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Safari Zones in Ranthambore National Park | Best for Tiger Sighting +91 – 9212777223 Although the park initially had just 5 Zones, the other 5 were added as it grew in popularity.

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Among these, Zone 2, dotted with numerous water holes, is the most important zone in the park where several animals are regularly spotted, including leopards. Zone 6 Kendal is different from all the other zones, both in terms of its landscape & the opportunities for spotting birds, including the endangered Red Headed Vultures.

This zone has been very popular due to return of Noor (T-39) along with her 3 cubs and numerous sightings have been reported during end of 2016 and early 2017. Other places where you can spot a big cat in this zone are: Tutsi key Neill, Amreshwar Dang, Sultan, Peel Pain and Gaza Dub.

The important points in this point where there are sightings are: Jodi Mahan, Photo Not, Photo Band ha, Jaipur Tirana, Neil Ghats. Zone 3: Jodi Mahan, Adam Ta lab, High Point, Raj Bag and Handbook.

Adam Ta lab is one of the vantage points where the can wait to see some big cat action from T-19 and T-28 are seen in this zone. The important points in this point where there are sightings are: Singh War, Malik Ta lab, Akkad The, Distant, Lamb, Jamaican and Beria.

The points are Singular, Amateur, John, Dhaka, Rashida, Baghda and Ba kola. (Including the endangered Red headed Vultures) The points where the tigers have been spotted in this zone are: Gala Pain, Saran Key Path, Fatwa I Maori, Khabli and Polestar.

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This zone is also home to Caracas, Sloth bears and aquatic birds. Due to this, this park is the most favorite place for wildlife photographers and film and documentary makers.

Enriched with the numerous wild flora and fauna along with many endangered wildlife species, the Ranthambore offers you the amazing wildlife viewing experience with the Jungle safari organized to explore the insides of the forest. Also, the gigantic Ranthambore Fort that situated inside the park adds the heritage value into the forest.

The landscape of the forest is bestowed with the amazing natural beauty with its vividly varying topography which mesmerizes you with its raw attraction. The deciduous forest landscape includes lush shrubby vegetation, arid lands, greenery, grasslands, ravines, valleys, hilly terrain, river channels, lakes and water holes.

Such a diverse topography and a typical rawness of the forest of Ranthambore make it an ultimate destination for photography and video shooting. For adding the charm, there are various historical architectural ruins, Palace, Fort and ancient temples located inside the park.

Most of the wildlife tourists who visit Ranthambore have the sole intention to get the sight of the Royal Bengal Tiger and nothing else. But apart from getting the sighting of the majestic Tiger in its natural habitat, there are many other things to view inside the forest.

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Presently, the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve is divided into the 10 ecotourism zones to manage the tourist activities in a better way. The Ranthambore National park is divided into the 10 safari zones for the easy management of the tourism activity in the park as well as to make sure the safari is distributed evenly throughout the Jungle and not just get accumulated in few tigers prone area disturbing the habitats of the Jungle.

Both the vehicles, the jeep and the canter, travel on the same route so offering entirely the same prospects of wildlife sighting. In this zone, Tutsi key Neill, Sultan, Gaza Dub, Amreshwar Dang and Peel Pain are the places where there are higher chances of viewing big cats.

Due to the many water holes found in this zone, the chances of tiger viewing are higher around the places such as Jodi Mahan, Neil Ghats, Photo Not, Photo Band ha, Sheila and Jaipur Tirana. The zone is home to famous tigers like USTA (T-24), Noor (Y-39), Sultan (T-72), Human (T-20), Krishna (T-19) and others.

Some main locations of this park where there are higher chances of tiger sighting are Adam Ta lab, Jodi Mahan, Raj Bag ruins, High Point and Handbook. However, it still is the highly preferred zone due to the presence of a few of the star tigers of Ranthambore such as T-19, T-25, T-28, T-41, T-64 and T-75.

Malik Ta lab, Singh War, Akkad The, Lamb, Distant, Jamaican are among the few places in this zone where maximum tiger sighting is reported. Singh War, Rashida valley, Amateur, John, baghda and Dhaka are points where one can spot a tiger.

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One can also spot the rare species of birds in this zone, which includes endangered Red Headed Vultures. Few points where the chances of spotting the tigers are high are Pauli Drama, Gala Pain, Fatwa I Maori, Polestar, Kali and Saran Key Path.

Places such as Childish, Kushalipura, Samoa and Rajah NASA in the zone have higher chances of spotting the majestic predator, the tiger. The places where tiger visibility is higher are Balls, Kali That, Needle Dang, Marathon and Cherie.

Considered as the territory of T-42 and T-59, this small conservancy is also known for the home to Sloth bears, Caracas and few aquatic birds. Few good tiger spotting places in this zone are Kushalipura, Honda, Modal, Anti, Banskhori and Devour.

This tree has the height of up to 15 meters and its shrubs and fruits constitute major foods for the animals such as Deer, Antelope and Nigga. The HOK tree can also grow in the shallow soil but with limited growth and small.

The safari zone, which has the good number of the water bodies, offers the more possibilities to spot a tiger than the arid lands. The Tigers are spotted in their territory while resting, following its prey, walking or cooling in the water bodies in the summer or basking in the sun in winter.

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However, the zone is allotted randomly to the safari vehicles by a computer program to ensure the fair practice. But, one can make a request for the change of the safari zone by paying the required extra fee to the forest office at the time of the entry.

Rich flora and fauna, Jeep safari, huge majestic fort with splendid palaces, spectacular heritage sites and glorious divine temples is the jewel of Ranthambore. But this is not only the legacy of wild animals, for which Ranthambore is known, this place has also been blessed with the reward of natural beauty.

Ranthambore is one of the most beautiful places in Rajasthan which is full of natural and wildlife abundance. It is true that some of them are very good safari zones in Ranthambore National Park.

While other safari zones have also water body and these are good place to see wild animals in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. Due to being near Ranthambore fort, the beauty of this zone and the surrounding scenes become captivating.

Only Caners are not allowed in zone number 7, 8 and 10 due to steep climb and hilly track. Forest department can increase the number of safari vehicles on festivals period.

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However, all Safari zones are best for tiger sighting and exploring wildlife in Ranthambore. All safari zones are blessed with the different species of animals and birds.

These safari zones have also good population of Tiger and other wild animals in Ranthambore. Your jeep and nature guide will take you to the magical Balls, Kendall, childish and Anti area of the Tiger reserve, a haven for wildlife which lies in the scenic area of the Gravelly Hills.

It is an ideal place to see wildlife and to do the safari in Ranthambhore National Park. These safari zones offer rugged hillsides, beautiful scenery and wildlife in Ranthambore.

It is one of the best habitats in the area for the leopard, the Honey Buzzard, the Indian Courser, sloth bear, hyena, Tiger and many more! Every safari zone has tiger territory and has pretty wildlife viewing in Ranthambore.

Therewith Tiger sighting depends on prey density, climate, visibility, last sighting of the Tiger, territory specifications, alarm calls, presence of scavengers indicating a kill etc. It is not advisable to completely focus on tigers because you will lose many other interesting wildlife sights.

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As per Supreme Court guideline only 20% part of the Tiger reserve is open for tourism activities like Jungle safaris. The question of selection of zones for safari is also big challenge.

Some zones are very much in demand because of good tiger’s sightings record and some from scenic beauty point of view. The three big lakes, Adam ta lav, Rajah & Malik lake make this more beautiful from scenic point of view.

As this is the most beautiful part so just to get glimpse of this, canter safari is highly recommended. The reason is that Zone 03 is small and mostly sightings happen near the lakes.

The vehicle jeep or canter does not move too much. If someone wants to enjoy jeep only then Premium safari will be good option.

Zone no 03 is also remembered because the Most famous Tigress, the Mali spent most of her time in this area. Besides this, Zone 04 also has one big lake called Malik Lake, which holds good record for sightings in last few years.

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No doubt, the lakes impart the beauty to any zone and acts as good sightings point in summer season. There are total 10 zones in Ranthambhore for safari purpose.

In today’s time, we are lucky that we have tigers in each zone. However, some territorial overlapping cannot be ruled out, as our tigers do not read books & maps.

Beside these above information you need good experienced guide for safaris. An experienced guide will enhance your sighting chances by 20%.

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