Best Zumba Dance Classes In Mumbai

Elaine Sutton
• Tuesday, 05 January, 2021
• 8 min read

The best thing about Zumba is that you don’t necessarily need to be a pro dancer, just enjoy the music and have some fun while your body gets all the exercise that it needs. 5th Gear high energy Zumba workout routine promises to tone your muscles and legs, while helping you increase your overall flexibility.

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Way Of Life fitness Studio has something for Zumba as well as dance enthusiasts. For Zumba, they have two batches: one that starts early in the morning from 7.30AM, while the evening one takes place from 7PM.

Where: 14 Jana ta, 1st Floor, Separate BAPAAT Mary, Opposite Palladium Mall, Lower Pearl If those heavyweight dumbbells and treadmills seem too overwhelming for you to enter the world of fitness, do give Zumba a chance.

There is Zumba ® Toning for those who crave Aerobics and cardio. Our trainers however are more than happy to conduct group sessions for more than 5 people in attendance.

Feel free to get in touch with us for single one-off Zumba ® events and parties or group classes. We also conduct corporate Zumba ®sessions at companies and Hotel conferences.

For each and every venture listed above we can help provide you world-class Zumba ®instructors. We at Butterflies PRE School, Day Care and Activity Center offer your child a great environment to learn and discover new things every day. Early Childhood Care and Education is our priority at Butterflies.

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We have an activity based curriculum which helps the child to get complete involvement and conceptual clarity and confidence for a new tomorrow. We at Butterflies have Abacus, Guitar, Phonics and Grammar, Drawing Art and Craft, Dance, Handwriting Improvement Classes ... We have our Day Care Center.

Having completed arangetram of 9 students currently is one of the youngest but leading dance company of Mumbai. Of India’s junior scholarship and also many students have won laurels in various competitions.

Worked as a Kathak teacher for Archaea Arts under the guidance of my Late Guru SMT. I am a Television Artist being in the industry for the past 20 years and have given Kathak performances on various occasions.

Also have semi classical, Indian contemporary dance forms We have keyboarded, flute, violin, harmonium, Verna, ... Janelle Souza conducts regular belly dance classes in Mumbai for 3 years.

Get ready to swing on desk beats & Bollywood Thomas with Filmy Feet! We assure to make your Celebration dramebaaz, graceful,energized, funloving & memorable....

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To become an expert in this field of art, you need to attend the best dancing classes available around you in Mumbai. This way, you can save your energy and time and yet avail the best dance training classes near you.

People who practice and pursue dance as their careers are called dancers. Since the ancient ages, dancing has always been quite popular among living beings for several reasons.

Regular dance lessons help to increase the muscular strength of the person. It improves the blood circulation and the condition of the heart of the person who regularly practices different dance forms.

Dance also provides strength to the bones of the person and thereby lowers the risks of development of osteoporosis. Dance is an excellent way of maintaining healthy body weight, which eventually helps the person to stay fit.

This is the reason why dance is also one of the most excellent forms of therapy in many critical situations. The monthly payments may vary between INR 800 to 1500, depending on the location/city and type of the classes.

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