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• Tuesday, 29 December, 2020
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If songs like Beyoncé's “Already” and Afro B's “Dogma (Joanna)” rule your playlist, then you're going to enjoy moving along to the Afrobeat-inspired workouts on Rachael Oneself's channel. The channel, appropriately named Adroitness, merges African dance techniques into fitness programs like resistance training and HIIT.

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Maddie Limburger of Madrid creates at-home workouts designed with people of all fitness levels to be performed in close quarters. The channel Drive Shah Dance has racked up almost 17 million views from people looking to burn call while nailing some Bollywood choreography.

To follow along, you'll need to work on lots of quick hand movements, while stomping and kicking your feet along to the music. Her workouts consist of chores sequences set to specific songs (each is about 3-minutes long), but they're so high-energy, it'll feel like an hour.

Created by an ACE-certified group exercise instructor, Dance University by Jessica Hoogendyk features routines inspired by barre and Zumba, and her music selection spans all genres from pop to bachata. Aside from total-body workouts, the Studio by Jamie Kinked channel features muscle-specific routines designed to tone your arms, abs, and booty, and though you'll likely be out of breath, the trainers keep you going with their upbeat and energizing words of encouragement.

He creates original dance sequences to today's top hits, so you're guaranteed to sing along the whole time, too. Each video features a different team of trainers delivering chores routines with lots of repetitive movements (which'll make it easier to learn for newbies), hip swinging, and rhythmic footwork.

This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be used to getting your sweat on by strength training or doing cardio workouts like running or HIIT, but those goats aren't the only ways to rev your heart rate and sculpt your bod.

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The best dance workouts make you feel like you're in the middle of a dance floor instead of, well, your living room. Plus, there's something for everyone, whether you're looking for a specific type of dance like Zumba or barre, or intricate choreography that'll feel like a challenge to master.

In fact, dance fitness classes are associated with an improvement in mental and physical health such as building muscle and a better mood. The latter is thanks to the endorphin-releasing effects of music combined with cardio, per a study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health that looked at how adding Zumba classes to their weekly routine affected the health of women who weren't regular exercisers.

What's more: Dance training may even have the ability to slow down your brain's aging process, according to a study published in the LOS One Journal that found taking dance classes where you had to learn new choreography boosted the cognitive function of older adults more than when they did workouts with repetitive movement patterns like strength training or steady state cardio (think: jogging or going for a spin on an exercise bike). These top-rated channels have earned thousands of subscribers, are all beginner-friendly, and represent a mix of dance styles from ballet to hip-hop.

With kids however I find it easiest to work out at home. This video is great for getting started and learning to understand the basics of Zumba.

Zumba is a fitness program that was created by Beta Perez in his native country of Columbia. Approximately 15 million people take weekly Zumba classes in over 200,000 locations across 180 countries.

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Geared toward active older adults, it has easy-to-follow choreography that beginners of any age may also appreciate. Zumba Gold focuses on balance, range of motion, and coordination at a lower intensity.

You perform large muscle movements by reaching your arms and lifting your legs in the water, as well as circling your hips and shoulders. Instructors receive quarterly DVD releases with new routines for their students.

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“When your instructor takes you though a level change try and do it,” Boyer says. All that up and down movement will not only boost your burn, it will also get your glutes, hips, and thigh muscles firing even more.

“Sit into your moves, bend your knees, and go up and down and all around as much as you can-level changes burn calories!” Boyer recommends pressing through your heels whenever you can to maximize the move's booty shaping benefits.

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“Make the most out of that shimmy you love, or the salsa step you have mastered. Master Zumba instructor Staci Boyer's top tips to maximize your workout.

3.5 out of 5 stars from 169 reviews 169 Join the party with Zumba Fitness®, a one-of-a-kind, dance fitness workout set to sexy, high-energy Latin and international music! Find your rhythm and let go as Zumba instructor fan favorites Gina Grant, Tanya Beardsley and Zumba’s creator Beta guide you through 30 routines that will work you into a sweat and make you forget you’re even exercising.

Featuring exclusive music and choreography, Zumba Fitness® for Kine ct lets you see yourself on screen and naturally dance controller-free in an ultra fun interactive fitness party that’s focused on the joy of movement! Learn to dance like a pro with easy basic imbalance steps that you can watch on a video like a mobile app.

So allow me to feature a free video tutorial on how to do imbalance and learn from qualified instructors and masters in the Zumba fitness arena near you. I will be featuring here as well free Zumba classes being held in different time schedules in communities around your place, specifically in Manila, Philippines where our family lives.

I will be revealing the different new and latest free schedules of Zumba for beginners performance classes around Metro Manila, so you can go ahead and gear up to attend without the need to pay a single centavo. Shake that booty type and hip hop dancing all the way is the secret to this Latin dance steps incorporation into a blend of mix with the thought of enjoying at a party while unconsciously getting fit each day and each session schedule of your Zumba class.

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Here is a quick list of the different basic steps for beginners as well as videos for the advance dancer in you to get fit for life while having fund and dancing your way each session schedule to a party music. This is yet another version of the imbalance class performed by a trio of dance instructors for the sake of this downloadable and convertible video for your android, windows, blackberry or Apple iPhone mobile.

Anya Breech is a professional salsa, Latin, swing, and ballroom dance teacher in Oakland, CA. Zumba was created and founded by Beta Perez, who's an amazing dude from Colombia that knows how to dance.

Zumba is a great place to learn how to move your body in all sorts of ways and look awesome and sexy. If you usually do your cardio on the elliptical, treadmill, or runs outside, Zumba is a great way to mix things up.

Zumba encompasses a wide variety of dances and specific movements, all of which help you get in touch with your body and teach you how to move yourself in different ways. This will stimulate your brain and force you to pay attention to what your body is doing and really put you to work.

Since Zumba covers a wide range of movements, you'll be moving your body in ways that you're probably not used to. If you already work out, then you'll just be reinforcing your muscles, and if you're out of shape, this is a good place to start building up your strength.

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In addition to building strength, you'll also being developing your flexibility from reaching and stretching during all the moves in class. Zumba is great for men because it gets them out of the traditional manly-man Neanderthal mindset that prevails in our society and gives them an opportunity to have fun and move around in a welcoming, safe, non-judgmental environment.

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