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Christina Perez
• Wednesday, 23 December, 2020
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We've gathered the ranks for the top five Zoner characters in Smash using the Events community tier list to see how they all are rated compared to the rest of the cast. With Ultimate's heavily offensive and rush down style of play dominating much of the high-level tournaments, long-ranged fighters in upper brackets are few and far between in many cases with a few notable exceptions.

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Simon and Richter Belmont looked like they might really make a splash after their initial reveal in 2018, but their results have them all the way down at number 50 out of 80 for our tier list right by some other notable ranged characters like Camus, Zelda and Villager. Cap com's first Smash fighter still has crazy shenanigans when it comes to his metal buzz saw and the item drop cancelling tech though that to require a closer position to hit as opposed to his Mega Buster.

Players like Kareem show that Mega Man is still a wonderful character now even if he is shifting gears a bit from how he was initially touted. Like his other variations, Young Link is just great at throwing everything and the kitchen sink at his opponent along with being the only member of the team who gets fire arrows.

Developers also made him more distinct compared to standard Link now considering they changed the older fighter to have remote bombs and alter how his arrows work which isn't really better or worse than YL's. It's difficult to keep track of how many sets we've seen carried with Dinosaur doing most of the major lifting in most match ups where the middle evolution could just sit back and toss out Razor Leaf attacks at whomever may try and cross his path.

Vine Whip is also great for keeping the opponent at bay plus recovery, but of course the only move most people ever talk about the character with is the explosive down air that would destroy players trying to recover under the stage. Snake's enemies need to walk across a literal minefield to even try getting close to the super soldier with his ability to lob grenades constantly like a bad juggler.

The damage and frustration Snake causes racks up fairly quickly, but more than that, it's sustained throughout pretty much the whole match since he can always just drop stuff at his feet or rely on his heavy weight and wonderful recover to keep him alive even if he takes a big hit to the face. Even with some nerfs to powerful tools like neutral air, the Kid Icarus rep is still one of the best characters in Ultimate overall which is a testament to her strength with Joker, Pikachu and Peach all above her at number five.

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If you don't agree with these numbers and match up ratings, for Smash or any of the games we cover, make your voice heard by bringing your own experiences to the board. Most people recommend BYU as a starter because he exemplifies all basic moves--an all-rounder photo type.

Street Fighter coined the term to refer to BYU’s Photon style, so characters with similar move sets are also called photo. Shots typically have a jumping uppercut, fireball, and a spinning kick.

Ken, his counterpart, is historically a photo but has transformed into more of a rush down character in SF. Rush down characters like Tammy close the gap and break through defenses.

These offensive characters take advantage of mobility and speed to build damage and open the opponent up to devastating combos. While BYU is a photo, some also classify him as a neutral character because of his footsies game.

Zones, or keep away characters, attack opponents from afar with projectiles or long-range moves. Utilize tools such as fireballs and long-ranged normal to control the screen and push opponents back.

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Grapples like Angie need patience to deal heavy damage and time grabs without risking punishes. Mix-up characters trip up opponents with mind games and catch them off-guard with tricky move sets.

Many SF characters are Hybrid, meaning they have the potential to excel in multiple archetypes. For example, Angie’s V-Trigger II suits him as a grapple because it increases damage for his SPD command grabs and one of his special attacks, Borscht Dynamite.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts I'm new to the street fighter series and have played characters like Juan Chi from Mortal Kombat and Death stroke from Injustice, so I would like to know someone similar.

The sub's mission is to build the fighting game community, harbor a healthy competitive nature, and be welcoming to players and fans alike. By establishing a distance between them and the opponent, and maintaining it, it is possible for a player to limit the opponent's options by forcing them to play a certain way, or else take advantage of their character's effectiveness at certain ranges; this lets the zoning player take control of the match, as it will be easier to counter/punish/respond to whatever few attacks they can properly pull off at said distance, and then press the advantage.

Another essential quality of this keep-away strategy is being able to adapt; should the opponent find a way to beat the current tactic in use, the zoning player should have a plan ready to re-establish the desired condition. In fact, Dualism is considered the pioneer of the “keep-away” strategy, due to his amazing reach (e.g. his crouching fierce) combined with a low speed and defense.

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Both tactics are similar on the surface, the biggest difference is that footsies more depends on normal buttons rather than special attacks to keep your opponent at bay. One of the biggest advantages of zoning over footsies is that fireballs and special attacks inflict “chip damage” that can wear out characters while they are trying to approach.

This means that the checksum is unique for every single piece of data, even if one character is off, the size is slightly different, etc. If the checksum is calculated and shown on the website, and you check it again after it's downloaded, a match can assure you that the same file you requested is the one you now have and that it wasn't corrupted or purposefully modified in the download process.

These commands assume that the Quickly program and TXT file are in the same folder. Some programs from above that calculate the checksum, can also be used to open SF files (Therapy is one example).

However, instead of letting you view the plain text information held within it as a text editor does, they normally will open the SF file or file in question, and then compare a new checksum test against the one you have. Additional lines can be created below others for a list of checksums, and comments can be added using semicolons.

This might include TXT, RTF, or HTML/HIM, but they usually remain with their SF file extension because the purpose is just to store the checksum. Because of this, you can't save your SF file to a video format like MP4 or AVI, or any other kind like ISO, ZIP, RAR, etc.

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It's unlikely that a regular text editor will automatically recognize SF files. This is the case with one's like SF, SFM, and SF (a vector file format).

________________________________________ Very common problems / Antivirus / Tablet Services / IPv6 / random crash to desktop without any errors Touch input devices / Waco tablets / Windows handwriting service / VR-software for Oculus Rift and HTC Five etc.

IPv6 Ethernet adapter settings conflict with IPv4 (nothing happens, or crash to desktop some seconds after launch) 4. other 3rd party software / drivers prevent SF from launching (nothing happens, or you get random crashes to desktop without any errors.

Problem: nothing happens when you try to launch Season: Some security/antivirus software prevents SF from launching. Especially Windows Defender, Security Essentials, AVG and Avast Antivirus always had false positives on the external SF launcher, or their “behavior module” puts StreetFighterV.exe into a “sandbox”, while many other security programs work without any exclusions. Solution: You need to add the following executables or folders to your security software/antivirus exclusions.

Usually it is sufficient to exclude both StreetFighterV.exe files. Some Trend Micro Antivirus modules require both StreetFighter.exe files to be set as “trusted”. Alternatively you can add the following SF folders to exclusions: This may also improve performance, because your antivirus/firewall will no longer be busy scanning SF in background while playing.

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You need to stop these in process manager / unplug touch devices/tablets, before running SF. Make sure that you change the start method from “automatic” to “manual” or “disabled”, unless you use these services on a daily basis for your touch input/tablet devices.

Microsoft “mixed reality” and HTC Five Software disable and/or stop the service before running SF. ________ In some rare cases you can get the following message after a game update + starting a match, the solution is still the same as above. Fatal Error talking about D3D11.dll UnkownFunction (0×00007ff8e03aba87) + 0 bytes Known File:0 StreetFighterV.exe! UknownFunction.

Check the paragraph “missing/corrupted Microsoft Visual Studio files” in the crash on start (1) section.________________________________________________________________ Detailed solution for problem 4:other 3rd party software/drivers prevent SF from launching, or cause random crashes to desktop.

Problem:nothing happens when you try to launch SF NEW CFN Treason: Windows Defender / AVG and Avast Antivirus always had false positives on the external SF launcher, while many other security programs work without any exclusions. Solution:You need to add the following executables or folders to your security software exclusions.

Make sure that you create a backup of your “Averages” folder file called GameProgressSave. Sav, because the single player progress is not saved in the Steam cloud. Corrupted config files/settings run in low spec mode, or backup+delete your SF config/save game files as described in the “corrupted save game / config files” paragraph / crash on start section.

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Shortcut: Windows Key + R + paste the above line rename: OpeningTrPC.MV to something else Crash on Start to the Steam store page / SF BETA message screen The problem with crash to the Steam store page had multiple solutions, check which one could help in your case:1.

Method 2 (manual update): Thanks to the Steam user KaedWolf for this workaround and second download link. Or Download the free cinematic story mode expansion DLC “"A Shadow Falls” thanks to the Steam user Joe for this workaround.

Cap com has removed the native the D-input (Direct Input) controller support on 27th February 2019 for PC and shifted it completely to the Steam API, because of compatibility/interference reasons. If you run into issues even after properly configuring your controller correctly, change the option: “Street Fighter V properties” “General” “Steam Input Per-game Settings” to “forced” or global Steam input (vice versa).

“B” to accept and “N” to decline and “arrow” keys or WAS for directions to navigate in SF menus. If these buttons are not responding click with your mouse buttons anywhere on the SF screen, even if the cursor is not visible, this will regain focus, now try to press “B” or “N” again. If you cannot bypass the EULA (fresh SF installation) with any keyboard button:Right click on Street Fighter V in your Steam library, select”Properties” “Launch options” and add the command line.

Reset your SF input settings by deleting the file input.ini / input2.ini Press the button combination: Windows Key + R Copy + paste the following path: %LocalAppData%\StreetFighterV\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor Deleting the file input.ini also helps if you have configured an XBOX controller as a D-input device by mistake and can't use specific buttons or the direction inputs afterwards.

In general avoid using 3rd party input wrappers/button remappers in combination the new Steam controller API, because they can interfere with each other (resulting in stuttering/performance and input drops), read more here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/310950/discussions/1/142261027574102304/#c141136086921609374 unplug any Waco/Touch Tablet input device before running SF and re-detecting / recalibrating your D-input controller switch from X-input to HID input, if you have Madcap PS4 controller drivers installed verify game cache files Steam Library Street Fighter V Properties Local Game Files Verify check faulty/constantly refreshing controller drivers or settings in Windows device manager, or loose/damaged controller cables, or unplug/disable controller integrated headset/microphone jacks, because these can also cause freezes/frame skips every 1-5 seconds. Delete wrappers (like x360ce and DS4 windows) or move them of of the SF installation folder before using XBOX 360 devices, or enable pass-trough at least.

Secret Uriel costume (works with all Uriel costumes): + + = hold light punch (LP) + medium kick (MK) + hard punch (HP) __________________________________________________________________ Secret CPT / swimsuit / Halloween costumes (works even between rounds): + + = hold all 3 punch buttons (PPP) + light kick (OK) + UP The predefined keyboard buttons are GHK BNM; in “Battle Settings” “controller”).

Require 3rd party tools like Autohotkey. The ENTER and ESC keyboard buttons are also hard coded, so you can't change these with any “controller type” layout in-game. Sometimes it is still possible to assign specific special characters in the SF controller config file input2.ini with a text editor, without having to use 3rd party tools.

Press the button combination: Windows Key + R paste the following line: %LocalAppData%\StreetFighterV\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor That's why V-Sync is enabled inside SF config/in files by default, but there are people who override these settings in hope to achieve better performance on slow/old hardware or to lower the controversy input lag.

In the end it creates more problems (sync/screen tearing), so you better leave V-Sync enabled for SF. General example:You frame rate degrades progressively, after monitoring your running apps in task manager, you find out that one program has a memory leak or processor spikes (progressively increasing resource usage like rising RAM, or spiking CPU usage).

Example application: Aura Sync, automatically runs the LightingService service at Windows startup to control the RGB and lights in your machine, but has a CPU leak at the moment, which leads to frame drops over time. GeForce driver version 362.00, delivers the best performance for old NVIDIA hardware and laptops in SF at the moment.

Players with slowdown issues since Saga update v3.060, reported that GeForce drivers versions 361.91 or 365.19 or 398.36 solved it. In general, all users with frame drops and slowdowns should consider a clean GPU driver install first (also on high end PCs, if the frame rate fluctuates between 60 FPS and 30 FPS + recovers after ALT+TAB in survival mode).

disable or close your overlay software, like Steam settings: Interface tab uncheck: “GPU accelerated rendering for web views” Thanks to MetalMarineFIN for this workaround. Some HDMI cables/hardware do not support 60Hz @4k resolutions and run in 30 Hz instead, which automatically caps the frame rate in SF.

HDMI v2.0 capable hardware on the other hand, should have enough bandwidth to run 4k resolutions @ 60 Hz. Some security software provides a “game mode”, which avoids background scanning and therefore high CPU usage / heavy disk access during gameplay.

In some cases you have to force “multi-core” CPU usage with one of these workarounds: A) CPU core 0 affinity : Press “CTRL + ALT + DEL” to open the “Task Manager” switch to the “Details Tab” right click on StreetFighterV.exe (the one with the highest CPU usage) Set Affinity Disable CPU 0 for SF Leave all other cores enabled ---- this is not a permanent setting and has to be done every single time after restarting SF. Permanent CPU affinity settings require registry value modifications.

Or B) set StreetFighterV.exe CPU priority to “Real Time” in “Task Manager”. After ~2 mins : progressive FPS performance degradation disable all Ethernet adapters, if that helps, re-enable them one by one and try different Ethernet adapter settings (disable IPv4 and game/latency boost and energy saving options).

Until you've found the specific reason, you can run Steam/ SF via context menu from your primary Windows account with this workaround: Every “~30 seconds” Still unsure what exactly is causing this issue on some PCs with Windows 7 installed, possibly some background application or drivers activity or conflicting process priorities / HDD access.

If you use a high refresh rate display (above 60 Hz ++) please check the “wrong GPU driver settings” / “frame limiter” paragraph above. Every 1-5 seconds CPU core affinity issue : check the instructions+screenshot in the “frame drops / slow motion” section above, but his time re-enable (toggle) CPU core 0 after the last step, while SF is running, this should fix your micro-stuttering.

Other USB Chipset driver incompatibility reinstall USB drivers / check controllers http://steamcommunity.com/app/310950/discussions/1/152392549360826439/ temporarily disable all unrecognizable/refreshing USB ports / HID devices / drives in Windows Device Manager, if the problem is gone after this, re-enable them one by one to find the culprit, which is causing the micro CPU spikes. Actually it's advisable to test this feature on your PC (center for easy access) and change the cursor speed + acceleration, before disabling your USB ports, so you don't have to worry about these settings afterwards.

G-Sync issues with Windows GameDVR causes game crashes FPS issues with Windows Game bar (Game DVR) Black screen issues Dolby Digital Live and DTS Interactive won’t work (Related HD Audio) Computer memory is full after the upgrade + Creators Update error 0×80070070 Microsoft Edge is unresponsive or freezes Startup shortcuts won’t run Apps close after launch User data won’t sync Disable the Win10 Game DVR in your XBOX app check for GPU driver updates, which are 100% compatible with the Creators Update, if not, disable your NVIDIA GeForce Experience / Shadowy overlay (ALT+Z) game/screen recording tool.

Example to disable AntiAliasing, motion blur, DOF, ambient occlusion and bloom in “Max” quality settings : start up SF (normal mode) change the graphics settings to MAX preset change the resolution scaling to 100 (you can lower this later, if your frame rate drops below 60 FPS) close SF change the following code inside of Scalability.ini r. PostProcessAAQuality=0 r.SAA. CompositingSampleCount=1 r. MotionBlurQuality=0 r. AmbientOcclusionLevels=0 r. AmbientOcclusionRadiusScale=1.7 r. DepthOfFieldQuality=0 r. BloomQuality=0 Save the file changes restart SF, preferably with an FPS counter in Steam overlay enabled.

Example to disable shadows and bloom completely in “Low” quality settings : start up SF (normal mode) change the graphics settings to LOW preset change the resolution scaling to 50 (you can adjust this later up to 100 again if your frame rate doesn't drop below 60 FPS) close SF change the following code inside of Scalability.ini r. ShadowQuality=0 r. BloomQuality=0 Save the file changes restart SF, preferably with an FPS counter in Steam overlay enabled.

disable 3rd-party overlay software like TeamViewer or Skype SF window looses focus / mouse pops up midgame either close the corresponding application, is taking away the window focus or play SF in full screen borderless mode, as described in the command line parameter section.

1. connect your secondary HDMI device (TV or Monitor with audio speakers) to your laptop / PC2. Right-click the sound icon in the system tray and make sure the TV is set to default.6.

C) If Eva other attempt fails, and you don't have an analogue (3,5) or digital (SP DIF/optical) output, some players use external USB sound cards to circumvent this issue. Note for real money DLC character purchases: if you want to purchase DLC characters with real money, you have to choose the option “costume included” the reason behind this is: real money character purchases automatically unlock the default color palette 1-10 since Season 3 (February 2018), while “fight money” DLC character purchases require playing survival mode for these color palettes.

Reset your SF downloads folder check the in-game updater problems section for more details._______________________________________________________ 3. Edit:When you are connected to Cap com servers, there is also an alternative way to “purchase” the Cinematic Story Mode in game: SHOP SPECIAL the Steam SF DLC Store page opens, click on download free Story Mode DLC.

Make sure that you have the latest game version (update) properly installed, Wi-Fi (wireless) internet connections can fluctuate and cause additional latency/packet losses Power reset your router/internet modem for 5 minutes.

These ports are used for logging into Cap com SF servers and P2P matchmaking, of course both players still need to have a reasonable, low ping and maintain 60 frames per second during matches to play without lag. IP: Port: Usually used for: 443 Web + Login (Amazonas) 20002 Web + Login (Amazonas) 443 Web + Login (Amazon Akamai servers): 30840 Matchmaking (Amazonas) 54.2XX.XXX.XXX multiple ranges 30840 Matchmaking (Amazonas) You can ping + route trace Captors login servers as following: press: Winked + R type: cmd confirm with ENTER type: tracer or ping confirm with ENTER If you can't ping Cap com servers, then a software or hardware firewall is blocking your attempt.

Connection problems: specific ISPs (internet service providers with gnat or DS-Lite or parental control filters) Some internet service providers (ISPs) enforce a carrier grade NAT (gnat), which means that port forwarding will not work, when your ISP is translating your individual IP + port to a shared multi-user IP + port (basically hiding your connection to other users). Security wise this is very welcome, but it is very bad, if you want to.

Either router / firewall issuer ISP (internet service provider) issueOften related to Error 22004, especially if you have never been able to connect to multiplayer. Or in some rare cases: only specific regions are affected after a game update has gone live, first make sure that you have waited some minutes after the server maintenance is over, the updated servers may not be 100% accessible from your location yet.

Disable your ISP “parental filter”, if there is any (Virgin Media has one for example). A new SF update can't be downloaded or has not been downloaded correctly / canceled due to a very slow or unstable internet connection (make sure that your PC has enough free disk space available). You need the latest game version to connect to multiplayer, first make sure that you have waited some minutes after the server maintenance is over, the new patch data may not be accessible from your location yet.

What this does: you no longer need the login data for your internet account, your old router will act as a standalone internet “modem” and your new router will route and protect all your network devices behind it, with a hardware firewall. Disable parental safe search / “parental block” ask your ISP if there is such a filter active for your connection and let them disable it avoid CG-NAT / NAT444 / DS-Lite, ask your ISP for a public IP / switch to IPv4 or dual stack.

To find out quickly whether your connection problem is ISP or router/firewall related, you can simply connect your PC directly (via cable) to your internet modem, or if your internet modem is build into your router, disable your router firewall temporarily or use the DMZ option. Since patch version 1.06++ Cap com decided to implement a secondary in-game updater to prevent an exploit, which allowed molders to play paid content and unreleased characters online.

Which are NOT labeled as pack chunk##-WindowsNoEditor.PAK This will also solve problems with missing character / stage slots in your select screen and “ID SAYS DIAL DIALOG” errors. ________________________________ verify game cache files ________________________________ remove all Mods (in case you have installed / extracted any inside of SF folders) SF Arcade Edition is not compatible with the tool assisted fast load MOD reversion 3.x, older versions of that MOD prevent SF from loading matches after the character selection menu, because the loading animation is completely different.

Removing outdated Mods will also fix problems with blank character portrait icons and other possible graphical bugs/glitches, like missing textures etc. Disable proxies in your default internet browser: Setting Change proxy settings LAN settings uncheck “use a proxy server for your LAN” ________________________________ establish a direct internet access over cable or wireless without routers involved For some reason, it sometimes doesn't work if your PS4 or PC is connected to a router.

________________________________ increase your internet connection speed to avoid timeouts / stop all other download heavy applications in your household during the update: Cap com Server (twitter): For users who are experiencing difficulty downloading Very 1.06++, please try logging in to SF after some time has passed. Some players mashed the confirm/reconnect button to finish the last piece 98-100% of the in-game-download, without exiting SF.

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