Best Zumba Classes In Chennai

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• Friday, 11 December, 2020
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Find where you can get fit (without even realizing it) with our list of the bestZumbaclasses in Chennai. Zumba is one of the most popular exercise forms they offer, along with access to a gym and aerobics classes.

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Besides having regular dance classes for beginners and professionals, Swingers is also really popular for their Subclasses. The timings for Subclasses differ according to the centre, and you can call them up to inquire about the one that is convenient for you.

Most popular for their dance classes, Rack has also introduced Zumba with trained professionals. Timings differ according to the branch, and they conduct classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

With four classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the Zumba sessions here are bound to get you addicted to dancing. This is a women's only fitness studio in Nungambakkam that offers training in Zumba, Yoga and nutritious counselling.

Hammer is one of the highest ranks given to a Zumba instructor, and it is a licensed certification. Chennai Lifestyle & Food Zumba is a dance/exercise program founded by Colombian choreographer Alberto “Beta” Perez during the 1990s.

It basically involves aerobic and dance movements which are performed to energetic music. According to experts Zumba is mentioned as one of the best work-out methods as it can burn out 500 to 1000 calories in approximately one-hour session.

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Due to the immense health benefits it offers, Zumba is preferred by most of the working citizens. Interestingly Chennai is becoming a popular destination for Zumba choreographers due to the increasing demand for these classes from the suburban population.

With more than 19 years of experience, Rack academy of dance has performed over 3000 shows around the globe, trained more than 50,000 students with about 10 branches spread across the city. Hipster has a track record of successfully training a lot of aspiring dancers and pushing them to the next level.

Motto : “We believe in helping to grow and shape children as dancers and as individuals by fostering life skills they will have for the rest of their lives.” They follow their unique style of teaching which mixes aerobic movements and dance elements along with squats and lunges which they believe is the bestZumba methodology for fitness practices.

The most important aspect of Swingers dances studio is that they design classes in a fun and entertaining way. Jaywalkers better value fitness limited is one of the largest chains of health club in India and is currently available at six prime locations in Chennai.

Jaywalkers is often associated with Zumba fitness and provides Subclasses which are considered to be the best in the city. Location : Pasture Road, Gandhi Nagar, Adar, Chennai.

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Zumba's dance is gaining momentum especially among the IT professionals and working women, due to its effective weight loss potential. With many institutes offering Subclasses in Chennai, there are many options for the prospective students to choose the one which suits their needs.

The Swingers Dance Klaus Branch, Star Towers, 3rd Floor, N. 99F, Fitness Studio AC-10 Jan sons Towers, 2nd floor, 2nd avenue,

Services : Aerobics Jazzercise | Fitness Studios | 11 more Zumba's dance was discovered by Alberto “Beta” “Power Pedal” Perez in the month of October 1999 in Colombia.

A person can burn up to 600 calories in one Zumba class in one hour. The Brazilian pop singer Claudia Latte is an international ambassador of Zumba Fitness.

Contact Supplier Request a quote View Other Fitness Clubs and Beauty Parlors in Chennai Zumba Dance Class Ask Price A form of dance that mainly focus on health and fitness which includes most fun filled, energetic steps that sure to make you experience amazing.

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Professional Summary Passionate and enthusiastic Zumba instructor with 2 years of experience in group fitness. I have learned and trained for Zumba under a specialized instructor for 1 year.

Flash feet is a dance and fitness studio located in Kodambakkam. We provide Zumba, freestyle and Bollywood dance classes as well as event management...

Cannot load the images due to some network problem. I can teach every topic very easily and make it stronger for the students.

Cannot load the images due to some network problem. I will provide both visual and verbal cues to lead the class in easy, simple dance and fitness moves.

Cannot load the images due to some network problem. I am a certified Zumba fitness instructor by passion and a math graduate.

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Cannot load the images due to some network problem. 10FeaturedI am I taking Subclasses for 3 years in number of institutions Nd personal classes for individuals at their home number of places in Chennai (kotturpuram...

Cannot load the images due to some network problem. Am I taking Zumba regular classes and also corporate sessions for past 8 months as am a dancer I wanted to take my dance to the next level which is...

Health fitness instructor in 5 years experience Aerobics and Zumba training got good results EC learning to your convenience way teaching Cannot load the images due to some network problem.

I am an INTERNATIONALLY LICENSED ZUMBA INSTRUCTOR from Chennai. I've been part of the Zumba Community from past 4 years now.

Cannot load the images due to some network problem. About the company: Dineshdancecrew is a dedication dance school for kids in Chennai.

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I teach Zumba dance fitness form with more energetic way where u will surely enjoy it. Cannot load the images due to some network problem.

I have 10 years experience, I was worked in Loyola dream team I participated reality TV shows Vijay TV in kings of dance... I have 10 years experience, I was worked in Loyola dream team I participated reality TV shows Vijay TV in kings of dance...

I have 10 years experience, I was worked in Loyola dream team I participated reality TV shows Vijay TV in kings of dance...

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