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Spread its wings in the 430 sq km of the countryside land, the KazirangaNationalPark is one of the prominent wildlife destinations in India. Known as the Hub of the Biodiversity, the Tauranga forest is the protected natural home to the various endangered wild animal species.

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The large grasslands of the Tauranga forest and the amiable surroundings are the perfect habitats for the survival of the endangered one-horned Rhino. The other wild animals which are the native to this forest are Sloth Bear, Leopards, Hog Deer, Wild Boar, Hog Badger, Pollock Gibbons, Capped Languor, Golden Jackal, Indian Grey Mongoose, Fishing Cat, Large and Small Indian Civet, Bengal Fox, Indian and Chinese Pangolin, etc.

All the four zones of the park have the enriched and distinct wildlife with the dense forests, large grasslands, diverse range of wild animals and exotic birds along with the mesmerizing and picturesque beauty of the landscape. The entry gate to the central zone of the KazirangaPark is located in the small town of Cohort, around 2 km from the bus stop at the National Highway.

The central zone starts from the Minimum riding tower, which is the Elephant safari point. The entry gate to the western zone of the KazirangaPark is located at the place named Bangor at the Tauranga.

The entry gate of the eastern zone of the KazirangaPark is situated in the small town of Agartala which is located on the National Highway. The eastern zone is home to numerous exotic water birds which can be viewed perfectly using the binocular.

The entry gate of the Burapahar zone of the KazirangaPark is located at the Ghorakati village. The Burapahar tourism zone is the hilly terrain with beautiful scenery of Nature, and also considered best for birding.

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The zone also offers the trekking in the forest on the designated route which can be a very enriching experience to explore the dense forest so close by walking on your foot and get the feeling of closeness to Nature. No private vehicles are allowed to enter the park, so you have to book only registered safari vehicle operated by the Jeep Safari Association from near the office to get inside the park after obtaining the permit.

To denote one as best is really difficult, but if the presumption is to see maximum animals then per my experience I'll say Cohort. Mind you if your plan slips to May through Oct then don’t forget to check first because park generally remain closed during May to Oct. and the best time to visit from Nov through Feb/April.

For resort and other details you can refer to these websites... Bangor range: lots of rhinos, swamp & hog deer, water buffaloes and huge flocks of migratory birds like geese, ducks, pelicans and other water birds.

Cohort range: Same as Bangor with elephants, otters (if you're lucky), Samba, Eagles but less water birds Agoratoli range: Incredible flocks of waterfowl especially bar headed geese, waders, pelicans, eagles, other water birds, forest birds, elephants, buffaloes, hog deer and fewer rhinos.

Elephant Safari gives you an exciting opportunity to explore the wildlife and vegetation of KazirangaNationalPark. Sitting on the back of an elephant, roam around the dry and tropical deciduous forests and tall golden grasslands of the national park and witness wildlife species from a closer distance.

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Elephant Safari gives you ample time and chances to capture the famous one-horned rhinoceros and much other flora and fauna on your camera. The adventurous open Jeep Safari takes you to the core areas of the national park and gives you an opportunity to come across the extensive wildlife present here.

Jeep Safari takes you through deep dark woodlands, tall and short grasslands and tropical forests where you can explore the wide biodiversity of the park. The thrill of watching One-horned rhinoceroses, tigers, wild buffaloes and swamp deer in their natural abode will leave you awestruck.

The pleasure of exploring the jungle in the open jeep is something that you should not miss on your visit to KazirangaNationalPark. The park becomes inaccessible during the remaining time of the year because it is flooded with water from Brahmaputra River during monsoon.

Since the park houses a large population of endangered Indian one-horned rhinoceros, so you can be certain to sight the rare animal during jeep and elephant safaris any time during these months. The day temperature soars, and it gets hot, compelling rhinos to stay close to water bodies to quench their thirst.

However, the probability of sighting rhinos is good even during the winter months of November and December as the animals like to spend time out in the open to bask in the sunlight due to a cold climate. All in all, it can be said that the best time to visit KazirangaNationalPark for Rhino sighting is from March to April.

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Time: Though you can easily spot rhinos near water bodies at any time of the day, early morning safari is recommended for a comfortable safari experience during the months of March and April. However, if you are considering exploring the park during winter months, afternoon safaris may also offer you great sightings.

The national park stays open from November to April for visitors and remains closed for the rest of the year as Brahmaputra River floods the park. If you want to spot rhinos and other animals like tiger and elephants, visiting during the months of March and April would be a great choice.

The climate stays humid and hot during the day, but the temperature decreases as the sun are close to setting. Owing to the presence of the floodplains of River Brahmaputra and numerous water bodies, KazirangaNationalPark features a wide range of flora.

The park also has been listed as an Important Bird Site (IBS) by Birdlife International. Birds like a white-fronted goose, Asian open bill stork, red-headed vulture, Black-breasted Parrot bill, redheaded fish eagle, gray peacock, greater spotted eagle, Finn’s Weaver, Eurasian black vulture, horn bills, lesser adjutant, Rufous-vented Prince, kingfisher are some of the birds that you can enjoy watching here.

Due to the perfect location of the resort, you get to enjoy breathtaking views of the jungle and hills. Perfect for all kinds of travelers, Infinity Resort is a popular choice among wildlife lovers visiting Tauranga for the jungle adventure.

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The resort is known to impress their guests not just with their services, but also with the gorgeous European-style architecture it is constructed in. With a wide array of modern amenities, Infinity Resort redefines luxury.

The resort is ideally located in the natural surroundings of KazirangaNationalPark, giving you an experience of pure rejuvenation. The refreshing views of a vast lake against the backdrop of lush greenery from your room will delight you further on your stay at the resort.

Make your vacation to KazirangaNationalPark more exciting by enjoying world-class amenities at Landmark Woods Resort. The resort premise spans over a forested land of 15 acres and gives you ample opportunities for birdwatching and nature walks.

The resort features excellent accommodation options in the form of 30 well-equipped rooms that will comfort you after a day full of jungle excursion at Tauranga. You are sure to love a stay experience at Landmark Woods as the resort has all the modern comforts you can think of.

Take a closer look at the raw nature and the biodiversity of KazirangaNationalPark by staying at Rifle River Lodge, celebrated as one of the most reliable resorts around the park. Natural materials like wood and bamboo have been used for the construction of the resort which adds a unique charm to its aura.

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The resort is perched amidst hills verdant with tea gardens, delivering a revitalizing experience to their guests. All the rooms exhibit classy designs and have been equipped taking into consideration the requirements of all kinds of guests.

Located in the buffer zone of Cohort Range, this resort offers you a pure jungle experience and is an ideal stay option if you want the feel the essence of wildlife at Tauranga. The resort, through its structure and services, demonstrates the best of the region’s natural and cultural heritage.

Four different types of cottages laced with modern facilities are available here for you to choose from. The sights of these tea gardens coupled with the aromatic air here will mesmerize your senses.

Take a rejuvenating walk amidst thousands of tea plants and click a lot of pictures to treasure the moments. Method, Be hora, Borchapori, Hathkhuli, and Dial are some prominent tea gardens around the national park.

Location: Galahad, Assam Timings : 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM Distance from KazirangaNationalPark: Method Tea Estate is 35 km from the park. A 4 km trek through lush greenery and gushing streams will lead you to this striking waterfall which is known for its scenic beauty.

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Keep your camera handy because the views of the stream plunging on the rough terrain, creating a pool below are worth capturing. The tranquil Nanchang Waterfall is a perfect weekend spot to visit with family and friends.

Highlights: A trekker’s paradise and a prominent archeological site as ruins of Aligarh are located nearby. With scientific amusements, greenhouse, lake, photo gallery, and multiple gardens, this orchid park is a perfect spot to include your itinerary for KazirangaNationalPark.

Location: Durgapur, Galahad Timings : 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM Distance from KazirangaNationalPark: 2 km from Central Range, Tauranga The ancient ruins of rock statues with impressive craftsmanship are spread across the place.

This site is a great choice for the patrons of history and architecture, and is a must-visit spot near Tauranga. Gopher is a quaint small town where Katakana Beirut, brave freedom fighter was born.

Keep your camera and binocular handy so that you won’t miss an encounter with wildlife. After reaching Curating, you can opt for a cab or bus which will drop you at Sahara gate.

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However, if the luck is on your side, the time of the safari barely makes a difference as you can spot rhinos and tigers in the morning as well as in the afternoon. To spot tigers and migratory birds, the Eastern Range is preferred by visitors.

While the Western range features a mix of rhinos, Gauls, elephants, etc. KazirangaNationalPark houses a total of approximately 2,500 rhinoceroses, which makes the probability of sighting extremely high.

However, the probability of spotting rhinos also depends largely upon the zone and the timing of safari. You do not need a special permit to carry or use your personal or video camera inside the park.

If you have an Indian citizen, you can make an advance booking for safari by providing Voter ID, Aadhaar card, or Driving License.

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