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The jeep safari tours are allowed in two shifts one in the morning & one in the evening inside the Corbett tiger reserve in all the tourism zones. Corbett National Park was the first Tiger Reserve under the project in India.

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The park is divided into five zones namely the Diana, the China, the Biryani, the Rotunda, and the Sonata. So to be specific, there are two zones that are considered best for Jeep Safari, Diana, Biryani.

Diana is the core zone that gives you an enthralling experience of exploring deep Jungle in Corbett. Always remember if you’re visiting this zone and want to experience Jungle Safari via Jeep then you should also arrange a night stay in one of the Diana forest rest house as it is mandatory for a person to do a night stay in this zone.

Thus, Jeep Safari in Biryani is the best option to explore “Flora” and “Fauna” of the jungle. The jeep safari rides cost Rs 3000-4500 for 6 people depending on the season.

Animals you might have a chance to see in these zones are Bengal Tigers, leopards, Asiatic elephants, sloth bears, and king cobras. You can go with the Biryani zone for your jeep jungle safari experience.

Each safari zone in Corbett national park has its specific landscape beauty depending on the topography and so is the animal sighting during jeep safari in the respective zone. The jeep safari tours are allowed in two shifts inside Corbett tiger reserve in all the five tourism zones.

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Diana is located on edge of Patti Dun valley, Diana Safari zone is most prominent and largest safari zone of Corbett National Park that remains open for tourists between 15th November till June. Diana safari region is home to species like elephants, crocodile, tigers, capitals, jungle fowl, Dover, seagull, laughing thrush, cormorant, and woodpecker.

If mesmerized by beauty of Dhaka, you may also book night stay at forest rest house in Diana safari zone. Diana Safari Booking open for starting 2019 till 2020 visitors can book Diana safari started for November, December, January, February, March, April, May till mid June.

Guest and reach Diana Safari zone via Jamnagar with the nearest bus and Railway Station of Corbett National Park, 32 KMS. China Safari zone is located at southern corner of Corbett national park, apex 16 kilometers from Jamnagar.

China safari zone has sufficient population of cheetah, samba, niggaz, bear and tigers. Pre-booking is recommended for a Safari in China Range can be done at Jamnagar office or official booking website of Corbett National Park.

Guest can reach China safari zone via Jamnagar- the nearest Railway Station of Corbett National Park, 16 KMS. Biryani Safari Zone in Corbett National Park is favorite shooting spot and hunting ground during British era, and now biryani safari range of Corbett is still a hot spot for tiger sighting place among wildlife lovers.

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It is recommended to pre-book Safari at official website of Corbett National Park with office at Jamnagar. Drug Devi Safari Zone is known for watching birds like black-chinned China, redheaded fishing eagle, crested laughing thrush, bar-tailed tree creeper, maroon oriel, long-tailed broad bill, slate blue flycatcher and little fork tail.

Guest and reach Durgadevi Safari zone via Jamnagar with the nearest bus and Railway Station of Corbett National Park, 32 KMS. Citibank Safari Zone is mainly known for its temple and various fauna species has entry from bhandarpani gate.

Citibank Safari Zone is full of dense forest and all type of wild animals with river, rivulets, landscape, waterfalls and natural scenic spots etc. Citibank Safari Zone also has one forest rest house overlooking temple and river.

Sonata Wildlife Sanctuary is an undisturbed wildlife haven, tucked between Corbett National Park and Rajah national parks was established on 9th January 1987 and spread over 301.18 sq km is known for being home to more than 500 fauna species with elephant, tigers, sambas, reptiles, leopards, and cheetahs. Halduparao is the only Forest Rest House in Sonata Safari Sanctuary known for sighting elephant herds and can be accessed from Varanasi gate from Faridabad side of Woodward.

However, Borgatti and Pashto Safari Ranges are on periphery of Sonata Sanctuary and can be approached from Kalahari or Postwar. Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand is a magical land spread in an area of 520 square kilometers.

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It encompasses beautiful hills, riverine belt, lush green grassland, and a magnificent lake. During this season, all zones of Corbett National Park are open, and you can spot most of the animals.

Summers, though hot, aren't unbearable, but It is a good time to spot most animals near water bodies. Monsoons (June – August) are likely not preferable season since the park remains closed most of the time during these rainy months.

The China Zone is open throughout the year, and you can find birds and occasionally tigers there as well. Citibank not only a part of the Corbett Tiger Reserve, but it is the only spot for bird watching in Corbett.

The legend says that goddess Site, wife of Lord Rama, spent some days of her exile in Citibank. The monsoon showers leave the Park refreshed and rejuvenated, and the whole region gets a new lease of life.

Starting from the middle of November, all the zones of the Park are open for tourism, and you can spot the maximum number of birds and animals during this time as well. At night, the temperature goes down to as low as 5 °C, so make sure you pack woolens and warm clothes.

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Now is the time when you're most likely to spot the maximum number of Royal Bengal tigers, as they love soaking up the sun in the afternoons. Wildlife photographers are in for a treat, as you can hope to catch animals in action, striking the most magnificent poses.

Rafting, safari rides, nature walks and trekking are all allowed in the winter, so bring along your entire family for a day of guaranteed fun! The temperature during summers could exceed 40-degree Celsius, but because of the lush greenery in the National Park, the place manages to remain fresh and balmy throughout.

Summer is also one of the best times to spot mammals near water bodies since all five zones are open during this season, you're more likely to see all animals. Other activities that one might enjoy are river rafting, jeep safaris, nature walks and angling which are popular in summer.

The jungle looks lush, verdant and rejuvenated with creepers and climbers dotting the forest floor. For families, monsoon may not be the best option to visit this Park as three zones are closed, and you may find it difficult to maneuver through the dense vegetation.

June to September is the best off-season to visitCorbett because the prices are low, and resort rates are slashed. This makes it perfect for tourists and solo travelers on a budget to visit this exquisite Park without it being too much of a strain on the wallet.

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Corbett National Park is an exotic place with endangered species of animals, birds, and a variety of attractive flora and fauna. An outing with friends and that too amidst nature and wildlife will surely give them a lifetime memory.

Increases knowledge: Viewing something, in reality, will create more impact on the human brain than watching on TV or reading in books. Develops environmental awareness: When children will visit this park, they will understand the importance of conservation and animal care.

When going close to nature they will realize the significance of taking care of the environment and its you cannot camp inside the premises. It is the oldest National park in India and is named after Edward James Corbett.

People reach to their limit of excitement when they get to know that after a tedious safari, they can take a nap in the park premises itself. For those who are only desiring to see the tigers should head to the Diana Zone straight away, which is around 32 KMS from Jamnagar.

Water Falls at Corbett The waterfall lies nestled amidst green foliage and cascades down into a small lagoon-like pool. After falling into the pool, water flows ahead making its passage from amongst the rocks and under a fallen tree trunk that spans the entire breadth of the stream.

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To reach the waterfall, tourists need to travel through thick teak wood jungles and a narrow winding road that is 1.7 km long. There are facilities provided to people where in one can relish the adventures of water rafting, which by the way is seasonal.

Mesmerizing Bird watching in Ram Nagar Pan got, a birder’s paradise situated quite close to Uttarakhand popular tourism place, Capital. It is a single storied bungalow built using stone and lime mortar on a high plinth.

India’s first wildlife sanctuary, Corbett National Park was established in the year 1936. At first, it was called Hailey National Park, but the name was changed in 1957 to commemorate the life and efforts of Corbett who was a glorious hunter turned naturalist and writer.

Corbett National Park is a world-famous Tiger reserve and home to a wide variety of majestic animals such as leopards, elephants, boars, jackals, mongooses and so on. It is very important to note that Corbett National Park is an exclusive delight for fervent wildlife enthusiasts.

Corbett National Park encompasses a total area of approximately 520 square kilometers. The region comprises a big lake, beautiful hills, plains or grasslands, riverine belts, and marshy land.

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Moreover, the primary purpose of this reserve is to spread awareness and preserve the environment in its natural form. The apt climatic conditions and a profusion of water bodies support the existence of a variety of flora species along with the diverse wildlife populace of the National Park.

The flora comprises plants like Lichens, Ferns, Mosses, Scarlet Red Flowers, Exotic Orchids, Dodder and many more. The fauna of Corbett National Park consists of a multitude of birds, reptiles and mammals.

Several types of birds are found in the National Park of India such as Cormorants, Grey Heron, Grey Heron, Cattle Egret, Sandpipers, Darter, Himalayan Vulture, Crested Serpent Eagle, Osprey, Black Eagle, Jungle Night jar, Fish Owls, Stone Curlew, Horn bills, Green Pigeons, Babblers, Bulbs, the Indian Cliff Shallow, the Dusky Crag Martin and so on. Carried out twice in a day, these safaris are permitted in all the buffer and core zones of the National park.

Jeeps can take you to core places where the canter safaris cannot go because of its massive size. The jeep can take you all the way into the hidden and isolated spots of the National which are often frequented by the Royal Bengal Tiger and similar carnivores.

Canter safaris offer ultimate safety to its passengers and provide an amazing experience. Moreover, passengers are requested to always carry a disposable bag with them to ensure they do not create a mess in the natural habitat.

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Sitting on the back of an Elephant and catching a glimpse of several animals in the National Park is an incredible experience. The safari is carried out under the leadership of experienced mahouts, and one can expect a safe and enthralling experience.

In addition to that, visitors must carry a personal disposable bag for their leftovers so that they do not litter the heavenly abode of so many majestic animals. It is a well-known place for coming across charming bears of the region besides the phenomenal and appealing beauty that the zone offers.

Many magnificent wildlife species can be found in the zone including the Royal Bengal Tigers, Asian Elephants, Deer, Coital et cetera. It is best to visit Drug Devi Zone during mid-November to the end of June for an exotic and phenomenal experience.

Biryani Zone is a perfect place for lovers of nature and wildlife enthusiasts who admire the flora of the region. Wildlife species such as deer, coital, tiger, monkeys, elephants and a variety of other animals can easily be spotted in this zone.

For the best experience, the best time to visit Biryani Zone is from the month of mid-October till the end of June. It is true that Citibank Zone is not incorporated into the main Park, yet the site is frequented by a plethora of nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers.

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The zone is absolutely perfect for wildlife enthusiasts who love to view nature in its pristine form, the way it is. Some beautiful wildlife in reserve is at the risk of extinction, and the presence of such many various species makes for an unforgettable and fascinating experience.

Corbett National Park indubitably has some remarkable options for adventure lovers besides the regular safaris and sightseeing. The activity introduces adventure junkies to different types or boulder-strewn paths, terrains and gorges within the National Park.

The rich greenery, fascinating hillocks and beautiful rivers in the region make it a perfect spot for overnight camping. Visitors can take their pick from the large number government as well as private camps based on their requirements.

The main reason tourists come to Corbett National Park is none other than wildlife spotting. Visitors are permitted to enter certain regions of the National Park so that they can bask in the beauty of the ravishing wildlife that the reserve has to offer.

Tourists can book a jungle safari and enter the various zones where they can come across a wide variety of animals including endangered species. In addition to that, Corbett National Park is indeed the best destination for wildlife spotting as it provides an unforgettable experience to the visitors.

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The safari takes the visitors to all permitted areas of the region from natural habitats of the dwellers of the jungle to places where amazing animals and predators can be easily spotted. Tourists can choose from jeeps, elephants or open centers for their safaris depending on the experience they are looking for.

No place in this entire country can beat the natural beauty and splendor of Corbett National Park. Nature is so ravishing that it attracts many shutterbugs to capture the beauty of the National Park along with the incredible flora and fauna that it has to offer.

Bird watching is an exciting activity that attracts a lot of wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers to the National Park. Nonetheless, for catching the renowned golden master, Rikawasi and Natasha are the most popular destinations among all the angling spots in the region.

Other than that, OSI River, the lifeline of Corbett National Park, offers a variety of great spots for game fishing. Visitors must keep in mind that angling in OSI River is allowed only from October to June due to several reasons.

Visitors can enjoy rafting in the gurgling rivers of the region and feel the adrenaline rush. The National Park offers a plethora of rafting sites that visitors can take their pick from based on their needs and preferences.

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The activity offers levels of varying difficulty for making it little interesting and challenging for the mountain bikers. In addition to that, rock climbing provides an adventurous and enthralling experience to daring visitors.

The ideal way to discover and explore the wilderness of Corbett National Park is through nature trekking. However, nature trekking is permitted only in certain regions of the National Park, yet the activity promises beautiful and lively moments.

The best thing about nature trekking is that it permits the visitors to indulge in camping within the National Park and enhance their overall experience. Jamnagar is in proximity to major Indian cities like New Delhi, Lucknow, Dehradun, Hardware, Ranked, Bareilly, Moradabad, Capital and so on.

Corbett National Park is easily approachable from the nearby railway station as it takes around thirty minutes to reach from there. Visitors can either travel through state-owned buses, hired taxis or their own vehicle to reach the National Park.

By Air: The closest domestic airport to Jamnagar is Bhatnagar Airport situated at a distance of around 123 kilometers from Corbett National Park. The airport receives flight from cities like Delhi, Patna, Pune, Ahmedabad, Goa, Bhubaneswar, Guwahati, and Mumbai.

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Summer in India for visiting Corbett National Park is from March to June. The best thing about this season is that one can spot amazing animals including the Royal Bengal Tiger.

This season is perfect for visitors who prefer a serene and solitary experience since there is less crowd during Monsoon. Nonetheless, it is somewhat risky to visit the Park during Monsoon as there is a possibility of soil erosion, rock falls and landslips.

If you’re going to visitJimCorbett national park then don’t forget to carry water and light snacks so that you can remain energized while exploring the beauty of the nature. Inside Indian Jungles offering Corbett national park short birding tour.

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