Best Zumba Dance Ever

Earl Hamilton
• Thursday, 26 November, 2020
• 7 min read

Being stuck at home is great for some people, but those who like to live an active lifestyle are definitely feeling the pain. The whole reason Zumba classes exist in the first place is to mix up your cardio routine, and give you some new dance moves with it.

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This YouTube channel, run by Zumba, has certified instructors offering 7, 20, and 30-minute workouts. Whether you’re a HIIT master and are looking to do an hour, or just getting started and might not make it through the 7 minute, you have options.

Plus, you’ll be ready to take on the full hour-long class at your local workout center when it reopens. Whether you’re looking for hip-shaking Latin dancing, or breaking it down to some hip-hop, there’s a variety of musical workouts on their YouTube channel and on their fitness video service Active.

Taking on the top hits, he creates routines for nearly every type of music. If you want to get the whole family active, you can pop on one of his Zumba Kids routines to make it easier on them.

Zumba Fitness Concert Live Let’s move on from YouTube and to Amazon Prime. Whether you’re into Bollywood style or Latin dance, these 16 routines will give you what you like, and introduce you to something new.

If you have Amazon Prime, you can flick it on and learn these moves from the man who created Zumba himself, Beta Perez. Take your time, have some fun, and shake those hips as you learn a variety of Latin dance moves.

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From warm up to cool down, from salsa to merengue to popular, discover my favorite+ bestZumba songs playlist and YouTube workout videos! If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know I care about food as much as about fitness.

I also love running, cycling and sometimes squash, although I haven’t played it in ages now. (I put a paragraph break there just so if you don’t read this, you think it’s all a well edited body of text, whereas I just put it there randomly in the middle of my nonstop prose.

The Time (Dirty Bit) by Black Eyed Peas is my favorite Zumba warm-up song ever, and it’s fun and peppy! I love following it with a Salsa song, and then something pop, like Sexy and I Know It (LMAO) and Mr. Sailboat (Alexandra Stan).

My favorite Zumba instructor, Dawn, used to do a better routine, but this will do for the time being! I love throwing classics in the mix like We don't Speak American English (Yolanda Be Cool), Vogue (Madonna) and Jump In the Line(Shake, Shake Señora) (Harry Telephone).

Ships Abuja the editor-in-chief of ShilpaAhuja.com, which she founded with the goal of inspiring confidence in the modern working woman through fashion. Other than defining the direction of the magazine, she also writes about fashion & beauty trend forecasts, industry analysis, and opinions.

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Ships’s work has been published in the University of Fashion blog and Jet Airways magazine. She is also the creator of Audrey O., a comic series that represents the lifestyle of millennial women.

Originally from Chandigarh, Ships also has a degree in architecture and has worked in interior project management. She is also the author of the book “Designing a Chinese Cultural Center in India”.

Zumba is a dance fitness program that was started by Colombian dancer and choreographer, Alberto Perez, at the end of the 1990s. Also, Belly dancing and Reggaeton moves add a bit of zing to the choreography.

Imbalance steps transition smoothly from ones that tone and strengthen, to those that help burn calories. This is the basic high-intensity, high-energy cardio workout with Latin dance steps which builds fitness, enables weight loss, and increases stamina.

Basic Zumba steps and moves are modified to suit the pace and needs of the participants. Participants can work on the muscles of arms, abs, glutes, and thighs with toning sticks.

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Classes are held in a swimming pool, and instructor leads the students with Zumba fitness moves from the poolside. This child-friendly routine attracts youngsters due to the great music and fun element of dance.

Insane rents, my job and gnarly love life were taking their toll on me. And then when the rain started pouring down, and it officially got cold here again, all I wanted was to be in a place where I could saunter out to a garage, stay dry and get in a car to drive and meet the friend I had plans with that night.

Instead, I got into my rain gear and trudged through the wind and wet night to take the 6 train and meet her late, cold and soaked. I run miles on the incline treadmill, wear tough girl workout gear and take difficult classes involving words like “melt” and “boot camp” that have me drenched with sweat.

So when I finally heard enough stories from her, I met her on this rainy night for the class to check it out for myself. Then our bubbly and breakdance pant clad instructor asked who was new and Kate raised my hand.

The music started abruptly, and I was immediately handed my pride on a silver platter. At first, all I could do was stare in awe at the three rows in front of me who'd clearly learned the routine months ago and were fully able to swing their hips and shake their booties in ways that I was not born to do.

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The girl behind me moved like Britney Spears, the one in front of me was Shakira and everyone else seemed like a member of the Pussycat Dolls. I sort of stumbled around and did some heel tap like maneuvers that at least had me in some kind of motion, but my arms were not moving at the same pace as my feet and nothing was graceful about what was going on when I attempted the pirouette like hop through the air and change direction thing that everyone else seemed to float through.

Then another hip hope song came on and even the 60-year-old lady in front of me was able to get down and shake the contents of her sports bra to Flo Ride's “Low.” I stopped looking out the window wondering what guy in the weight room may see me acting like a ridiculous J.

I positioned myself right behind the instructor, stared only at her undulating body, pretended I was my teenage icon Jody Warley in her “Real Love” video and joined in with the group to shake what my mother gave me. I'm pretty sure I actually just bopped up and down thrusting my hips and gyrating my ass periodically, but it stopped even mattering.

Partly because I was the worst Zumba 'er in the room, but also because I couldn't remember the last time something cleared my head and made me feel so free, including my daily runs on the treadmill and the two-hour guided Buddhist meditation on Monday. I looked around at the other women (and the two men who I give extreme props to) and had such gratitude for the fun I just shared with them.

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