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• Monday, 14 December, 2020
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Its incredible attention to detail, mysterious elements with ancient factions, and well-realized worlds help this series rise above all the rest. That is why the idea of an MMO Elder Scrolls game made so many fans equally excited and worried when it was announced.

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This zone does a great job of presenting a variety of biomes and quests for players to do throughout their leveling experience. Elder Scrolls Online has never struggled with creating engaging quest zones or visually appealing locations, however.

It is a fantastic experience farm because of its Dolmens and beaches, but otherwise contains a lackluster dungeon and empty over world to explore. This amalgamation of jungle and plain is where Alder Dominion players will find themselves throughout their questing experience.

The main quest line here is somewhat lacking compared to other zones, but the side missions available are well-made and enjoyable to play. Quests provided to the player change based on decisions made in this zone and previous, making the world feel more alive and reactive than most other MMOs.

A controversial choice, Coldharbour houses some of the most inspired imagery in The Elder Scrolls series. More than that, the quests here are well written and enjoyable to play, giving a sense of urgency some zones lack.

Unfortunately, the large open world and long quests can make this area a slog on future walkthroughs. While this story is enjoyable to play through, the rest of the zone is lacking in incentive for solo players to enter.

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Some content has been tuned for solo players over the years, but it is still mainly built around groups fighting together. The story also does not reward skill points, meaning solo players can safely skip this zone.

If players can get past that, they are surrounded by impassable cliffs and a city that runs worse than most other zones. Vampires, gloomy setting, and a large variety of enemies make this zone a must-play.

The lore and backstory here make it worthy on its own, but the large variety of enemies and gloomy setting push it above the rest. Plentiful skill points, interesting item sets, and a fantastic story propel this zone into one of the best players can enjoy.

Towns are boring, the enemy variety is laughably bad, the dungeons are not fun, and is just a complete slog. Graduating from Pikes Peak Community College in 2018 with an Associate of Science, Charles has spent his time dissecting popular video games, movies, and technology.

Good morning, time for another ESO guide. Broadly, this move was helpful for the game and most people like it, but something was lost in terms of storytelling: most players now just run all over the place and don’t get a sense of the narrative the game builds over time.

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Granted, most of the zones, chapters and LCS have fairly independent storyline, and you don’t lose THAT much playing them out of order. But there are key NPCs that show up in the story earlier and later, building a relationship with you, and if you play out of order you miss out on that.

And there was in fact a major story arc that extended over two years that, again, you’ll miss if you play out of order. Anything I skip in this guide, is content that you can do at any time without concern for continuity.

This prologue is still available as a quest in the game; you will see a “Hooded Figure” appear near your faction’s starting city way shrine (Bulkhead Guard, Devon’s Watch or Dagger fall) and you just take it from there. Along the way, in the olden days you would receive quests for the ME every five levels, and do those in parallel with your Alliance faction’s zone quests (now you can do the main quests whenever you want, I personally like spreading them out when leveling a character).

It still basically works this way, but since the game doesn’t make you do content in order, you can often squirrel off the path. Here’s a basic chart of how the base game story content works.

I included approximate levels at which you’d reach various content, assuming you just did these quests and weren’t using XP boosters. Strong consensus among players that Riven spire and Reaper’s March were the best stories.

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But the content is all fun and interesting, they do a great job bringing the nine races and cultures to life, and there're millions of XP and hundreds of skill points to be had. Without spoilers, I will note that beloved NPC characters from each of the three faction quest lines, as well as the main quest, are brought back on several occasions throughout the game’s future chapters, so it’s kind of nice to know when you were supposed to have met them and what you did with them.

These three proceed in order and a long and amazing tale comes to a pretty fantastic conclusion (and a VERY disappointing boss fight) with Summer set. Note: around this time, Los started releasing prologue quests to all of their story LCS and Chapters, about a month before they come out.

You can do them for fun and XP, and usually they reward some emote or pet or other silly bauble for your collection. The DLC dungeons are even related to the main story for the year.

They also add a concluding story arc in the final DLC, only available when you finish the preceding content. Do the two Q1 dungeons, Depths of Malabar and Frost vault Do the Lower chapter quest line Do the two Q3 dungeons Lair of Marcelo and Moon grave Fine (these are not really important for the story) Do the Dragon hold DLC quest line After completing the Dragon hold quests, you'll open up another shorter quest chain, which is the epic conclusion to the Year of the Dragon story.

Such issues may include a quest step not advancing properly, an NPC not appearing at the right time, or certain items becoming unresponsive when activated. This is likely not related to any quest in particular, but may occur at random due to a glitch in the transfer of data between the server and the client.

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If such an issue occurs, there are a number of options you can try to attempt to fix it: (PC Only) Log out, then completely exit and restart the game.

After about fifteen minutes of being logged off, most quest systems and locations within the game undergo a “soft reset”, which may cause missing NPCs or intractable to be restored. Every time Animal performs maintenance, the servers are reset.

Main Quest sections are also reset after about fifteen minutes. Note also that any instanced location will automatically reset and kick you out after about fifteen minutes if you log off while inside one.

There are two conflicts going on in the story simultaneously: the balance of the world and the complete power over Tamil. We know your fingers are burning to start playing immediately, but our personal recommendation is to read our ESO guide to know better all the ESO classes the game has to offer; also, you will want to be prepared to face your opponents and to level up fast.

Time is gold, and we appreciate your enthusiasm for this IMPORT, so we will narrow it down to the important information. No long incomprehensible instructions or boring paragraphs about ESO builds, just what you need to start playing.

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There are 10 different races in The Elder Scrolls; each character is completely customizable; you can take your time choosing your style, and we strongly recommend you to do so because you can’t change it afterward (but you can add some accessories). The ESO classes are five: Templar, Dragon Knight, Sorcerer, Warden and Night blade.

Among the Dagger fall Covenant you will find Orcs (under the rule of King Frog of Organism), Breton's (at the service of King Emetic of High Rock), and Red guards (ruled by Kind Fahara0jad). They are the human descendants of the Aldmeri-Nedic Manner, they do not have much strength, but they do have a lot of magic resistance.

Call them what you want, it’s an alliance formed by the High Elves of Elinor after the fallen of the Imperial City. Along with the Wood Elves and the Kraut, formed a plea that combines their forces to prevent younger races of Tamil from doing any more harm to the world.

The Alder Dominion races are strong hunters, and you will notice it easily since they use bows and one of them has a feline body structure. Alters Also known as High Elves, they are racial passives that have increased skills like Frost, Shock and Flame.

They are strong damage dealers and outstanding passives, basically the kind of support you want in a team. Which, essentially, makes them strong opponents with a passive game style.

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While you play the story you will notice that there are tensions between the races of the Bothered Pact, but they stand together against Molar Bad and enemy alliances. They are not easy to stun and count with immunity to the chilled status effect.

Dancers Also known as Dark Elves, are characters focused on magic and fire based damage. Since they like to play with fire, they resist it pretty good, and just like the Words, they are not easy to stun or shock.

Focused on healing and tanking, the Armenians work with poison to attack and are one of the most resourceful races of ESO. Imperial The last ESO race does not belong to an alliance, they look like Words and have great melee damage.

If you wish to be a Healer, stick with the High Elves; if you like to play with magic, the Dark Elf are the right ones for you, and if you want to blast everyone with lots of stamina, choose a Red guard or the Habits. This ESO guide is made for beginners, so our advice is to take your time exploring Tamil.

For example, as LVL 5 or lower you will complain about walking so slow, but when you are level 10, you can get a horse and travel faster. At level 15 you can carry two weapons at the same time, something you will love it because not all enemies are defeated equally.

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As we mentioned before, depending on the race and the alliance you choose, your game starts in a particular zone of Tamil. For everyone, in the beginning, the game starts at the Starter Village, is a tutorial space where you learn the basics of the gameplay.

Always talk to the NPCs to gain some XP and learn more about the quest you are diving into. You can collect and equip many rewards, but the ones that are not useful, you can sell them and get some gold for future purchases.

It’s essential that you complete them because they activate unique and necessary skills for your ESO class. One of the greatest things about ESO is that you have dozens of skill sets; so you can play with one for a particular character and then reset the whole game for a great price every time you reach the Major City.

The game also has a Skill Advisor, like the voice of wisdom showing you recommendations depending on the build you select. While you are playing, you will need to increase the effectiveness of the abilities earned, that means that you can have a fantastic sword or bow, but their fundamental skills are low or basics, so you have to level them.

It will be a little confusing at the beginning, because ESO offers hundreds of possibilities to choose from, but don’t worry about that right now. Once you have played with enough skill-lines, you will find the one you’re most comfortable depending on the quest or battle you’re facing.

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When playing The Elder Scroll, and of course, depending on the race you choose at the beginning, you will have different types of attacks available. We would like to explain to you how this work, so you can level up fast instead of pushing all the keys at the same time and pray for one of them to be the right one.

Instead of using light attacks continually, you can combine them with your abilities to deal more damage. The ideal combo is one light attack, then one skill, and you repeat it until you win.

Blocking does not avoid getting harm, but it reduces a fracture of the damage received. Bashing is terrific to avoid receiving damage but is a move that you have to make quickly.

It will move your character to a close location and help you diminish the damage received; sometimes you can escape from it entirely. While Enchanting, Alchemy, Provisioning and Jewelry crafting takes a little extra effort.

To craft you must find an Alchemy Station, you will need a solvent and reagents to create a potion. The materials to do the crating are found in the field; you can buy them or earn them as rewards for your battles.

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As for the gear, when you are starting isn’t that important because you won’t have all the necessary materials for particularly great equipment. You can craft dozens of ESO sets, but you won’t start doing this until you are level 50 or so.

You get them when your champ gets to level 50, and they are earned through game experience (read my guide on the best places to grind XP in ESO); they primarily increase your strength and speed. When you first reach level 50, you will win Champion Points like crazy, but it will get harder with time.

You can spend them on any ESO character you have, keep in mind that the maximum amount of CP you can use is 561. Seriously, we know you want to have a dragon helmet and a terrific armor while slaying everyone around you with just two hits, but ESO is more about taking your time to explore the field and the many possibilities of gameplay.

Do not try to skip dialogues or pass away from NPCs; they have valuable information about the game and missions, but more importantly, they sometimes give you free stuff that will save you money. For example, Magic characters work better with light armor, while tanks need heavy equipment.

You won’t be making superb items the first times, but the more you practice, the better, besides you gain experience and skills, so It’s worth the try. Thank you for reading this far, and we hope that you have learned a few things with our ESO guide that will help you in this journey.

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