Best Zumba Dance Songs

Brent Mccoy
• Thursday, 14 January, 2021
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So let’s dump the workout and have some fun dancing away to the tunes of the most popular Zumbasongs. Believe me, you will feel like you’ve been partying while burning out those extra calories.

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Scroll down to find out the top 10 songs to dance to. The term ‘ Zumba was derived from a Colombian word, meaning ‘to move fast while having fun’ or ‘buzz like a bee’.

Dance is an effective and a great form of exercise. Imbalance was created by a Colombian dancer and choreographer, Alberto “Beta” Perez, in the mid-90s.

He forgot to bring his music tape to the aerobics class that he was teaching in. He rushed back to his car and found a tape of Latin dance music.

He mixed the Latin dance forms like salsa, merengue, rumba, cha-cha, cumbia, mambo, flamenco, reggaeton, hip hop, bhangra, and tango and created what is widely known as Zumba. He then along with some entrepreneurs branded the class and transformed it into an eminent global franchise that is today called Zumba Fitness.

This song is all about living and enjoying your life to the fullest. It tells you to live a long life and keep the party going.

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It is one of the main songs of the video game Zumba Fitness Core. Beta Perez’s choreography is enticing and takes you through various moves.

Sung by: Daft Punk Album: Random Access Memories Year: 2013 This funky song by the Daft Punk duo really makes you feel lucky when you start playing it.

It is exciting, fun, effective, and the best reason is that it is made for all, from kids to grandparents! You just have to put on your dancing shoes and start moving.

From warm up to cool down, from salsa to merengue to popular, discover my favorite+ bestZumbasongs playlist and YouTube workout videos! If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know I care about food as much as about fitness.

I also love running, cycling and sometimes squash, although I haven’t played it in ages now. And because I can’t stop doing Zumba in the meanwhile, I always keep a playlist handy, so I can do it by myself at home.

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My favorite Zumba instructor, Dawn, used to do a better routine, but this will do for the time being! I love throwing classics in the mix like We don't Speak American English (Yolanda Be Cool), Vogue (Madonna) and Jump In the Line(Shake, Shake Señora) (Harry Telephone).

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Zumba is very popular right now, so what are the best song for Zumba dancing. 1. La Bicycle” by Shakira and Carlos Vives.

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“La Morbidity” means “a little bite” in English, so it makes it even more tempting. “Was surprised to see that the one who sang this song was a young girl.

I always attend my Sunday Zumba dancing and I always hear this song. Such a wonderful song, thanks to the awesome beat, which provokes and motivates us.

Can you YouTube some of these songs instead of just listing for sale sites? Nice list, too bad I couldn't listen to any without having to buy it.

That's what I miss when doing Fitness Blender from YouTube or their website...music. Several are on my play list, but I have many more to keep me dancing for hours.

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