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You can also use it to keep track of your completed quests, recipes, mounts, companion pets, and titles! In today's competitive consumer culture, a mindset that values the present moment over the future goal is something that's increasingly uncommon.

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But, for most people, fun is born from creativity and exploration, and optimized routes seldom speak to these delights. Getting lost in the World of Warcraft is a totally different experience from conducting your 37th run of Scarlet Monastery.

Home to the dwarves town and lakeside getaway of Thelma, the sights and sounds of Lock Moran put you right into vacation mode. Lock Moran is the perfect place to work on secondary professions while enjoying a beautiful view of the lake.

The dwarves of Menthol Harbor have their hands full of an orc incursion, local knoll populations, and an archaeological site overrun by native raptors. The Cult of the Dark Strand is a powerful, albeit low level, enemy, but, with your help, it can be toppled.

Though these orcs are not members of the Horde, after being frustratingly killed by these mobs most players won't see much of a difference. One of the things that Classic did really well is give you a reason to despise the enemy faction, which is something that retail is sorely missing.

Between North shire Valley, Gold shire, and the lumber mill, you are introduced to a menagerie of WoW's iconic monsters: kobolds, knolls, and the deadly Murdoch. The Defies gang is also neatly established in this zone, setting the stage for your eventual encounter with Edwin Canceled.

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The ice-capped hills and snowy peaks of Dun Borough make us appreciate the beauty of winter without having to suffer the terrible cold. A tribe of trolls is one of the early enemies introduced in this zone, again speaking to Classic's ability to give you a reason to hate the opposing faction.

The relationship between the gnomes of Gnomeregan and the dwarves of Iron forge is one of brotherhood and makes players proud to be members of either race. West fall features some of the most memorable, mundane quests of the Alliance faction while simultaneously managing a chain quest line with the cutthroat Defies brotherhood that leads up to a deeply personal first dungeon encounter.

The depth of the conflict between the Defies and Storm wind is only truly revealed when all is said and done, ultimately leaving the player questioning whether they've done right or wrong. Where the grind suddenly halts to all-out faction warfare, and you can't complete one quest without feeling like someone's watching you.

While West fall immerses you into the local hero storyline, Dusk wood makes your character the subject of a horror novel. The haunting music, spider silk strewn trees, creepy, sometimes outright mad, quest givers, and constant nighttime chill all build an ambiance that is downright impressive.

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A lot happens to a character in World of Warcraft Classic after hitting that level 40 milestone. The most obvious being that players finally have a mount, which is great, but then they also have to deal with having no money and fewer choices for grinding.

There's plenty to slay here for XP, even if the wide variety of quests available are done, but be prepared to commit to about 3 hours of game time for a full clear. There are lots of herbs, leather, and minerals to be found in the lush hills of Fer alas, along with a long list of quests.

Some of these are lengthy chains that eventually lead to Dire Maul, the centerpiece of this ancient zone, where a few prepaid Bis items drop. It's worth a visit just for the history, and not just the ancient Dwarf lore and Azerothian creation stories.

If anyone has played retail WoW and experienced dungeons like Ulnar in North rend, Andaman will look strangely familiar. Lots of great items drop here, and there are chain quests galore, including a few that start with things to pick up or find.

Herbalists, miners, leather workers, and fishers can spend a few levels in Asmara honing their professions. Players are clearing a path to BlackRock mountain when they work through Searing Gorge.

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This zone is popular with miners and blacksmiths trying to grind rep with the Thorium Brotherhood. Five of the most notorious dungeons in the game are located between this zone and the Burning Steppes next door, and three of them are raids.

It's essential to visit to grind rep with the Timber maw Tribe and the Scenario Circle by killing various monsters and collecting certain items. What makes Strangle thorn Vale a tough choice is a well-deserved reputation as PVP heaven.

This is one of the earliest zones that players can visit, easily accessible for both factions via boat. Players can also participate in the Strangle thorn Fishing Contest and grind rep with the local pirates while they work through the zone.

Love it or hate it, the Sunken Temple is one of the best places to level a character when it reaches 50. She dabbles in various genres and creates everything from short blog posts to serialized novels.

You can also use it to keep track of your completed quests, recipes, mounts, companion pets, and titles! You've worked hard on your character, grinding up and getting the gear, and that level cap is finally looming on the horizon.

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Once upon a time, this zone was the ultimate endgame, eventually leading to the mighty raid of Naxxramus. This infamous raid, the most difficult in the game and the last one implemented before the Burning Crusade expansion, will be released in a later patch.

Scolomance is actually based on a real place that existed in medieval Europe, which makes it that much more interesting. Players need to run this dungeon a number of times not only for the awesome gear that drops, but also to grind rep with the Argent Dawn, a local faction that sells buff foods and rare recipes.

This is where the Timber maw Tribe lives, a faction famous for its slow and tedious grind, and everyone is interested in the high-level items they sell to friends. Miners, herbalists, and tailors can farm needed materials throughout the zone while they finish quests.

Rathole is the highest level dungeon you can run without going to BlackRock Mountain on the opposite continent. It's got everything a growing 'too needs, including Argent Dawn rep, enchanting mats, and some badass endgame gear.

It's also one of the toughest dungeons, with an open concept plan that leaves your party more vulnerable to accidental pulls and moving patrols. Druids and other tools that are connected with the Scenario Circle faction might visit earlier, but most players don't find this zone until they wander in from UN'Gore Crater next door.

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Grind rep with the Scenario Circle, defeat a few murder bugs, and gather the mountain of mats needed to start one of the most notorious events in Azerothian history. Horde players find this zone earlier than their Alliance counterparts because it's right next to the Forsaken starting area.

Lobbies often wander past the Bulwark and find out the hard way after they aggro half the forest, which starts at level 53. There're the Ruins of Cordero, where you and some friends can meet Chrome of the Bronze Dragon flight and battle the Rich Arab, all important things to do on your way to endgame.

Dire Maul is easy to overlook, tucked away in a lush forest in remote Fer alas. A group of exiled Night Elf mages is also hidden here, and they award valuable enchants if you bring them the right items and materials.

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