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Maria Garcia
• Thursday, 22 October, 2020
• 8 min read

So let’s dump the workout and have some fun dancing away to the tunes of the most popular Zumba songs. Believe me, you will feel like you’ve been partying while burning out those extra calories.

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Scroll down to find out the top 10 songs to dance to. The term ‘ Zumba was derived from a Colombian word, meaning ‘to move fast while having fun’ or ‘buzz like a bee’.

Dance is an effective and a great form of exercise. Imbalance was created by a Colombian dancer and choreographer, Alberto “Beta” Perez, in the mid-90s.

He forgot to bring his music tape to the aerobics class that he was teaching in. He rushed back to his car and found a tape of Latin dance music.

He mixed the Latin dance forms like salsa, merengue, rumba, cha-cha, cumbia, mambo, flamenco, reggaeton, hip hop, bhangra, and tango and created what is widely known as Zumba. He then along with some entrepreneurs branded the class and transformed it into an eminent global franchise that is today called Zumba Fitness.

It is a Latin tropical song, which was written by Don Omar. It is one of the main songs of the video game Zumba Fitness Core.

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It is a song by Pitbull featuring Kenya. The lyrics pump you up, with one of the lines being ‘You better move, you better dance ’.

Sung by: Daft Punk Album: Random Access Memories Year: 2013 This funky song by the Daft Punk duo really makes you feel lucky when you start playing it.

It is exciting, fun, effective, and the best reason is that it is made for all, from kids to grandparents! You just have to put on your dancing shoes and start moving.

From warm up to cool down, from salsa to merengue to popular, discover my favorite+ bestZumba songs playlist and YouTube workout videos! If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know I care about food as much as about fitness.

I also love running, cycling and sometimes squash, although I haven’t played it in ages now. (I put a paragraph break there just so if you don’t read this, you think it’s all a well edited body of text, whereas I just put it there randomly in the middle of my nonstop prose.

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The Time (Dirty Bit) by Black Eyed Peas is my favorite Zumba warm-up song ever, and it’s fun and peppy! I love following it with a Salsa song, and then something pop, like Sexy and I Know It (LMAO) and Mr. Sailboat (Alexandra Stan).

My favorite Zumba instructor, Dawn, used to do a better routine, but this will do for the time being! I love throwing classics in the mix like We don't Speak American English (Yolanda Be Cool), Vogue (Madonna) and Jump In the Line(Shake, Shake Señora) (Harry Telephone).

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Today, the craze of Zumba exercise is simple amazing in many countries. If you are planning for a great workout then you surely need some inspirational music which would help you to go on your feet.

However, in case if you do not find convenient going there, you can do Zumba workout home. With the help of CD or DVD you can perform Zumba workout.

The trainers have set some good exercise which helps people to lose weight and get in right shape. Zumba workout style is since long time now and if you think it is getting older than you are absolutely wrong.

The Zumbamusic and exercise is till alive and getting immensely popular these days. Besides this, Far East movement “G6”, Lady Gaga “born this way”, Bruno mars “Grenade”, Yolanda Be Cool “We don't Speak American English”, Rihanna “S&M”, Enrique Iglesias “I like it”, Usher “DJ Got us falling in Love again” are some popular numbers listing.

Generally, workouts are boring if you go to gym and spend long hours there. Many people even play fitness dance songs at home just to hear it.

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However, it is best to join Zumba classes and learn the steps perfectly by the trainer. This will help you in understanding the right style of performing Zumba workout.

Hot Bod is a weekly exploration of fitness culture and its adjacent oddities. And so, in order to move at all, it becomes necessary to aim yourself at your window unit and peruse the best dance -workout videos that YouTube has to offer.

They can be frenetic, cheesy, weirdly angled, and sometimes silent if the instructors used music that they didn’t license. 305, named after the illustrious Miami area code, is a thriving YouTube channel with live classes (glitchy in a charming way) and slick videos that feature a devoted DJ.

The music leans toward crowd-pleaser pop, the dances are squat-heavy, interrupted with Drag Race -informed strutting. Still, no one in this world is more interested in toning my “peach booty” than the 305 instructors and their demonstrators.

Mylee’s Dance Workouts aren’t exactly extreme; they’re more like a music video that you have some chance of following along to. Like a music video, these are only worth watching if you’re into the song; also like a music video, they often last just a few minutes, which make them an ideal tiny workout break when you’re feeling restless and weird, but don’t feel like putting on spandex and committing.

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I recommend Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings” or, as always, Ciara’s “Level Up.” Melee often repeats the choreography two or three times in a row, if you’re devoted to doing it perfectly. During a mutual-doldrums period during quarantine, my childhood best friend Natalie sent me a link to one of Fukuoka’s dance classes.

FitSevenEleven’s classes occupy the perfect middle of the Venn Diagram between Exercise and Dance : grapevines ending in jumping jacks, squats that also ask you to roll your hips. If I could compliment Maddie Limburger, the proprietress of Madrid on one thing it would be her exceedingly precise physical punctuation.

She’s also very clever about giving the people what they want, like One Direction and “apartment-friendly” sets with no jumping (to be nice to your downstairs neighbors). If you want a strong, bold instructor with personality flying out of their kneecaps, allow me to introduce you to Caleb Marshall and his dance workouts.

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