Biggest Wheel Of Fortune Fails

Bob Roberts
• Monday, 25 October, 2021
• 7 min read

One of the great genres of unintentional comedy is game show fails. And no game show produces more spectacular fails than Wheel of Fortune.

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The game show institution's unique combination of high pressure and low skill leads to some hilarious bloopers. The newest one is making the rounds today, in which a guy said “A Streetcar Naked Desire” when the answer was (quite obviously) A Streetcar Named Desire.

The greatest Wheel of Fortune fail is when the answer was clearly “self-portrait” and a woman named Lolita's brain shorted out for a second, and she said “self-potato, sorry.” I think she saw “PO T” and thought “POTATO” even though there was already a T at the end of the word.

To be fair, they're Marines, so they're probably busy in the morning when Kelly IPA is on TV. He said “Magic And” because he was so stuck on the “and” sound and apparently forgot the letter W.

This one is great because it seems like an extraordinary fail at first, but the truth is that she was giving wrong answers on purpose to help out the other contestants. She was going to win, and she wanted her fellow vets (it was veterans' week) to go home with some cash.

Wheel of Fortune took the L on this one, because Aura gamed the system. I can't wait to see how this list will change as Wheel of Fortune continues and more fails happen.

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Every so often, a Twitter account pops up on our radar that makes us laugh so hard, we wish we'd thought to create it first. The Wheel of Fortune Answers” Twitter feed (@wofanswers) is one of those creations.

This parody account is perfect for those of us who like to shout out our Wheel of Fortune answers before the contestants have a chance to solve the puzzle. Except, instead of shouting out the correct answer, this Twitter feed provides the most hilariously incorrect puzzle solutions possible.

While some answers contain curse words or other slightly dirty words, the best false answers always manage to toe the line between clean and raunchy humor. And no, the false answers do not have to make any sort of sense, in any way.

Or perhaps a new term for a chopping device meant to make coleslaw? These cheerful couples must be in the midst of an existential crisis of sorts.

Naturally, this anonymous user follows only three other pages on Twitter: Wheel of Fortune, Anna White, and Pat Speak. Whoever is behind this account is a true blue Wheel of Fortune fan, and thanks to their great sense of humor, we're joining the fandom, too.

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Wheel of Fortune is the longest-running game show in the U.S., having debuted in 1975 originally hosted by Chuck Foolery and Susan Stafford, until Pat Speak took over in 1981 and has been host since, minus a two-year hiatus when he tried his hand at his own late-night talk show. In the show, three contestants compete to spin a wheel, select letters, and try to solve a Hangman -like puzzle.

They can go bankrupt and lose their money with a spin, try to solve the puzzle if they think they know what it is, and go on to win more cash, trips, and other prizes. Anna White has been beside Pat Speak’s side for more than 30 years on the show, turning the letters as they light up (now simply touching the new digital board) and clapping along as players spin the wheel and solve the puzzles.

Another fun fact: Speak tries to match his ties to her dresses, showing how much of a cohesive team they are. There’s a platform under the stage that each person stands on, so it makes them appear as though they’re all the same height even though some are taller and others shorter than they appear.

White’s main on-screen gig on the show includes dutifully turning the letters (now touching the screens) as contestants guess the correct ones, and they light up on the board. Then, she continues to clap away as they spin and try to win, successfully solve a puzzle, or land on a big prize.

She has clapped so much, in fact, that she has carved a spot in The Guinness Book of World Records as “television’s most frequent clapper.” Yes, that’s a thing. This has never been adjusted for inflation or to take into account the higher cost of living in today’s world.

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And while the wheel actually isn’t as big as you might think it is, thanks to some clever camera work and angles, too, it is still pretty heavy. Additionally, during commercial breaks, contestants are encouraged to shout out letters repeatedly.

This is done in part to ensure that they can be heard loud and clear, but also to keep them pumped up for the next round once the commercials are over. But the wheel really isn’t rigged at all, despite outlandish rumors that Speak controls it with his foot, or it’s set to prevent contestants from winning too much.

This isn’t a local carnival game, folks, where the basket is designed to be smaller than the ball making it impossible to win. The screen shows the category and blanks out all the letters that have been guessed already, including both consonants and vowels.

About The Author Christine Persuade (668 Articles Published) A professional writer and editor with 18+ years of experience, Christine, now a freelance writer/editor, is a self-professed TV fanatic with tastes that vary considerably from comedies to dramas, sci-fi, and more. She can usually be found binging a new show at night, coupled with a glass of red wine.

In this post, we will be taking a closer look at the life and career of Sherrill Speak. We will talk about her relationship with the Wheel of Fortune host and her former husband Pat Speak, along with her accomplishments on her own.

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Several sources have indicated that she was born sometime around 1945 (that makes her around 75 years old now) and her middle name is James but her last name, prior to her marriage to Pat Speak is unknown due to the absence of information about her parents. Ever since her marriage with Pat Speak ended, nobody has really heard much from her (aside from friends and family of course).

As mentioned earlier, Sherrill Speak resided outside the realm of media consciousness before she became known to the media and fans of Wheel of Fortune as the wife of Pat Speak, the adored host of the game show. The couple met each other in 1978, three years before Pat began to host Wheel of Fortune in 1981.

However, life often has its own plans, and it came in the form of a breakout role for Pat Speak in 1981 when he was chosen to be the host of Wheel of Fortune. As Pat Speak became more and more involved with Wheel of Fortune, it became increasingly difficult for him to fulfil his role as a husband.

Less than 10 years after getting married, Pat and Sherrill Speak decided to call it quits and chose to divorce each other in 1986. Pat Speak has been a lifelong conservative and a long time supporter of the Republican Party.

His relationship with the party, which has spanned several years when he was a writer for some conservative publications like Human Events has continued to exist to day. Sherrill Speak’s personal and professional achievements aren’t really available for public consumption but here time as the wife of one of America’s most famous TV personalities, Pat Speak (who went on to achieve a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame) is an indelible part of history.

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Voracious Appetite was the Wheel of Fortune Bonus Puzzle for February 14 2013Voracious Appetite was the Wheel of Fortune Bonus Puzzle for February 14 2013Voracious Appetite was the Wheel of Fortune Bonus Puzzle for February 14 2013Voracious Appetite was the Wheel of Fortune Bonus Puzzle for February 14 2013Voracious Appetite was the Wheel of Fortune Bonus Puzzle for February 14, 2013 University of Iowa junior Talkie Kerr took home $10,650 in cash and prizes, including a trip to Costa Rica, during her Wheel of Fortune episode of “College Week Spring Break” on Tuesday.

The Johnston native said in a statement to the Des Moines Register that “being there with all the college kids was cool.” The 21-year-old, who is currently studying psychology and minoring in health and nutritional services at Iowa, will save the money not used for her Costa Rica trip to help pay off student loans in the future.

Her journey as a contestant on Wheel of Fortune began after she visited a Wheel mobile event in Osceola with her aunt. Kerr filmed her episode of Wheel of Fortune on Feb. 6, before the coronavirus pandemic spread across the United States, causing several schools and businesses shutdowns.

Verify A viewer asked our Verify team to check a report claiming Anna White is leaving Wheel of Fortune because of her age. A viewer asked our Verify team to check a report claiming Anna White is leaving Wheel of Fortune because of her age.

We reached out to Sony Pictures Television, which produces the show. They quickly responded, saying not only is White not leaving; she just signed a new 2-year contract along with co-star, Pat Speak.

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Sony points out Wheel of Fortune reaches more than 27 million weekly viewers, making it the most-watched program in television. We can verify the report about White leaving Wheel of Fortune is false.

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