots.

This is one of our favorite plays because it consistently gets you lay ups and open shots by taking advantage of the weakness of any zone defense. In fact, this play is so effective you can continue running it over and over with results.

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3 reverses the ball back to 1 and cuts to the opposite post. 3 cuts off the double screen looking for the shot on the wing.

4 can set a traditional screen or back into the defender (sealing for position). It's important for 4 to wait and set the screen after player 3 clears.

Note how 1 is positioned right on the free throw lane extended for a good passing angle. After 4 clears the center defender, 5 should be wide open for a lay up.

If the bottom defender does not guard 5, then 3 will be open for a three point shot. If player 3 receives the ball and does not shoot, they can look inside for 5 posting up or 4 flashing.

If they set the screen low enough, 5 will get a lay up. If the screen is too high, 5 may have to settle for a short jump shot.

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An easy way to disguise the play is to change the starting formation. Additionally, you can start with a different action like a ball screen or any other cut.

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