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Travel, Wildlife May 22, 2018, by Lemon Tree Hotels The ultimate sojourn for all those people who have the zeal for the thrill and love wildlife, Corbett is a great weekend escape to unwind in the lap of nature. Crossed by the OSI River, Corbett National Park is all about jeep safaris, elephant rides and a chance to have an intimate engagement with wildlife.

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Forest officials organize safari tour in two shifts every day in these ecotourism zones. What is particularly stunning about this place is that it is enveloped in a layer of large grasslands called Chairs and is dissected by the various channels of Ranging River.

The backdrop of this setting is the panoramic view of the valley overlooking the Kinda Ridge. You can also explore some of the other attractions that Corbett National Park has in store for its guests.

After your daylong excursion, head to one of the hotels as there are many places to stay near Corbett National Park. The jeep safari tours are allowed in two shifts one in the morning & one in the evening inside the Corbetttiger reserve in all the tourism zones.

Corbett National Park was the first Tiger Reserve under the project in India. The park is divided into five zones namely the Diana, the China, the Biryani, the Rotunda, and the Sonata.

So to be specific, there are two zones that are considered best for Jeep Safari, Diana, Biryani. Diana is the core zone that gives you an enthralling experience of exploring deep Jungle in Corbett.

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Always remember if you’re visiting this zone and want to experience Jungle Safari via Jeep then you should also arrange a night stay in one of the Diana forest rest house as it is mandatory for a person to do a night stay in this zone. Thus, Jeep Safari in Biryani is the best option to explore “Flora” and “Fauna” of the jungle.

The jeep safari rides cost Rs 3000-4500 for 6 people depending on the season. Animals you might have a chance to see in these zones are Bengal Tigers, leopards, Asiatic elephants, sloth bears, and king cobras.

You can go with the Biryani zone for your jeep jungle safari experience. Each safari zone in Corbett national park has its specific landscape beauty depending on the topography and so is the animal sighting during jeep safari in the respective zone.

The jeep safari tours are allowed in two shifts inside corbetttiger reserve in all the five tourism zones. The limited numbers of safari jeep and vehicles are allowed in each zone to ensure the proper distribution of tourist flow in all the Corbett safari zones of Corbett national park.

Citibank Forest Zone (Buffer Zone), Entry Check Point: Near Tea Village (Personal & Private Vehicle also Allowed), distance 04 KM from Jamnagar Diana is located on edge of Patti Dun valley, Diana Safari zone is most prominent and largest safari zone of Corbett National Park that remains open for tourists between 15th November till June.

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Diana safari region is home to species like elephants, crocodile, tigers, capitals, jungle fowl, Dover, seagull, laughing thrush, cormorant, and woodpecker. If mesmerized by beauty of Dhaka, you may also book night stay at forest rest house in Diana safari zone.

Diana Safari Booking open for starting 2019 till 2020 visitors can book Diana safari started for November, December, January, February, March, April, May till mid June. Guest and reach Diana Safari zone via Jamnagar with the nearest bus and Railway Station of Corbett National Park, 32 KMS.

China Safari zone is located at southern corner of Corbett national park, apex 16 kilometers from Jamnagar. China safari zone has sufficient population of cheetah, samba, niggaz, bear and tigers.

Pre-booking is recommended for a Safari in China Range can be done at Jamnagar office or official booking website of Corbett National Park. Guest can reach China safari zone via Jamnagar- the nearest Railway Station of Corbett National Park, 16 KMS.

Biryani Safari Zone in Corbett National Park is favorite shooting spot and hunting ground during British era, and now biryani safari range of Corbett is still a hot spot for tiger sighting place among wildlife lovers. It is recommended to pre-book Safari at official website of Corbett National Park with office at Jamnagar.

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Drug Devi Safari Zone is known for watching birds like black-chinned China, redheaded fishing eagle, crested laughing thrush, bar-tailed tree creeper, maroon oriel, long-tailed broad bill, slate blue flycatcher and little fork tail. Guest and reach Durgadevi Safari zone via Jamnagar with the nearest bus and Railway Station of Corbett National Park, 32 KMS.

Citibank Safari Zone is mainly known for its temple and various fauna species has entry from bhandarpani gate. Citibank Safari Zone is full of dense forest and all type of wild animals with river, rivulets, landscape, waterfalls and natural scenic spots etc.

Citibank Safari Zone also has one forest rest house overlooking temple and river. Sonata Wildlife Sanctuary is an undisturbed wildlife haven, tucked between Corbett National Park and Rajah national parks was established on 9th January 1987 and spread over 301.18 sq km is known for being home to more than 500 fauna species with elephant, tigers, sambas, reptiles, leopards, and cheetahs.

Halduparao is the only Forest Rest House in Sonata Safari Sanctuary known for sighting elephant herds and can be accessed from Varanasi gate from Faridabad side of Woodward. However, Borgatti and Pashto Safari Ranges are on periphery of Sonata Sanctuary and can be approached from Kalahari or Postwar.

Corbett National Park is divided into the five ecotourism zones for the proper management of the tourism activities in the tiger reserve area. The safari tour is organized in two shifts by the forest officials of Corbetttiger reserve in all the ecotourism zones.

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Each zone has its own natural charm with their specific landscape beauty and wildlife. It is the most sought after zone for the day safari as well as for the night stay in the Diana forest rest house.

Situated in the periphery of the Patel Dun valley, the Diana zone is the largest zone of the Corbett National Park and carries a large variety of flora and fauna. The landscape of this zone, which consists of large grasslands known as Chairs, dense Sal tree forest and various channels of Ranging River offer you the enchanting view of nature.

The panoramic view of the broad valley overlooking the Kinda Ridge in the backdrop is really a magnificent scene. Considered as the best zone for tiger sighting, it is the most preferred choice for the night stay by the wildlife lovers.

If gets lucky, one may see the tiger chasing a deer in the grassland or beside the water streams. Also, a wide range of bird species found here, which are like the feast for the eyes of the bird-watchers.

In the Diana zone, there is no jeep safari available for day visitors. However, one can enjoy the day tour through the Canter safari offered by the forest officials of the Diana zone.

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The Biryani zone is not any lesser when it comes to the spectacular natural view or the catching a glimpse of the king of the Corbett forest, the royal Bengal tiger. Enriched with the eye-catching landscape, this zone is known for its tranquil and serene ambiance inside the forest.

A wide range of wildlife species found in this region is what makes it a unique zone in the Corbett. The day visitors can also avail the facility of elephant safari inside the Biryani zone, which is available by paying the required fee on the spot on the first come, first served basis.

Located on the southern edge of the Corbett National Park, this zone is included much later in the tiger reserve zone, in the year 1994 and got immense popularity among the wildlife lovers. The tiger sighting in this zone is reported frequently and also a wide range of wildlife species found in this region.

The zone consists of mix topography which includes the dense forest of trees like Sal, HALDE, Bah era, Robin and Museum along with the large grasslands and various water bodies. The zone is situated on the northeast periphery of the Corbett forest and highly rich in species of flora and fauna.

The main attractions of this zone, apart from the majestic Tigers, are leopards, wild elephants and Otters, which are primarily found near the Rotunda Bridge. The bird species found in this zone include Gray Headed Fishing Eagle, Maroon Oriel, Black chinned China, Long Tailed Broad bill, slate blue flycatcher, bar tailed tree creeper and plenty of others.

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The landscape of this zone has a rich natural view which consists of dense forest and river streams along with many old temples. You will find plenty of herbivore animals like elephants, deer, sambas, Nigga and others roaming freely here.

Though it is a buffer zone and tigers or leopards sighting are almost negligible here, but sometimes these dangerous predators are spotted here in search of their prey. Sprawled in the large area which even incorporates many villages in it, one must visit this zone to savor the magical ambiance of the enchanting nature.

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