Best Zone Quick Hitters

Christina Perez
• Friday, 27 November, 2020
• 8 min read

Here is an effective quick hitter you can run against a zone defense. This basketball play uses a quick reversal and then counters back the other way to get a good shot attempt.

hitters quick
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If the potential shooter is defended, he has multiple passing options to create a scoring chance. O1 initiates the play by dribbling toward O2, who clears out to the opposite side.

Double Stack Low is a simple zone quick hitting play intended to get a jump shot from the weak side. 1) The play starts off with O1 (this should be your best jump shooter) bringing the ball to the middle.

2) Player's O2 & O3 pop out to the wings to receive the ball. The following plays are versatile and can work against just about any type of zone defense.

The diagrams show the play as it’s run against a specific type of zone. But you’ll also find that they are easy to adapt and use against various zones.

DIAGRAM A : Against a traditional 1-3-1 set, where the bottom defender covers the corner, this play is effective. 3 moves high through the lane to screen X4 as 5 dives to the hoop.

defenses plays attack zone dvd ii series
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W should be a good shooter and P2 will be the better scorer of the two post players. DIAGRAM B : S should run all over the court, using curls, cuts and various moves to take his or her defender all over the floor.

DIAGRAM E : If the low defender fights through P1’s screen by coming over the top, then P1 and P2 should run a quick give-and-go play toward the basket. DIAGRAM C : When the defensive wing covers 1, 4 flashes to the high post and screens.

Retail: Hot off the press is the newest release from Jason Perkins that details over 40 actions to use against zone defenses.

The Zone Killers” DVD by Coach Perkins is one of our most successful offerings... Jason Perkins shows how to attack zone with a variety of set plays, and he also includes sets to attack half-court traps and inbounds plays versus zone defense.

The DVD includes the basics of beating... This DVD from Lance Randall presents a unique strategy for attacking zone defenses.

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Coach Steve Ball takes you through this explosive, aggressive man-to-man attack on-court. The basic stack alignment is explained and multiple entries are added.

The entries include wing entries, ... The Wrap Strap if an Off Hand Shooting Aid for basketball players who want to stop Thumbing the Basketball.

Thumbing is caused by the Off Hand (also known as the guide hand) when a player... 12 Weighted basketballs with your choice of men's or women's.

This is the basketball training equipment you need to improve your game and gain the skills you need to achieve your goals! 1-2-2 3/4 Court Press & 1-1-2-1 Three-Quarter Court Pressure Defense With two national championships in 2016 and 2018, Villanova head coach Jay Wright is one of the nation’s top college...

This quick hitting play is from an old Xavier University Basketball Coaching Newsletter. This 2-3 ZoneQuick Hitter was contributed by Jordan Peterson to the Asphodel Sports Basketball Plays and Drills Library.

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(Wisconsin) You can also find out more about Asphodel Play Diagramming software by clicking this link: Faster These are Jordan’s comments ... Today’s post contains two quick hitting plays that you can run against a 2-3 zone defense.

Adjust these sets to fit your players and philosophy and/or take bits and pieces to combine with what you already run. These 2 half court zone sets are from Chris Folios’s Archie Miller Dayton Flyers Playbook.

Diagrams created with Faster My hope is that you can take bits and pieces of these plays to enhance what you already do and what suits your players. I believe that it is a good idea to start thinking about the types of sets that you are looking at running next season.

A quick hitter against a 2-3 zone defense to consider adding as something that your upcoming opponents haven’t seen you run. This is a short video of Sean Miller going through the counter to a lob play that he runs against a 2-3 zone.

This quick hitting play is from an old Xavier University Basketball Coaching Newsletter. These two zonequickhitters are from Scott Peter man’s Ultimate Zone Offense e-book.

basketball drills against defenders coaching reversal aggressiveness him
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If the left side defensive forward in the zone picks up 5. These two zonequickhitters are from Scott Peter man’s Ultimate Zone Offense e-book.

If you are interested in finding about more about the bundle opportunity, click here: 4 playbooks for $35 We believe that teaching zone principles will help you the most in the long-run and need to be emphasized.

However, there are definitely times during games where you just need a zone play to get a good look at the basket. Some coaches also prefer to use their best zone plays when they first see a zone defense during a game.

The rationale is that if they execute a couple of zone plays right from the beginning, the opposing coach may quickly pull their team out of the zone defense. Jamie Dixon popularized this play to beat Syracuse's zone defense.

Our Price: Now: $39.99 High School Coach Tom Richey has spent years breaking down this offense made famous by Michigan’s John Baleen.

The Wrap Strap if an Off Hand Shooting Aid for basketball players who want to stop Thumbing the Basketball. Thumbing is caused by the Off Hand (also known as the guide hand) when a player...

John Wooden's legacy as the best basketball coach of all time results not only from his unparalleled championship-winning record but also from his brilliance as a tactician and teacher. The purest form of basketball team offense is the half-court motion offense.

This video presents Coach Dick Bennett’s approach to motion offense. Lance Randall takes the anchor concept from his previous DVD and creates continuity zone attacks facing odd and even fronted zone defenses.

The anchors continuity offenses allow for better passing... In this on-court clinic DVD the legendary Bob Hurley discusses and teaches how to build a motion offense.

This DVD has over 60 scoring plays and options that can be run from the popular Box offensive set. Easy to teach and easy to learn but difficult to scout and...

Jason Perkins expands on the Horns Offense in this comprehensive DVD. It includes over 30 actions that can be run out of the Horns or A-Set.

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