Best Zoner In Smash Ultimate

David Lawrence
• Sunday, 17 January, 2021
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We've gathered the ranks for the top five Zoner characters in Smash using the Events community tier list to see how they all are rated compared to the rest of the cast. With Ultimate's heavily offensive and rush down style of play dominating much of the high-level tournaments, long-ranged fighters in upper brackets are few and far between in many cases with a few notable exceptions.

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Simon and Richter Belmont looked like they might really make a splash after their initial reveal in 2018, but their results have them all the way down at number 50 out of 80 for our tier list right by some other notable ranged characters like Camus, Zelda and Villager. Cap com's first Smash fighter still has crazy shenanigans when it comes to his metal buzz saw and the item drop cancelling tech though that to require a closer position to hit as opposed to his Mega Buster.

Players like Kareem show that Mega Man is still a wonderful character now even if he is shifting gears a bit from how he was initially touted. Like his other variations, Young Link is just great at throwing everything and the kitchen sink at his opponent along with being the only member of the team who gets fire arrows.

Developers also made him more distinct compared to standard Link now considering they changed the older fighter to have remote bombs and alter how his arrows work which isn't really better or worse than YL's. It's difficult to keep track of how many sets we've seen carried with Dinosaur doing most of the major lifting in most match ups where the middle evolution could just sit back and toss out Razor Leaf attacks at whomever may try and cross his path.

Vine Whip is also great for keeping the opponent at bay plus recovery, but of course the only move most people ever talk about the character with is the explosive down air that would destroy players trying to recover under the stage. Snake's enemies need to walk across a literal minefield to even try getting close to the super soldier with his ability to lob grenades constantly like a bad juggler.

The damage and frustration Snake causes racks up fairly quickly, but more than that, it's sustained throughout pretty much the whole match since he can always just drop stuff at his feet or rely on his heavy weight and wonderful recover to keep him alive even if he takes a big hit to the face. Even with some nerfs to powerful tools like neutral air, the Kid Icarus rep is still one of the best characters in Ultimate overall which is a testament to her strength with Joker, Pikachu and Peach all above her at number five.

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If you don't agree with these numbers and match up ratings, for Smash or any of the games we cover, make your voice heard by bringing your own experiences to the board. I really like Patent, she seems to have a really solid mix up between spamming projectiles and then punishing when someone tries to close.

King Karol's canon is tons of fun, but my friends have already surpassed that level of minor noobnishness, so they can punish him pretty easily and shut it down. Ludwig, just wanted to know that the smash community really appreciates you sticking out your neck for us.

You didn't need to host a tournament during these times, but you did, and you raised 260 fucking THOUSAND dollars for a good cause in doing so. Zones are characters that seek to fight opponents as far away from them as possible, employing the use of projectiles and long pokes rather than combos and close-range combat.

So, in the honor of favorite projectile users, we're delving into the most capable zones in the history of fighting games! While often viewed as a niche series Under Night In-Birth's loyal player-base and strong showing at the main stage of Eve has allowed it to carve out its own path within the fighting game community.

The vast majority of Hilda's move set features disjointed hatboxes, meaning they can deal damage without leaving whiffed attacks vulnerable like those of Street Fighter's Dualism. Utilizing very strong normal that can safely poke opponents even when blocked, Nu-13 is capable of creating projectiles for any occasion.

Ultimate, it was clear that Simon Belmont and his echo fighter, Richter were going to be some of the strongest zones available in Smash. In a game all about huge amounts of damage and powerful normal, few characters can compare with Basra's combination of range, mobility, and potential mind-games.

While the Guilty Gear series is home to many zones such as AXL and Dizzy, no other character is capable of manipulating space as well as Venom. The most recently released character on this list, Ferry is one of the most optimal zones in Gran blue Fantasy Versus.

The resident Zoner of Skull girls, Peacock's entire move set is designed around two things: pushing the opponent away and barraging them with projectiles. Peacock's super really ties all of these elements together, functioning as a full-screen beam that pushes the opponent to the opposite end of the screen.

Despite being the most straightforward entry on this list, Street Fighter guile's inherently defensive move-set contains everything needed to keep opponents far away. Guile's core strategy is built around his only two command moves: Sonic Boom and Flash Kick.

While Guile may appear simplistic, his move-set is so refined in its simplicity that he will forever be used as a measuring stick when discussing a zoner's move-set. Toting a full-screen beam as well as numerous angled lasers that can take up large portions of the screen at a given moment, Doom can even be a thorn in players' sides if he's not the active character.

Through the use of his Molecular Shield, Plasma Beam, and Photon shot, Doom is one of the strongest and most iconic zones in fighting game history. While Mórrígan's zoning may not be the most flashy, primarily relying on numerous identical projectiles, in capable hands, she can easily wall out nearly any character on the roster with massive assaults that only grow in size when paired with projectile-based assists.

In fighting games, it is common to see certain recurring archetypes that compose and evolve the meta game. The purpose is to inform the player what type of opponent they might encounter, and how to apply a plan of attack against said archetype.

Those, in turn, have different variations to specific kinds of strategy, and because of that, characters can fit into more than one archetype due their mind games and gameplay style. Characters that focus on close-range combat, usually to exploit openings and weaknesses on their enemies quickly.

Characters with this archetype tend to overwhelm their opponent and punish them with high damage combos, leaving no room for reactions. While they might not have many powerful attacks, with the few they have requiring good precision, they are quick enough to keep their distance and approach as fast as they retreat, punishing the mistake of their opponents.

Perform best at close range, with versatile move sets based on tactics and mind games to exploit their opponent's weaknesses. They sometimes have mid to long range projectiles that allow them to zone well, and are generally more well-balanced than Pressure characters.

These characters are formidable combatants as they have a bit of everything, combining Rush down, Pressure, Hit & Run and Mix-Up tactics. They can quickly disrupt opponents with their high speed and combos, completely dominating the battlefield while maintaining a safe approach.

They tend to have very high exploitable weaknesses, though, but are different from Glass Cannons as they do not suffer from low defenses. They tend to be less combo oriented than Rush down characters, but boast from superior attack power.

These characters have some of the most powerful attacks in the game, but at the expense of having very low defensive capabilities. Generally suffer from low defenses, but make up for it by having devastating freestyle strings.

These characters are usually good with multiple or all moves that pressure their opponents and manipulate their behavior, allowing them to punish mistakes effectively. On the other hand, they can be purely melee oriented characters that use their superior speed and/or power to create openings and exploit opponents.

These characters usually face towards opponents and get close in order to deal heavy amounts of damage. These characters are utterly defensive, tending to avoid opponents and lure them with traps that apply a lot of pressure.

Most of the time these are also Zones, being super defensive characters that focus on wearing their opponents down completely by hitting them from afar or with indirect moves. They can also be Hit & Run characters in the fashion that they poke opponents with projectiles while keeping a safe distance.

Some of these characters usually don't perform well at close range, but tend to have fast melee attacks. They excel at keeping opponents at bay by having a variety of long range attacks to adapt to every single situation and cover all their weak points, slowly building a barrage of projectiles that prevent opponents from approaching.

These characters use their grabs as a large part of their play style, with many also being Bait & Punish specialists. There are no true grapples in Smash Bros. due to its gameplay aspects differing from most fighting games.

These characters are usually forced into defensive play because of their slow speed, large size and/or inferior jumps, but make up for it with very powerful moves, and very little hit-stun. Alternatively, Half-Grapplers can also be fast characters that not only have many setups and combos from grabs, but also good variety of moves to mix up their play; they're actually more offensive than defensive.

This category also includes archetypes that are unique to a single character or that only fits in Smash Bros. These characters are known for having a unique quirk or ability that affects their play strategy directly.

These are characters that rely on power ups, such as needing to charge a meter in order to use their stronger attacks, or special stances that increases their parameters. This refers to Lucio's uniqueness of the Aura mechanic, where he deals more damage the higher his percentage is.

These characters rely on specific sweet spots in order to deal their full damage, or have attacks that requires pinpoint accuracy.

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