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Bob Roberts
• Friday, 20 November, 2020
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I have passed from renowned Amanda Shankar Center For Performing Arts with distinction acquiring 87 percent. Cannot load the images due to some network problem.

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A very good hold in Bollywood and western style dance form with over 7 years of experience in dancing. Cannot load the images due to some network problem.

I am Bhatia Adam International licensed ZUMBA Instructor & YouTuber. I take personal training for weight loss and fitness.

I am experienced, qualified teacher and tutor with over 9 years of experience in a teaching Dance Zumba, Bollywood, western, Hip Hop, Salsa, and other... Cannot load the images due to some network problem.

And fitness dance exercise at home for women's and men ... get fit with lots of fun n music.... Cannot load the images due to some network problem.

I am certified professional dance teacher, and I am given dance lessons on the occasion of school/college gathering, youth festival, wedding and also... Cannot load the images due to some network problem.

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Art's Nupurangan City Gala Academy is established in the year 2000 in Pune, by Director Mrs Art B. Cannot load the images due to some network problem.

Subclasses every Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6 to 7 pm on zoom platform. Cannot load the images due to some network problem.

*Licensed Zumba Instructor IN B1 certified. * Performed with Marathi actor and actress (Vaibhav ATAWAD and Manage Nail) in Bothered Mahouts...

I'm Dancer.I am giving tutor Tuition since 1 a half year... I am certified In Bellhop Dance. I have a degree In BCA... My key skills are handwork, ... Cannot load the images due to some network problem.

Being a professional fitness trainer and dancer for 8 years, I am always energetic and enthusiastic in my life. Cannot load the images due to some network problem.

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Cannot load the images due to some network problem. I have a capability to work harder and I know how to manage a student, how to deal with them and I have a good teaching skills and knowledge.

I hold karate kung fu black belt degree and my exp is 4 teaching years Cannot load the images due to some network problem.

Hello I am teaching yoga a Gymnastics since 12 years basically I am yoga and gymnastics National player I teach 100+ student Cannot load the images due to some network problem.

I have strong people skills and have received lots of appreciation for... Cannot load the images due to some network problem.

Cannot load the images due to some network problem. It is an innovative, enjoyable, yet result-oriented technique that doesn’t involve even a single dull moment, thereby keeping the participants refreshed and geared-up during the entire session.

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To top it up, the rigorous, yet graceful bodily movements are complemented with music that keeps the momentum on, thus making exercise a delightful experience. As a modern health and fitness club, Trance form has readily included the bestZumba sessions in its fitness routines, and this is something that makes it one of the bestZumba workout classes near Bharat Vidyapeeth and Kara.

In simpler words, it is an innovative concept that incorporates aerobics with rigorous dance workouts performed on the rhythm of some mind-blowing music. It is a blend of Salsa, Bollywood, and Hip-Hop, and thus has turned into one of the most in-demand forms of exercises around, and especially within the youth of this country.

Zumba brings several benefits to the table, however, when performed with people who are experts and who are passionate about encouraging others to achieve optimal health and fitness. For the bestZumba packages, call Trance form Fitness Club at +91 7219 26 1729 for the bestZumbaclasses near Kara and Dhankawadi.

Zumba fuses aerobics with rigorous dance workouts performed to powerful music. Easy to follow dance moves at one of the bestzumbaclasses in Pune only at Trance form Fitness.

They are devoted to assist you in identifying, reaching and surpassing your fitness, wellness and health objectives. Wear comfortable (neither too tight nor too loose) skin friendly clothing suitable for workout that allows free body movements.

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Also, wear snug fit shoes having proper cushioning and support. All members need to carry a pair of clean shoes to change into for any activity on any of our studio floors.

Zumba is an intense, cardiovascular workout in the atmosphere of a dance party. Latin dance-moves mostly form the basis for Subclasses, but movements from belly dance and hip-hop also regularly feature in Zumba.

Most importantly, the emphasis is on dancing to music and having fun and enjoying yourself which makes Zumba a perfect choice for people who usually dislike exercise. A workout, in the guise of a dance party, Zumba is immensely invigorating and freeing for the body, heart, and soul.

Om studios definitely deserve a spot in our list of bestZumbaclasses in Pune. With the tagline, “from sole to soul fitness”, Om studios truly embodies the idea of being a free spirit and having fun.

Their Subclasses are essentially a party where everyone dances to upbeat songs in certain aerobic styles, which are deftly taught by the main trainer. The atmosphere is perpetually ecstatic with people of all ages having fun while trying to catch their breath.

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The Subclasses, headed by Attlee are exceptionally enjoyable as you dance and groove to your favorite music. You also get to lose a ton of calories without even realizing it. It’s the perfect place to come for release, support, encouragement, and personal development.

Get grooving to new, trendy Bollywood numbers, salsa, hip-hop and jazz beats under the able guidance of their very qualified instructors. Initiated way back in 2005, it has become a household name which lands it a spot in our list of bestZumbaclasses in Pune.

They offer a variety of classes taught by a very qualified teaching faculty, consisting of highly experienced choreographers. Dance oceans is renowned for offering a diverse array of dance disciplines under one roof.

Their continued dedication to the international dance community has set a benchmark for everyone in Pune. A great choice for fitness enthusiasts and dancers alike, rest assured you would not be disappointed by Dance oceans.

The Place, founded by Cretan Agarwal and Meghan Pathway is a definite contender for a list of the bestZumbaclasses in Pune. Let’s end this article with a quote from Bob Marley, who praises dance as the cure for all your troubles and worries.

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