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Danielle Fletcher
• Tuesday, 22 December, 2020
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You can now set the depth that your underneath zone defenders will drop to in your pre-plan adjustments menu. If you know an exact route combination is coming, you now have the tools to stop it.

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In Madden 20, every good defensive setup ended in using QB Contain. EA Sports has made some adjustments to the pass rush to bring better balance to the game.

You will now have to decide whether to contain a mobile QB or bring a faster blitz. There will also be better defensive pursuit angles to stop the running game in Madden21 so hopefully the dive/stretch offense that was so prevent in Madden 20 won’t be nearly as effective.

In today’s free Madden21 tip, we are going over one of the best running concepts in Madden21. Overview: In this video we break down why this run is so effective against the defenses we showed.

There are some situations where it can work, especially if you are adamant it will be a running play, but a good opponent will audible at the line to take advantage of your defense. As a general rule, if there are 3 or more Was then select a Nickel, Dime or Dollar defense.

Man defense has most of your defenders accountable for a particular player on the opposition. The downside is that if a player loses the battle, it can often give up bigger gains.

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Zone gives the defenders areas of responsibility to cover. This means that even when catches are made they can be contained quicker than there will always be some defenders near.

As the WR crosses zones there are gaps where they will be free, this is what the opposition is aiming to do. Most players in Madden like to stick to zone for the majority as it's much more effective, especially Cover 3.

There were some question marks over whether the new pass rush system would change the recommended approach to ushering in Madden21. This allows the AI to handle the pass rush, but they will be more effective when you are controlling the coverage and playing tighter.

If you shade down using on RS, the defenders will come down to meet them and force a contested catch on a drag. Be aware this will leave holes in your defense, but if an opponent is spamming someone this makes it difficult for them.

Without a user in the middle, RB/R1 receiver is open in virtually any coverage unless the opponent makes zone audibles. If the opponent reacts by bringing the zones down to the line of scrimmage to stop these short routes, then that opens up the B/Circle receiver to the sideline.

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We often talk about mixing it up so that your opponent can't settle into an easy defense, and whilst this scheme is very difficult to defend, it's still sage advice. Levels Y Sail is another play you can run from this formation, and it's one of the audibles selected.

The inside zone is the last play in the audible which will give you a double TE blocking system that helps with the running game. So in today’s Madden21 tip, we are going over a unique play found in the Run N Gun playbook that works really well.

Motion the receiver on the right SID in a few steps and hike before he reaches the tight end As shown in the video, it can work with any caliber receiver, but I prefer to have faster Was if possible, with my best WR running the post route that I motion.

This play has 4 man beating options that allow us to attack all areas of the field simply depending on when we decide to throw the ball. The base play, with only one audible yet has multiple options that mean no matter what the defense does there is always someone free.

We always say to practice before you get into live games with this, it still requires good timing, but the play will be there to be had. As you play, you can use the short RB/R1 and Y/triangle routes that are difficult to stop without shading underneath.

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This forces their coverage down and opens up the huge plays to the B/circle route. Throw it on the break of that route, and it will be impossible to defend.

If you see a Cover 3 zone defense then the X/square receiver suddenly becomes a monster play that's wide open. In this Madden21 Tips video breakdown, we look at a new game feature that’s been added to the defensive side of the ball.

For example, you can snap to one of your wide-receivers, June the covering defender, step back behind the line of scrimmage, lob to your quarterback, and then throw a bomb to your other wide receiver in the End zone. This means that you’ll always be looking for the big plays, and showboating animations that allow you to throw the ball behind your back or even punch it to another player add to the spectacle of the occasion.

While these alternative rules are fun, there’s very little flexibility for you to decide how you want to play, and the progression amounts to little more than grinding out points in each area in order to unlock the cosmetics associated with them. You'll also earn points based on the Prototype you pick, which allows you to level up key attributes, like your ability to catch the ball under pressure.

Minor changes have been made to the way pass rushers attack the offensive line, with moves now paired to the right analogue stick as opposed to the face buttons, which feels a little more fluid we suppose. Blitzing in general has been nerfed compared to last year’s game, so you’ll need to regularly change up your moves or the offensive line will read what’s coming and learn how to deal with it.

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There’s still obviously fun to be had building your own roster and taking it to the Super Bowl, but if you’ve already got a league running on Madden NFL 20 then there’s virtually no reason to upgrade. Fortunately, a generous Daily Missions tab means you’ll be earning tons of credits every day by simply playing matches, so you never really need to cough up for these.

The final talking point pertains to the Face of the Franchise mode, which sounds excellent on paper but somehow manages to regress from last year’s attempt. You’ll pull your avatar into a high school environment, and work your way into college through one of America’s prestigious football programs.

While we’ve genuinely enjoyed some of Madden’s more recent narratives, like the Long shot storyline, this is an embarrassing attempt, with nonsensical twists and even worse voice acting. And while Madden Ultimate Team continues to be a time sink, the stale state of the on-field simulation means that this year’s game fails to find its intended receiver.

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