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• Thursday, 19 November, 2020
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Blizzard reincarnated World of Warcraft as it was in 2006 with World of Warcraft Classic, bringing both teary-eyed veterans and clueless teenagers back to the original envisioning of WoW with all its frustrating quests, misfit quirks, and fascinatingly obtuse features. As someone who spent far too much time exploring these vast swathes of fantasy land in my younger years, I looked back at each of the Vanilla zones and rank them from worst to best, based on their original states before Warcraft's Cataclysm expansion changed them forever.

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You have clear end-game areas like the Plague lands and Burning Steppes, which are all equipped with tons of dungeons and grindable elites. Today Blizzard ships an expansion with six or so tightly-wound, scalable zones that all dovetail into each other super neatly.

Headwind Pass got a lot cooler during the Burning Crusade and the introduction of Marathon, one of World of Warcraft's most beloved raids ever. In Vanilla, though, Headwind Pass was merely a gloomy placeholder zone with no quests and a faint promise of things to come.

Given that it hosted one of Vanilla's most antisocial dungeons that required little teamwork to defeat, there just wasn't a lot about this place that made anyone wants to stick around. The dense foliage made my frame rate chug back in 2004, and it felt like you ran out of quests after about 30 minutes.

Dust wallow always felt a little unfinished, which is strange, considering freaking Jain Broadmoor lives here. Cataclysm completely reworked the zone, and turned it into the focal point for the Steamworks of the Horde-aligned Goblins.

A fine, workmanlike leveling zone with Horde and Alliance, which is probably most interesting for hosting the ruins of Rather (for any lore-hunters out there). You can tell nobody cares about Marathi Highlands because Blizzard had no problem cannibalizing the assets for its first War front in Battle For Zeroth and basically sweeping the old zone under a rug.

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Silver pine would get a lot more interesting after Cataclysm, when Blizzard gave it some of the most substantial, plot-moving lore they've ever implemented into a leveling zone. It did that job perfectly, and held its own until The Burning Crusade, when it became a focal point for any enterprising young mercenary looking to reach level 70 in Outland.

Blizzard would evoke the Dun Borough spirit so much better years later, when they took us to North rend in the Wrath of the Rich King expansion. Another zone that got fully reworked with a genuinely fascinating storyline after Cataclysm, but was just sorta there in vanilla.

That changed about halfway through Vanilla's lifecycle with the introduction of AHN'Iraq and its corresponding quest lines, which fleshed out some fascinating story beats about the Iraqi and the Old Gods while sending players on World of Warcraft's most epic quest ever. So I'm leaving it here, halfway through the list, because it was one of my favorite zones for about half of Vanilla's life cycle.

Zones such as Strangle thorn Vale, Na grand, and Grizzly Hills have become beloved by fans thanks to their fantastic soundtracks, engaging storylines, and the memories that were made within them. Not only is Seventieth's lore brilliant from a storytelling perspective, but it also allows for some forgotten characters to return to World of Warcraft.

Most zones within World of Warcraft tend to focus on wide-open outdoor spaces, so the density of structures in Seventieth makes it stand out. The architecture of these buildings has a clear Gothic influence, something popular in the fantasy genre and a choice that fits the ambiance of the zone perfectly.

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Although this dark architectural style has been used in other World of Warcraft zones, such as Giles and Marathon, the pure size of Seventieth's structures makes it stand out among them all. Players get the opportunity to interact with and even work for Sire Denaturing, allowing them to learn more about his story in preparation for eventually fighting him.

The zone also offers secondary characters with surprisingly well-developed personalities, such as The Mad Duke Theater, whose mix of tragedy and comic relief is refreshing. Although it contains its share of simple kill and collect jobs, Seventieth also has some of the unique quests in World of Warcraft: Shadow lands.

Chains such as The Penitent Hunt enrich the lore of an already rich zone and allow players to really understand the horrors of the afterlife. It has a very different aesthetic from the expansion's other zones, and its storyline also wraps up neatly in preparation for World of Warcraft: Shadow lands' first raid, Castle Natalia.

It may seem odd that the eighth expansion for an MMO that's been around since 2004 is the perfect starting place for beginners, but that's the case with World of Warcraft: Shadow lands. The new expansion brings about a new starting zone, called Exile's Reach, which is ideal for newcomers.

While veterans may be working their way through leveling zones or playing World of Warcraft Classic, Exile's Reach offers a tutorial area for beginners. After a short tutorial aboard a ship, players and their allies are shipwrecked in a new starting zone called Exile's Reach.

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Unlike previous World of Warcraft starting zones, Exile's Reach was made for streamlining almost two decades' worth of mechanics into a fairly short introduction. It's a great way for beginners to learn all the essential elements of the game, and it works incredibly well.

Longtime World of Warcraft players will find it overly easy, but it's great for newcomers who are just learning the ropes. Another aspect that helps this World of Warcraft: Shadow lands starting zone is the level squish.

Everything about Exile's Reach is designed to get new players through the content while introducing mechanics and features that won't overwhelm them. For example, the zone of Dun Borough contains the subzone of Coleridge Valley, the city Iron forge, the town Theranos, and the instance Gnomeregan.

This post will cover taming the Lost Spectral Gryphon. These two spirit beasts each spawn in a capital city; On in Grammar, and the Lost Spectral Gryphon in Storm wind. It has one single spawn point in Storm wind, right near the flight master.

This post will cover in detail where to find On, and some tips & tricks to help Alliance characters obtain this pretty blue fellow. Specifically, in the warlock trainer's hut in The Valley of Spirits, just in front of the pile of glowing skulls.

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There were class changes, new legendarily, micro holidays, the return of the brawlers' guild, profession updates and more. What some people may not realize though, is that at the same time a new NPC and hunter pet snuck into the game.

Level 100+ hunters may have noticed a new NPC named Watcher Dan user (named after Senior Game Designer Steve Dan user) appear after the patch in their hunter class hall. In Dusk wood creatures lurk in every dark nook and cranny. Sometimes you catch a glimpse of their needy little eyes, peering at you from the bushes.Why, just the other day I sensed an unfamiliar creature stalking me in the forest, watching from the shadows.

These crystals can only be found in Arjuna on The Broken Isles, and have many, many spawn points (over 100) all over the zone. It's one of the few underwater mounts we can obtain, it'll give you a 108% increase in swim speed, it also looks totally gorgeous and unique.

Fathom Dweller Mount Thankfully the amazing community over at Towhead came together and figured out how to obtain it recently, and it's quite different from anything we've done in the past. In order to see this world quest and pick it up you'll need to go through an attunement process. The attunement will require you to set aside a few hours to run all over the Broken Isles finding small pinkish-looking orbs and clicking them in the correct order.

There are ten orbs altogether, but before you can start clicking orbs you'll need to talk to an orc named Dark'thus and pick up an item on The Broken Shore (more detail in next section). On the map below you can see exactly where each orb is located, and they are numbered, so you know which order to click them in.

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The starting point, relic you'll need and location of the final world quest are all on there as well. As usual, with Legion we have a multitude of new pets to hunt down and add to our stables.

I finally saw one in real life for the first time in like 20 years a few months ago, and they really are majestic animals. No special challenge, no tracking, no hoops to jump through at all as far as the tame itself goes.

Welcome to the ultimate World of Warcraft farming resource. Below is a list of WoW Farming guides that show the best ways to farm most level 85 items in World of Warcraft.

Instead of farming items directly, here are the best grinding areas for leveling. If you’re looking for a farming guide that isn’t listed above or if you’ve found an error somewhere, please leave a comment below.

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