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Core zones of Kana national park are open for visitors from October to June month. They remain closed for tourists, in monsoon (July to September) period.

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Kana national park is further divided into safari zones for better management practice. Katharine is considered as the oldest safari zone of Kana national park.

In that period, Katharine means Kana National Park. Creation of new core zones ensured better tourism management in Kana national park for which it is known worldwide.

Here in Kana national park, we can find 04 core zones which are accessible from different entry gates. Here in below given table, we have shared information about various core zones and their accessibility through different entry gates.

As the name suggests, Core area is the central part of tiger reserve forest. It is believed to the safest part of forest which shares its boundary with only buffer zone and not directly with outer world.

In order to do jungle safari in core zones of Kana national park, you have option to do online safari tickets booking through which your permission to enter into the core zone forest is secured. If you failed to get canter safari also then you may wait for sometime, at ticket counter.

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In case party of confirm safari ticket, failed to enter into the part in first 01 hours, then department will cancel their ticket and allot to you, against specified payment. If you don't want to wait for such cancellation, then go with buffer zone safari ticket.

BUDGET HOTELSSTANDARD RESORTSDELUXE RESORTSLUXURY SAFARI LODGES Kana National Park is one of the most visited forest reserves in India.

Tourists from all across the globe visit Kana to spot the majestic tiger and other wildlife, relax and unwind in the peaceful lap of nature and engage is some magical wildlife photography. Core zone is basically an important area where the conservation of wildlife and natural resources is strictly protected by the forest department.

The Buffer Zones of Kana are: Bhatia, Signora, Then and Shape Katharine has open meadows with grasslands and bamboo vegetation that offer some unique sightings.

He wrote a book, “The Tiger and the Deer” based on Kana. The Kana museum is inside the Kanhazone, and it preserves the local culture, and also showcases the history of the park.

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Sarah Zone has dry deciduous forests and with larger meadows. Sarah is accessed through a common road via Kill zone and one encounters the towering Seal forests on the way.

Kill zone also has the elegant seal forests and scenic grasslands with bamboo vegetation. Whenever we talk about tiger tourism in India, Central India national parks like Bandhavgarh, Kana national park, Bench national park, Tacoma tiger reserves are come into our mind and discussion.

Thousands of tourists from India and other countries of world, visits Kana national park in tourism season (October – June). This count is continuously increasing and now posing challenge for park management authority to manage the tourist crowd and meet their expectation.

But due to constant increase in tourism pressure, problem begins for park authority like gathering of vehicles at some popular areas causing chaos, concentration of safari vehicles in some areas causing disturbance to wildlife, violation of rules etc. To avoid any such untoward incidences and for sake of better tourism management, some new park areas are opened for visitors and total areas was divided into zones.

At particular safari drive, tourists can visit only one zone and to visit at least once to all 4 zones, he/she has to undertake minimum 4 safari drives. Earlier Kana & Multi are the offered zones.

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Katharine Kill Zone Sari Zone Multi ZoneKanha MeadowsDigdolaJamuntolaBishanpura Kana Museums Meadows Ronda CampBamni DadarShravan Shitake DabriMahuadabriDuke's RoadShravan TalMagarnalaUrnakhera CampGhorellaDashrath MachaanMochidadarSilpura MeadowsSondar MeadowsBison RoadChimta Camp--Babathenga TankNakti GhatiAmahi--Lapsi KabarUmerpaniSoonaghat--Umar Hola For Kana jungle safari drives you need to book separately entrance ticket, safari vehicle and safari guide. Guides are allotted from entrance gate by paying the required fee.

We offer exclusive park safari booking to our guests. Here it is important to know that guides are allotted from forest department at entrance gate.

BUDGET HOTELSSTANDARD RESORTSDELUXE RESORTSLUXURY SAFARI LODGES Kana National Park is situated in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

Tiger sighting is one of the main reason for tourists to visit Kana. The most important thing before planning the wildlife trip to Kana is to do proper research.

Image credit: Ravish Faith flora and fauna of Kana is amazing. Gallon and Banjarmasin the two sanctuaries of the Kana National Park area.

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These valleys used to be hunting grounds of the British who would hunt the Barasingha deer, but their rapid decline in numbers forced the authorities to gazette Kana National Park as a Sanctuary in 1933. The best time to visit Kana National Park is winter season i.e. from November to February.

However, the best season for Tiger Sighting would be the hotter months (March, April, and May). December & January also seems the best time if you go by the Tiger Sighting Index.

There is a limited entry for tourist vehicles in the park; hence bookings should be done in advance. Sari zone is situated on the northern side of Kana National Park.

You can get all the recent (session to session, day to day, weekly) sighting information of Kana National Park and across all national parks & tiger reserves here(Click Here). We compile all these important data of all mammals, reptiles, birds and calculate what we call historic and predictive sighting index which helps the wildlife lovers to pick the park and zones based on the sightings.

Rarely visited by tourists, Then Sanctuary is a satellite core of Kana, leopard and sloth bear sighting here is very good. Tourism zones of Kana National Park Kana national park has many entries off which 3– Bhatia, Sari and Multi gates are open for tourists.

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Remember, if you have booked your permits for Sari zone and staying at Multi gate side you must drive down 40 Km’s (60 – 70 minutes) to Bhatia gate for taking entry. Kana is the best forest to spot tigersKhatia gate is easily accessible from Jabalpur, Raipur and Nagpur.

Sari gate can be reached from Jabalpur, Raipur and Blaster easily. Travelling to Sari gate from Multi takes almost 1 hour 30 minutes.

A very common question from visitors is: Which is the best zone for spotting tigers in Kana? A very difficult question to answer because sightings change due to many reasons but certainly Kana and Multi zones will come on top followed by Kill and Sari.

Do keep in mind before finalizing the zone or booking permit for safari in Kana do call your accommodation provider, check on social media or talk to someone who resides in Kana (Guide / Gypsy Driver / Naturalist), you maybe suggested a different safari itinerary as per sighting and availability of permits. Also, we can only suggest but there is no assurance of spotting tigers since they are free roaming animals, tracking them takes a lot of hard work and experience and certainly your luck plays a big part here.

Kana forest has beautiful landscape Hope the above will be helpful in better planning, making your jungle holiday Topanga an enjoyable and memorable experience. Kana National Park has the honor of providing the setting for Rudyard Kipling’s classic novel, The Jungle Book.

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It’s rich in lush seal and bamboo forests, lakes, streams and open grasslands. Kana is well regarded for its research and conservation programs, and many endangered species have been saved there.

As well as tigers, the park abounds with barasingha (swamp deer) and an extensive variety of other animals and birds. Kana National Park also has the following buffer zones: Bhatia, Motional, Shape, Signora, Seymour, and Gar hi.

The best times to visit are from November to December, and March and April when it starts getting hot and the animals come out in search of water. There are two safaris a day, starting from dawn until late morning, and mid-afternoon until sunset.

The park is closed from June 16 to September 30 each year, due to the monsoon season. It's no longer necessary to pay a higher fee to visit the Katharine, which used to be the park's premium zone.

If this doesn't happen at least five days before the start of your safari, your booking will be automatically canceled, and you'll be given a refund. Night jungle patrols take place through the park from 7.30 p.m. until 10.30 p.m., and cost 1,750 rupees per person.

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Elephant bathing takes place in the park's Shape buffer zone between 3 p.m. and 5.p.m. It provides a mesmerizing view of the park’s grazing animals as the sun disappears down the horizon.

It is possible to apply in advance to the forest department, but approval isn't guaranteed and won't be provided until the day before. There's also a wide range of other accommodations, from budget to luxury, in the vicinity of Multi and Bhatia gates.

Not far from Bhatia Gate, boutique Courtyard House is delightfully private and serene. For a relaxing escape, Wild Chalet Resort has reasonably priced budget cottages by the Ban jar River, a short drive from Bhatia.

The cottages at family-operated Pug Mark Resort are recommended as an inexpensive option, near Bhatia Gate. Alternatively, mid-range Kana Village Eco Resort is an award-winning responsible tourism project.

Also near Multi, award-winning Singing Jungle Lodge showcases the region's tribal and arts culture, and has its own museum. Named Most Inspirational Eco Lodge of the Year in the 2016 Officers Wildlife Tourism Awards, stunning Singing Jungle Lodge has its own Museum of Life and Art, dedicated to tribal Good and Taiga artisans, on the property.

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Inside, they're individually decorated with a fusion of wildlife paintings, colorful tribal art and artifacts, antiques, and items handpicked by the owner. Massive soothing rain showers in the bathrooms, plates of delicious handmade tiger pug mark cookies, and Indian jungle tales to read before sleeping, are a highlight.

The king-size beds are super comfortable and the cottages even have fire places! Expect to pay 19,999 rupees per night for two people in a cottage with all meals, services of a resident naturalist, and nature walks included.

The museum houses many of these important works, and documents the culture of the indigenous Taiga and Good tribes, in a space that's accessible to tourists. In addition to exploring the museum, guests can connect with the local tribes and learn about their lifestyles first-hand by visiting their villages.

The Taiga tribe is one of the oldest in India, and they live simply, in villages with mud huts and no electricity, untouched by modern development. They cook with primitive implements, cultivate and store their own rice, and brew potent toddy from the flowers of the Mauá tree.

At night, members of the tribe dress themselves in traditional attire and come to the lodge to perform their tribal dance around the fire for guests, as an additional source of income. If you're keen to become further acquainted with the tribes, you can bring children from the tribal village that the lodge supports with you on safari into the national park.

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Anyone who's feeling energetic can also go cycling into the interior of the reserved forest to a tribal Taiga village with beautifully painted mud huts and panoramic views. Children will love their time at the lodge, with activities specially tailored to different age groups.

Other experiences include day trips to Then Wildlife Sanctuary and Tanner river beach, meeting a community of tribal potters, visiting an organic farm, birding around the property (115 species of birds have been recorded), nature trails, and walks to learn about the forest restoration works on the property. When you're not having adventures, get a relaxing reflexology treatment at The Meadow spa overlooking the forest, or laze by The Wallow swimming pool spectacularly surrounded by nature.

Spread over two levels, it has two large outdoor terraces with lounge chairs and tables, a couple of dining rooms, and an indoor bar area. The chef serves up a delicious variety of Indian, pan Asian and Continental food, with Tandoori dishes being the specialty.

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