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• Thursday, 07 January, 2021
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Our instructors are also teaching on third party platforms such as Zoom, GoToMeeting, Cast, etc. Being stuck at home is great for some people, but those who like to live an active lifestyle are definitely feeling the pain.

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The whole reason Subclasses exist in the first place is to mix up your cardio routine, and give you some new dance moves with it. This YouTube channel, run by Zumba, has certified instructors offering 7, 20, and 30-minute workouts.

Whether you’re a HIIT master and are looking to do an hour, or just getting started and might not make it through the 7 minute, you have options. Plus, you’ll be ready to take on the full hour-long class at your local workout center when it reopens.

Whether you’re looking for hip-shaking Latin dancing, or breaking it down to some hip-hop, there’s a variety of musical workouts on their YouTube channel and on their fitness video service Active. Taking on the top hits, he creates routines for nearly every type of music.

If you want to get the whole family active, you can pop on one of his Zumba Kids routines to make it easier on them. Zumba Fitness Concert Live Let’s move on from YouTube and to Amazon Prime.

Whether you’re into Bollywood style or Latin dance, these 16 routines will give you what you like, and introduce you to something new. If you have Amazon Prime, you can flick it on and learn these moves from the man who created Zumba himself, Beta Perez.

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Take your time, have some fun, and shake those hips as you learn a variety of Latin dance moves. To combat coronavirus, or Covid-19, health experts are recommending social distancing to “flatten the curve” and save lives.

Instead of using personal trainers, CrossFit used normal people or older folks to demonstrate that anybody can do these exercises. Barry’s Boot camp: The boutique studio popular among celebrities will stream 20-minute equipment- free workouts on Instagram live.

You can also get a 30-day free trial to their hundreds of other classes using the code INVOLVE and create custom workout calendars. STRONG by Zumba : You can access plenty of free HIIT workouts on YouTube, choosing from 7-, 20-, and 30-minute on-demand classes.

Here is a compilation of Top 5 Zumbafree video workout for beginners (on YouTube) Welcome to this special workout video for working sums, brought to you by Dear Nestle.

You won’t even notice that you’re working out as you have fun dancing to the rhythm of Zumba. Are the most common questions asked about the benefits of Zumba on Weight Loss.

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As mentioned above, 1 hour of Zumba, intermediate or Intense, can help burn between 500-1000 calories. Check here the Top 5 list of Zumba Video Workout for Weight Loss … on YouTube and for Free.

In fact, dancing Zumba can be a good Workout with the fastest effect to lose belly fat. Not Just Watch the video but Do the exercises If you perceive your exertion as between 4 and 6 on a scale of 10, in other words, moderately hard and not very easy or maximum difficulty, you are taking full advantage of the cardio benefits.

High-energy bursts help burn fat by combining cardio & interval training w/ serious fun. Burn up to 1000 calories with Super Cardio Dance Party, Latin and Global Burst DVDs feat.

Get ready to sweat your butt off w/ Zumba Max DVD, a super high-energy live class, feat. See results fast, feel more confident and transform yourself into a happier, healthier you.

SOLE CONTROL WRAPS: Slip ’em on over your favorite sneakers to increase your range of movement and allow you to slide, pivot and turn with ease. High-energy 30-second bursts help burn fat by combining cardio, muscle conditioning and interval training with some serious fun.

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DVD 2 SUPER CARDIO DANCE PARTY FEATURING BURST INTERVALS- Give your dance-fitness workout an extra fat burning kick! DVD 4 LATIN BURST- Shake it to the sounds of merengue, salsa and reggaeton.

Sole Control Wraps increase your range of movement and allow you to slide, pivot and turn with ease. There's a lot of ways but with freezumba classes that you can watch on a video download and convert for your phone to watch any time of the day and learn how to do the Latin dance moves, there is no way you won't lose extra pounds to become fit.

I will be featuring here as well freezumbaclasses being held in different time schedules in communities around your place, specifically in Manila, Philippines where our family lives. I will be revealing the different new and latest free schedules of Zumba for beginners performance classes around Metro Manila, so you can go ahead and gear up to attend without the need to pay a single centavo.

Shake that booty type and hip hop dancing all the way is the secret to this Latin dance steps incorporation into a blend of mix with the thought of enjoying at a party while unconsciously getting fit each day and each session schedule of your Zumba class. Here is a quick list of the different basic steps for beginners as well as videos for the advance dancer in you to get fit for life while having fund and dancing your way each session schedule to a party music.

It's like smiling and partying and enjoying life as if there's no tomorrow according to some students of one Filipino Zumba dance instructor. I hope you enjoy these sets of videos which you can download to make available in your portable or mobile gadget.

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They are running group fitness classes for community people through their official platform. These classes are the opportunity for people, who want to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Subclasses are the best workout ideas for those people who do not have much time for their fitness classes. We provide world-class facilities to all our members where they can enjoy a productive time of exercise.

We also organize event and programs to aware people about healthy diet plans and health diseases. Envivacor has listed in reputed platforms for offering the best residential fitness programs all over the USA.

Zumbaclassesonline are also one of our main programs, our team is working hard to make those classes more effective. From today, join us in the bestZumba class near you and get started on the way towards fitness.

Set to hot Latin and international music, you will learn how to move to new rhythms including salsa, merengue, reggaeton, cumbia, samba, bachata, and more. You don’t need to know how to dance to get started, but you will definitely leave class with a few new moves under your belt.

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Being a resourceful guy, he pulled some tapes of his own favorite music out of his backpack, including salsa and merengue, and improvised a class using dance steps. Beta brought Zumba into the states when he began teaching his method in Miami.

Across 150 countries, 14 million people attend a Zumba class at least once a week, and the number is ever-growing. The time just flies by; you’re dancing, laughing, and having such a blast that an hour is up before you know what hit you.

Zumba is cardiorespiratory training combined with repetitive dance moves designed to tone your body. There are even different types of Zumba classes including those designed for active older adults.

You’ll dance to the wonderful rhythms of salsa, merengue, cumbia, reggaeton, bachata, quebradita, samba, hip-hop, and more. Classes may range from just a few people to a room full of a hundred happy folks.

Zumba is designed to be accessible to people from all backgrounds with all levels of fitness and dance experience. You may feel you’re kind of stumbling around in your first couple classes (I certainly did), but as the rhythms sink into your body and mind, you will be surprised to learn how coordinated you really are, even if you have never thought of yourself as a dancer.

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Zumba's instructors are taught to take your health and safety very seriously, and they design their classes to set you up for success. Wear comfortable, breathable clothing that allows you maximum freedom of movement.

Essential Gear: You will want to bring a water bottle to stay hydrated as well as a small towel or bandanna to mop up sweat. You’ll still dance to the classic Latin and international rhythms of Zumba, but with a lighter intensity level.

Zumba Gold is also great for people of any age needing a gentler introduction or re-introduction to the fitness lifestyle. If you have never tried aqua workouts, you might be surprised to learn that they are very effective and challenging due to the unique physical properties of water.

Using this simple piece of equipment makes it possible to provide a unique Zumba experience with more of a strength-training focus. Using kid-friendly music and choreography, the focus of Subatomic is on having fun while encouraging kids to be active.

In our sedentary, couch-potato culture, we all agree that it’s super important to teach kids about exercise and provide them with fun ways to do so. Subclasses offered in dance studios and other locales may charge a drop-in rate which tends to vary based on region.

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Mental Health Zumba, like many cardiorespiratory fitness programs, relieves stress and can help fight depression and anxiety symptoms. Classes are a great way to meet like minded people and make new friends.

Perhaps you can relate to my personal Zumba story: I was one of those people who would work out in “boom and bust” cycles; high commitment for a few months, then boredom would set in, and I would drop out and return to my old sedentary ways. I had built a good base of muscle through genetics and strength training, but I would get so bored during cardio sessions that I neglected that part of my fitness routine.

The hour flew by, and I couldn’t believe I had lived so long without Zumba in my life. I was thrilled to watch those pesky pounds melt away and reveal the toned muscles underneath.

If you care about the health, wellness, and fitness of your family and friends, share this article with them on Facebook. There are a few good reasons to choose your clothes for Zumba Fitness classes with care: you want to be safe and supported, you want to feel cool and comfortable, and you want to look snazzy and stylish.

I teach six or more hour-long Subclasses per week, so as you might imagine, I have done my fair share of experimentation with what works and what doesn’t when it comes to Zumba Fitness clothes. Some folks choose head-to-toe Unaware, while others opt for more standard workout clothes such as leggings, sweats, tees, and tanks.

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Shoes, pants, bras and undies, tops, outerwear, and accessories…we’ll get you dressed from head to toe in the best clothes for Zumba Fitness classes. You’ll want shoes that support your arch and your ankles, since Zumba routines ask that you jump, as well as hop, twist, slide, and step forward and back as well as side to side.

Running shoes are not the best choice, since the heel is designed to help you with forward movements only. I used to tweak my knees wearing running shoes to Subclasses and I regret the time I spent doing so knowing now that there are so many better choices.

They are good choice, definitely safer and better for dancing than running shoes, but I was never thrilled with the lack of arch support or the platforms sole. I wear them while teaching 6+ hours of Subclasses per week, and I am very pleased with the no-tread sole, which offers just the right amount of traction; the arch and ankle support, which is similar to a trainer; and the lightweight, flexible, yet durable material.

The tanks and racer backs by Zumba Fitness are cute, flattering, and colorful, so I wear them all the time. Zumba Fitness also offers flashy and fun cargo pants if you want to treat yourself.

Some styles have lightweight tassels on the back and side pockets that whip around when you shake it, which makes dancing even more fun. I like to give my students bracelets as “prizes” because they are so fun to wear, adding a little pop of color to your outfit.

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If your Zumba Fitness class takes place in a carpeted room, you can put Zumba Carpet Gliders over the front of your shoes, so you won’t hurt your knees and ankles doing twisting and sliding moves. Avoid purchasing knock-off Unaware from non-legit sources, as it tends to be of shoddy quality, and you don’t want to be supporting a business that’s practicing copyright infringement.

If you’re looking for good sources of non- Zumba workout clothes, Under Armour has great moisture-wicking properties, which as you now know, is one of my top priorities. Zumba Gold is a fabulously fun fitness program based on exciting Latin and international dance styles.

It’s similar stylistically and musically to regular Zumba ®, but it’s performed at a lower intensity level to be more accessible to certain people. Zumba Gold offers cardiovascular, toning, and balance training benefits in a party-like atmosphere.

Josie and Joy specialize in working with seniors, bringing decades of fitness expertise to the table. These fabulous ladies ensure that Zumba Gold is both safe and effective for older adults and younger folks with lower fitness levels.

Both Josie and Joy hold multiple training certifications through ACM, ACE, and AFAR. You’ll encounter the flavorful rhythms of salsa, merengue, cumbia, cha-cha, tango, flamenco, belly dance, rock n’ roll, and more.

Each style of music has its own steps that will be broken down in a way that makes the dances easy-to-follow, so everyone can have success with Zumba Gold. Zumba Gold is excellent exercise for active older adults in particular, contributing to healthy aging.

Zumba Gold follows guidelines set forth by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACM) and the American Heart Association (AHA) to improve the physical health of seniors, emphasizing cardiorespiratory fitness, strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance. In the words of Joy Pouty, “It’s a lot of cardio, and you definitely get the benefit of strengthening the cardiovascular system.

Also, because we keep people moving, it helps preserve, restore, or improve range of motion. Balance training helps develop and restore coordination of the neuromuscular system, preventing injuries from falls all-too-common among older adults.

Zumba Gold is empowering, helping you take charge of your own health and fitness in a whole new way. Zumba Gold is a “feel happy” workout that offers many mental and emotional health benefits.

Participants feel more relaxed throughout the day and often report a reduction in depression, stress, and anxiety. Exercising with others is also a great way to stay motivated to stick with your fitness program.

If you have joint issues or have had surgery such as a hip replacement, check with your doctor to make sure you are ready to begin exercising. Engage your core muscles by keeping your abdominal pulled in and up and your glutes active.

Read to learn more about how Zumba Fitness can enrich your life and the lives of your students. The Zumba Basic Level 1 Instructor training is an all-day event which packs a lot of information into a fairly short amount of time.

I felt very well-prepared to begin constructing my first class after taking the Zumba Basic Level 1 Training. The master class was team-taught by two Less whose energy and dance skills were off the charts amazing.

Luckily we got a chance to towel off and change clothes before getting back to the more “academic” portion of the training! At first, I was skeptical about the extra $30 monthly since I had just spent nearly $300 to get licensed, however, I have been delighted by the benefits IN offers.

I highly recommend joining, as the membership benefits turn out to be totally worth the $30 per month. I am not being reimbursed by Zumba in way for saying so, but I love being a IN member and have received a lot of value for my money.

New materials shipped to you monthly, either a Mega-Mix CD of new music or a combo pack of a music CD and a DVD featuring two choreography options for each of the 9 songs A beautiful, easy-to-customize website to help you market your classes Access to Into, where you can learn additional steps and receive instructional and marketing tips Your classes listed online on Zumba’s class locator Wholesale pricing on Zumba products to resell to your students for a profit License to use Zumba branding on your promotional items such as fliers and business cards Yearly relicensing fees and requirements are waived, which would otherwise cost another $225-$295, requiring you to attend the training again Predesigned, customizable templates for marketing materials such as fliers, posters, business cards, and punch cards Access to IN forums, where you can network and receive tons of information from other instructors Discounts on further Zumba trainings for Zumba specialties such as Gold®, Toning®, and Subatomic® Discounts organizations offering additional fitness certifications and other perks The licensing process itself is quite easy, consisting of paying your fee and attending the training.

If you do well in the training, you receive your certificate at the end of the day, and you are ready to begin teaching Subclasses. That being said, it takes hours and hours of additional work to choose music and choreograph all the routines (or learn choreography from the IN volumes) for your first class, so even though the licensing process is easy, I wouldn’t necessarily say being a Zumba teacher is easy.

If you have connections within your local Zumba community, you may find that you are offered a job without even applying for one. An amazing Zumba teacher I was taking classes from clued the fitness director at my local YMCA into the fact that I was getting my license.

If you don’t get lucky like that right out of the box, you’ll want to apply at local gyms who may then want to set up an interview/audition with you. Since Zumba is such a hot trend, chances are good that you can find a spot to teach, especially if you live in a more densely populated area.

If you can’t find a permanent position, offering to be on-call as a sub is a great way to get your foot in the door. A lot more goes into starting up a private class in terms of money and time, but it’s definitely doable.

The upside is that you have the chance to make a MUCH larger profit in your private class than you would at a fitness facility. I teach privately as well as in gyms, and I recommend taking out ads in local event guides, putting up fliers and postcards around town, using social media channels such as Facebook, and talking up your class to friends and acquaintances.

Zumba Fitness provides support and encouragement for charitable causes such as finding a cure for breast cancer and other diseases. I am currently planning a “Summation” in my community to raise money for an organization providing advocacy to survivors of sexual assault.

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