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James Lee
• Sunday, 25 October, 2020
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LEAGUES Join millions of players across the world competing on a weekly leaderboard. Enjoy exclusive chip package offerings and special game modes.

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Solitaire Spades Plus Tangle Master 3D Tiny Royale™ Too Blast Touch drawn Toy Blast Water Shoot Wheel Smash Willy Wonka Slots Wizard of Oz Magic Match Wizard of Oz Slots Wonk’s World of Candy Wood Shop Words With Friends 2 Zero21 Solitaire Zynga Poker Gold jewelry has been a fashion statement for ages, but Nikita Luther wears hers as a badge of honor.

Nikita created history by winning a gold bracelet at The World Series of Poker (SOP) in Las Vegas last June. Women are raising the bar and breaking boundaries across professions and industries, and the poker world is no different.

The Delhi-based startup lets users play games like online poker for real money. Seven years ago, Nikita discovered Zyngapoker by US-based games company Zynga, and started spending four to five hours every day playing it.

A year or two later, Nikita had the chance to play poker for real money at a friend’s birthday party. “I thought if I can play poker for free for hours, why not take this hobby and turn it into a living,” says Nikita.

“The skills involve intricate concepts of mathematics, probability, game theory, strategy and psychology,” she adds. Having played poker professionally for more than two years, with the rewards to show for it and $218,554 in tournament earnings, Nikita is flying.

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Most recently, she won a Rs 6.8 lakh prize at the five-day Dentin Poker Tournament held last month, organized by Adda52.com. Inside this article, I’ll talk about those hacks and cheats promising to give unlimited free chips for ZyngaPoker, but first, check out my quick review about this exciting poker game.

Big payouts: it means you can earn many virtual free chips for every tournament you play. VIP program: if you are a great player you have the possibility to access extra benefits and special tournaments.

Real social poker experience: you can play against your friends and other people online. You just need to enter on their website, choose your platform (Android or iOS) and then you can start playing immediately.

If you believe that those Zyngapoker hacks will work to give you extra or even unlimited free chips to this game, sorry, but you are wrong. If you thought that only cheats and hacks would give you free chips in ZyngaPoker game, fortunately, you are wrong.

Welcome bonus : as I wrote previously, all new players will earn a generous amount of free chips for the Zynga Poker game. Zynga's game will reward you with extra credits for being an active poker player.

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If you wanted to get unlimited free chips you’ll need to literally play the game by the rules even if you found a hack that works to generate free credits you’ll put your account at risk, so it’s better to follow the tips above to get more credits. All your most loved poke recreations straightforwardly from the club floor are allowed to play.

Appreciate an energizing assortment of poke extra adjusts, from free twists to intelligent rewards. ZyngaPoker Game is very popular in worldwide also in between social media.

This game is played worldwide by millions of people across the world. If you are good player in Zynga then you can also check your gambling skills too.

They also organize Live tournaments in which 5 to 9 players can play at a time. Bellow, I will discuss some new Addictive Features of ZyngaPoker Game.

Zynga's poker has now fast and convenient gameplay with tournaments. One more attractive feature of Zynga poker is the new triple hand tournaments mode.

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Zynga's poker has innovative and alternative spin wheel mode in the game seems more exciting. To play Zyngapokerplayer need to sign in to Zyngapoker with the help of Facebook id or google account.

On this app, you can access many features easily in your smartphone anytime from anywhere. All the promo codes and Zyngapoker free chips links are verified and active.

Make sure that you are using the prom codes properly, All the information is provided here is available here after a long and deep research of Zyngapoker from different sources. Many people are surprised to know that fake money poker (also called play money poker) is actually the most popular form of the game online especially on sites like PokerS tars.

This involves playing with fake chips given to you by the house which hold no actual monetary value. Nearly all online poker rooms offer play money games.

Heck, you can even play free Zyngapoker on Facebook these days! And the reason why is that it is a great way to let people get started playing online and learn the rules of poker. Anyways, in this article I am going to provide you with my top strategies to get you crushing the online play money poker games or Zynga on Facebook, right now.

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The first thing that you need to understand about Zyngapoker games is that when there is no money on the line people will play absolutely crazy. Even at the very lowest limit real money games online, where the buying is often as low as $2, people play much more conservative.

Are you crushing your opponents in Zynga or play money games? That is why I recently wrote this free little 50 pages no BS guide to teach you exactly how to start crushing real money games right now.

Enter your details below, and I will send my free poker cheat sheet to your email right now. The whole point of the game of poker is to win huge pots.

So you should raise the pot whatever amount you think will thin the field to this amount of people. I would recommend studying from the poker masters like Daniel Sergeant to learn even more advanced strategies to beat Zyngapoker games. In fact Daniel Sergeant just opened up the enrollment in his new advanced poker training course.

Now I should mention, in some particularly crazy Zyngapoker games this might mean just going all in pref lop. When you have a strong hand at the fake money tables make sure that you raise the pot enough so that you thin the field to just a couple of people.

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With some of the hands that I listed above such as AA, OK or HQ you do not need to hit the board because you already have a pair. However, with a hand like AK or A you do need to pair one of your cards on the flop in order to improve.

So you need to gauge the strength of your hand on the flop, turn and river and then bet accordingly. If you have a hand like AK or A and you missed the board completely, then you should just check and fold if anybody bets a reasonable amount.

You also want to play your mid pair type hands fairly cautiously as well if they did not connect with the board to hit a set. If the board is bad (3 over cards for instance) and they bet, then often you should just fold. It is very important to stay disciplined after the flop in fake money poker or Zyngapoker as well.

If you have a huge hand such as AA, OK or HQ, you hit the board with your AK/A or you hit a set with your 66 type hand (e.g. flop is K62), then you want to bet big and bet often. The great thing about play money poker is that your opponents will typically call with anything.

Always make sure that you bet big (pot size bets) so that you can win a big pot. You will learn the exact strategies that I used to create some of the highest winnings in online poker history in low stakes cash games. Play money poker is really quite easy to win at once you understand how to beat it, just like Zyngapoker on Facebook.

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Lastly, if you want to learn how to start consistently making $1000 per month in low stakes poker games, make sure you grab a copy of my free poker cheat sheet.

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