Best Zumba Dance Classes Near Me

Daniel Brown
• Monday, 02 November, 2020
• 11 min read

Jennifer H. said “Maria's classes are lively and full of energy. Lots of folks of all shapes and sizes, ages and backgrounds.

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She moves gracefully and purposefully to the beat always with a smile...” read more If you are a beginner or advanced dancer, it doesn't matter, it's a fun class.

Do you love Latin music, but aren't unsure about your...” read more Jennifer H. said “Maria's classes are lively and full of energy.

Ava S. said “This is a small specialty studio, no ballet, no salsa, but heavy on the types of movement that are good for the body and soul. I have been a member for almost two years now, and I can say I think it is the best deal out there especially for the under 30 crowds.

I have learned and trained for Zumba under a specialized instructor for 1 year. Cannot load the images due to some network problem.

I am a dancer + Zumba / personal fitness trainer i .... I am certified instructor... I used to take classes in cult. Fit, and I am giving virtual...

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Cannot load the images due to some network problem. 6I am an experienced and certified instructor with over 5 years of experience in Fitness Industry.

I am a professional Dance Choreographer and Fitness Trainer since 2013. I have been training in all the top gyms like Zeal, Gold's, Apple Fitness...

I am a physiotherapist and also a member of the Indian Academy of Fitness Training. I have experience in home care patients with orthopedic and neurological...

I am an experienced and certified Zumba and Aerobics instructor and also I provide Bollywood, freestyle and hip-hop dance choreography. Cannot load the images due to some network problem.

Cannot load the images due to some network problem. I am certified Zumba trainer from 4 years also an active in member.

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I have an experience of teaching in many apartments gym as we as many inst it... Cannot load the images due to some network problem.

Cannot load the images due to some network problem. 45 minutes non-stop dance will refresh u as much as possible. For tanning u don't have to take supplements or u...

Cannot load the images due to some network problem. Total Experience of 8 years in Zumba and Dance Worked as Zumba instructor in various gym across Mumbai > Gold's Gym > El Gymnasium > Planet Health...

I can teach every topic very easily and make it stronger for the students. Cannot load the images due to some network problem.

Join my classes for an energetic fun experience and loose weight while u enjoy. Leave class feeling confident and fresh....

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Cannot load the images due to some network problem. I can teach each and every topic very easily and make it stronger for the students.

Cannot load the images due to some network problem. I have completed my training in Zumba as well as personal training.i m certified in both and have experience in both fields.I have regular classes ...

I have experience with a variety of age groups and backgrounds, from coaching youth soccer to leading senior events, I do it all. I've danced since the age of 13, performed on live television and on tour.

Along with my experience I hold a Health and Fitness degree and First Aid/CPR Certification. I also have a ton of students come to just learn for social dance purposes.

Dance at his best, little to large class setting beginners to professional of all level. We teach the basic foundation to all African Dance techniques.

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I have 22 years of Dance and artistic experience BA in choreography from University of Malabar Nigeria. Travel to Europe and lots of African and coast of Asia.

Our dancers are well-rounded students who truly enjoy one another as well as high quality dance. Many classes are taught not only by former professional (over 18 years) and semi-professional dancers who are also certified in many key dance -related areas such as Progressing Ballet Technique, Acrobatic Arts Module 1 and Module 2, Alexa Flexibility Module 1 and Module 2, Trained in Acrobatic Arts Preschool Program, as well as Acrobatic Arts Staff, and staff with special needs training.

Founded in Dayton, Ohio in 2011 by Artistic Director Thomas L. Trout man, The Dayton Dance Workshop is a Non-Profit community performing arts organization designed to offer equal opportunity dance & theater training to youth and families no matter their level of experience. DDR is in our 8th operating season and continues to offer workshops and choreography intensives for dancers 6 and up.

I love a good salesman and perfect customer service. And I strive for the ultimate customer satisfaction by being a good salesperson, not just closing the sale.

Our goal is to bring happy people to our studio for group fitness classes and create a judgment-free environment where people have fun while getting fit. What sets us apart from other gyms and fitness boutiques is our strong-rooted footprint in the community, where people often run into old friends and bring new ones, and most importantly form new friendships founded on their shared love for dance and fitness.

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Oftentimes students feel like they are coming to our studio to hang out and while we are busy ban ... View Profile. DAN is a niche organization, providing a support system for both, students and teachers, that helps to effectively achieve dance goals and desires.

Classes are open level, and we encourage people of all abilities to join us! Beyond classes, we offer special workshops, events, and allow anyone to rent the space for their own use.

As a professional dancer I have taught dance and yoga to all ages and levels, having started teaching at a young age and have many years of experience (both teaching and performing). I later transitioned to modern dance, studying forms such as Horton, Graham, and later Duncan Technique.

I have performed professionally and still (besides times of Covid-19) traveled the world dancing the express ... View Profile. I started ballet when I was 9 years old, and since then I've been following this path with passion and love that just keeps growing, as it's taking me down to a very exciting journey.

When I was 15 I started working with the National Ballet of Kosovo, I danced with them for 7 productions, and we had shows almost every week. I won the Grand Prix in an Arts Festival in Dubai.

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I won a scholarship at Fine Dance Festival in Italy to come to New York and train with Joffrey Ballet School ... View Profile. Now I keep my class in Manhattan and Brooklyn on Saturday, and I am waiting my wonderful students, who enjoy the Latin dances....and would like a cheerful, energetic hour.

My classes entail dance fitness with flare. (My class age range has been 15-70) Zumba combines both dance and fitness in a pretty interesting liberating twist.

Some world rhythms in my class include Afro-Beat, Belly dancing, Bhangra and Bollywood and of course, LATIN! All I ask is that you modify, let yourself break it free and have fun :D I've been IN certified since 2015.

I desire to spread my passion of dance, health and happiness as well as to teach ... View Profile. I am a Shari® belly dance workout certified instructor aiming to bring body confidence to all age groups.

Because I am Fully certified and have multiple top teacher awards, throughout the country and have simultaneously guided students of all different ages and levels to achieve their specific goals. Professional certified dance instructor with over 10 years of teaching experience.

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Our goal is simple: We want you to want to forget you are working out, to love the music, smile and to get hooked while achieving long-term benefits and experience an absolute blast in one exciting hour of calorie-burning, body-energizing, awe-inspiring movements meant to engage and captivate for life! Not only do I make you look good and feel fine through Zumba and WERE Dance Fitness classes, I also teach proper skincare and makeup classes.

University Park, IL 60466 7 years in business Trained at Salt Creek Ballet, under Patricia Sigurd son, Hanna Dmitrovskaya, Sergey Kozadayev, Julie Kent, Angel Corolla, Ethan Steel, An Chen, Was Chapman.

(I work out of Austin Lo'men Dance Studio, Downtown Chicago/south loop) We not only teach how to do a certain style, service, and or technique. We provide you with the knowledge, skill, and etiquette to grow and have fun while learning.

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