Best Zone To Level 10-50

Daniel Brown
• Friday, 06 November, 2020
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One of the best changes World of Warcraft: Shadow lands brings to the MMO is a completely revised leveling experience for characters from 1-50. At level one, brand-new WoW players are sent by default to Exile's Reach, the excellent new-player starting experience on a self-contained island.

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At level 10, both experienced players and new ones are given the starting quests for the latest Battle for Zeroth expansion. If you choose to follow them, they'll lead you to the islands of KUL Tires and Kandahar, where you'll see the most recent chapter of WoW's history.

These more modern quest lines are ideal for new players, as transitioning from them to Shadow lands zones for levels 50-60 will be relatively seamless. You pick up the epic riding skill at 20 and flying at 30 (with no special attunements required for any expansion's zones).

Or try the underrated Mists of Mandarin, which has a sedate leveling style and easygoing quest progression reminiscent of the Andean race it introduced. The Burning Crusade and Cataclysm both involve tons of running, disjointed story lines and antiquated mechanics, so unless you're nostalgic for those zones' experience from your first time around, it's best to avoid them now.

Based on personal experience, it takes about twice the amount of time to level through The Burning Crusade compared to Warlords. First, if your character doesn't have a tank or healing specialization, you'll want to find someone who does to group with as the queues for damage players can be lengthy.

Avoid Warlords of Drano, Legion and Battle for Zeroth, as they offer few or no quests in leveling dungeons. Some leveling items still work in the expansion where they were originally collected, but they are typically only good for secondary (alt) characters.

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Draft of Ten Lands, for instance, works in Battle for Zeroth, but requires you to have a maximum- level main character to buy them. (Image credit: Blizzard)One of the best ways to maximize your leveling speed is to group up with other people, using the game's Party Sync feature to synchronize quests and run dungeons.

As long as you incorporate a new player periodically and sync with them, you'll all be able to repeat dungeons and re-do those quests for full experience. Party Sync can be buggy, so be sure to re-sync before inviting a new character to the group, while also checking everyone is out of instances, vehicles, flight paths and other scenarios that make them busy before re-syncing.

Light forged Drained, for example, get extra experience points for killing demons, so The Burning Crusade and Legion are excellent options for them. Similarly, Andean get double the rested XP, and so being able to log out in a place where they can gain rest might be a concern, making expansions like Wrath of the Rich King and others with a fair amount of settlements a good option for them.

Will players leveling in Legion find the Artifact Weapon mechanics slowing them down? Speaking of things that are expansion-specific, if you haven’t earned flight via the Pathfinding achievements in Warlords or Legion, that may not be as influential a decision as it was in previous expansions.

However, Battle for Zeroth currently appears to be keeping its Pathfinder requirement, which could make it a frustrating expansion to level through. For myself, looking at the expansions and remembering how much I enjoyed certain ones as leveling experiences, I think the strongest contenders are Legion, Warlords of Drano, Wrath of the Rich King, and Mists of Mandarin.

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I think if I had to rate them, it would depend on if I were playing a Light forged Drained or not, but for pure ease of getting XP from quests, for having the most varied dungeons to run, and for the least amount of travel time problems between quest hubs, I’d make the following call. Legion is similar, but I think for a lot of players Wrath of the Rich King combines decent quest flow with nostalgia that will keep them playing, and that’s worth considering.

Korean Tundra, 10-50 Howling Fjord, 10-50 Dragon blight, 15-50 Grizzly Hills, 15-50 Salazar Basin, 20-50 Zulu'Dark, 20-50 Crystal song Forest, 25-50 The Storm Peaks, 25-50 Ice crown, 25-50 Each area has players helping the natives of Mandarin with natural problems or conflict caused by both World of Warcraft factions.

The Jade Forest, 10-50 Valley of the Four Winds, 15-50 Kristang Wilds, 15-50 Kublai Summit, 20-50 Town long Steppes, 25-50 Dread Wastes, 30-50 Vale of Eternal Blossoms, 30-50 Timeless Isle, 30-50 Players must find the Pillars of Creation, seal the Tomb of Sarges, and invade Argus to end the Burning Legion's threat once and for all.

While everyone still levels quicker than ever, the scaling update ensures players can finally see some World of Warcraft's greatest storylines in their entirety rather than having the journey cut short. Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts.

Drano. Now that we have flying, you can grab all the treasures easily, and according to a map I saw never have to leave the region with your garrison. Legion is second fastest. Each zone takes just a couple of hours, and you will still have legion invasions.

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He should have zeroth autopilot updated with the route for Tuesday. Some people are like slinkier: good for nothing, but still bring a smile to my face when I push 'em down a staircase. Sandro posted... Mephisto has done 10-50 in preach in 6 hours in Won.

He should have zeroth autopilot updated with the route for Tuesday. All OE except Rags helm, Marion, Column and Wei Jing.

I don't complain since I don't HC raid or anything but yes, if there is a way to do it faster, I'm all for it. I like the cut of your jib. Reddit's user Harlan has found a new speed leveling route following Blizzard’s recent nerfs to the Warlords of Drano bonus objectives in the retail version of World of Warcraft.

The player discovered an optimized route that can get you to the current max level of 50 in under six hours as long as you follow his video guide by buying the required consumables. While the new route to reach the max level will still require you to go through some Warlords of Drano content, it won’t keep you there for long.

That means you can get a head start at speed leveling and maxing your alts before the Shadow lands expansion is released. Harlan said he’ll test out an Alliance path in the near future and post his results as well.

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If you're a fan of MMOs, chances are you're busy leveling in World of Warcraft: Legion today. Released just hours ago, it has debuted to remarkable stability as millions of players have logged in to experience order halls, artifact weapons, and the many other features that the latest era of WoW has to offer.

Before you head to Broken Isles make sure you have options for handling gliding and walking on water. Slow Fall), head to the auction house and purchase a few goblin gliders and water walking potions.

For the first time in WoW history, professions grant experience and interesting rewards, making them attractive even for players who traditionally dislike crafting. When it comes time to level as fast as you can, your best mode of progression is completing quests efficiently.

The result is that you will level the fastest by simply staying on-track with quests, and completing zones. Blizzard has designed the leveling zones to be a major element of progression in Legion.

Zone completion will lead into big opportunities at level cap that you will not want to miss. Upon completing one of the four leveling zones you will be granted a major quest which sends you into a dungeon.

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As such, you will gain good gear from completing each of the four dungeon quests, as well as around 20% of a level's worth of experience. These not only feed into your personal progression through level cap, but are usually fun to participate in.

These are a major component to increasing your character's strength, so make sure you head back and spend your Artifact Power often. Hitting level cap fast is exciting in its own way, but it isn't much use if you find it unenjoyable and end up burned out on World of Warcraft.

So, while you may end up focusing on acquiring experience, try to mix things up by heading back to cities often, and exploring zones for treasure. There are many rare enemies and treasure chests scattered around the Broken Isles, rewarding your efforts.

Also, while dual-speccing is partially discouraged by the new Artifact system, you will gain access to a second spec around level 102.

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