Best Zumba Classes In Kemps Corner

Daniel Brown
• Monday, 23 November, 2020
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Services : Dance Aerobics | Yoga | Western | 7 more Lax mi Cooperative Housing Society, 2nd Floor, Match Gandhi Road, <.

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Services : Yoga | Kickboxing | Weight Gain | 8 more Studio One Eighty Nine, 15/16, Everest Building, Besides Radar Pav-Bhaji.

SUGGESTION Top Fitness Centers in KempsCorner Yoga With Aditya Offers on Best Zumba Classes in Kemp's Corner, Mumbai | FitternityWE ENSURE BEST IN SAFETY STANDARDS IN GYMS AND FITNESS STUDIOS.

Every time you want to work out, you can prebook your sessions only on Fraternity app or scan the QR code available at the gym/studio. Don't lose out on your workout with easy cancellation until 1 hour prior to your session time.

Shake your Belly to Balance your Mind and Body At Way Of Life Studio Mumbai Yoga talks about... How many of us feel we have two left feet and can't dance to save our lives. Well, here's an...

Give Your Children The Life They Want- We talk about evolution and the advancement that has... In the busy life where we often do not pay attention to things happening around us, there are...

(Source: zumbafitnessmumbai.in)

We treat our clients as a family, we know their Health Goals and have been helping them at every stage. Our clients’ support and love has made us transform from Zumba Fitness Mumbai to Way of Life Studio.

We offer a free trial class so that you can take an experience, know what Zumba is all about and decide for yourself. Only after they are certified by Zumba USA, they are allowed to conduct their batches.

At Way of Life you will find the Best of Instructors, they will guide you with right knowledge and always motivate you. Zumba is all about coming to the class and giving yourself a break from your work and help you achieve Fitness.

Zumba Fitness is knee and back safe, provided it is done on the right kind of flooring, Zumba Fitness like any other high impact activity must be done on a flooring that can absorb the shock of an impact, example, wooden, rubber matting, carpeted, gym flooring etc. Zumba or rather any kind of high impact activity should not be done on tiles or marble flooring as it will hit back on your joints and cause injuries.

Seth Area is one of the most sought out after Zumba Fitness Professional in Mumbai. Academically, she is a Graduate in Life Science and Biochemistry as a double major with Honors and a Masters in Psychology.

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Our for hire studios offer generous sized studio rooms with natural wood floors, natural light, and an awesome state-of-the-art music system. Studio rooms are available for rent to instructors of all types of classes.

Every time you want to work out, you can prebook your sessions only on Fraternity app or scan the QR code available at the gym/studio. Don't lose out on your workout with easy cancellation until 1 hour prior to your session time.

T&C Apply- Direct entry without booking or scanning a QR code at the gym will not be facilitated. Book, Burn & get rewarded on every workout Enroll yourself for membership on Fraternity.

Get a session pack complimentary on your membership purchase for a woman, who can work out along with you at Dumas Studios. Get access to exclusive rewards worth Rs 1,000 complimentary on your membership purchase.

Look for this sign to avail complimentary session packs & exclusive rewards. This membership offers you extended validity which gives you the flexibility of attending all your workout sessions as per your convenience.

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These kids then feel overpowered by fellow mates or left alone which creates a window for depression, wrong habits and also suicide cases. This is because teens don’t always see telling a lie as a real mistake or misbehavior.

Since teenagers are going through body and mind changes, they have a lot of pent-up energy which is given a positive direction will help them grow and improve in later stages of their life. Eating right and exercising are crucial parts which is followed by a teenager will help them solve many issues.

Our Fitness Expert and Lifestyle Coach Seth Area firmly believes in bringing about a Lifestyle Shift in newer generations so that they can enjoy their lives similar to healthy individuals. Seth says “I get really sad watching school going kids and teenagers feeling low due to their weight issues, not participating in any physical activities, indulging into wrong habits.

I participated in almost all dance competitions, played sport tournaments, and it helped me to focus on my studies. It is supported by research that proves Zumba has numerous Health Benefits, hence results among teenagers will be seen.

It will not only help them focus better on studies, but it’s an amazing physical activity that gives you a channel to let out negative energy, stress, depression and lot more.

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