Blast Zone For Yellowstone

Ellen Grant
• Saturday, 27 November, 2021
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Clues hidden in past Yellowstone eruptions from hundreds of thousands of years ago paint an incredibly hopeless future. Experts at the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) warned in 2015 the resulting damage would amount to staggering sums of money lost.

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Doug Busch, a senior scientist at FEMA, said: “In terms of direct economic damages, a three trillion dollar number is reasonable for this event. Further out from Zone One, the survivability prospects begins to increase, but local wildlife and agriculture would suffer irreparable losses for years to come.

The bleak study published by USGS scientists Larry Martin, said: “Cities within 500 km such as Billings and Casper are covered by tens of centimeters to more than a meter of ash, upper Midwestern cities such as Minneapolis and Des Moines receive centimeters, and those in the East and Gulf Coasts receive millimeters or less. According to FEMA, even in Zone Six which extends more than 800 km away from the mega blast, Yellowstone’s ash would still have devastating effects.

Buildings would likely suffer minor damage in the fallout, cars would lose traction on roads and the ensuing lack of food and communication could collapse livestock production. Jacob Western, a research geologist at the US Geological Survey (USGS), said Yellowstone erupting in our lifetime is an unlikely scenario.

Yellowstone volcano eruption simulations show an unexpected blast would produce ash fallout from the Northwest US down to the southern tip of Florida. The startling news was presented in a research paper analyzing the catastrophic impacts of a major volcanic Yellowstone eruption.

Penned by hydrologist Larry Martin, of the US Geological Survey (USGS), the paper titled Modelling ash fall distribution from a Yellowstone super eruption was published in Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems. The dire study reads: “We simulated eruptions lasting three days, one week, and one month, each producing 330 km cubed of volcanic ash, denserock equivalent (ARE).

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Yellowstone volcano: These eruption maps show the simulated ash fallout from Yellowstone (Image: LARRY MARTIN)“Deposit thicknesses are decimeters to meters in the northern Rocky Mountains, centimeters to decimeters in the northern Midwest, and millimeters to centimeters on the East, West, and Gulf Coasts.” These past eruptions released vast amounts of thick ash into the atmosphere, choking out the skies and affecting weather patterns.

The study reads: “Over the past two million years, trends in the volume of eruptions and the magnitude of crustal melting may signal a decline of major volcanism from the Yellowstone region. Universal Images Group via Getty Images It seems that any time calamity is in the headlines, often whether it has to do with the earth’s plumbing or otherwise, talk online inevitably turns to Yellowstone and the super volcano that lies beneath the famed park and beyond.

You don’t have to spend too much time looking online to find fresh tabloid headlines warning about a possible eruption and predictions that the caldera will blow its top sometime in the next year. It’s true that over 100 earthquakes, including a few “swarms” were reported in the Yellowstone region in March alone, which has fueled a lot of the fear and speculation about possible imminent eruptions.

What you won’t learn if you don’t read beyond the headline or dig deeper than a tweet, however, is that the strongest of those earthquakes was just a magnitude 3.1 and that this kind of activity is “pretty normal,” as Poland puts it. I've covered science, technology, the environment and politics for outlets including CNET, PC World, BYTE, Wired, AOL and NPR.

… Read More've covered science, technology, the environment and politics for outlets including CNET, PC World, BYTE, Wired, AOL and NPR. I began covering Silicon Valley for the now defunct Business 2.0 Magazine in 2000, but when the dot-com bubble burst, I found myself manning a public radio station in the Alaskan Bush for three years.

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Spewing lava far into the sky, a cloud of plant-killing ash would fan out and dump a layer 10ft deep up to 1,000 miles away. Two-thirds of the U.S. could become uninhabitable as toxic air sweeps through it, grounding thousands of flights and forcing millions to leave their homes.

But hampered by a lack of data they have stopped short of an all-out warning, and they are unable to put a date on when the next disaster might take place. The University of Utah's Bob Smith, an expert in Yellowstone's volcanism told National Geographic: ‘It's an extraordinary uplift, because it covers such a large area and the rates are so high.

Area of outstanding natural beauty: The Yellowstone caldera (circled in red) in Wyoming is the world's largest super-volcano Robert B. Smith, professor of geophysics at the University of Utah, who has led a recent study into the volcano, added: ‘Our best evidence is that the crustal magma chamber is filling with molten rock.

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‘But we have no idea how long this process goes on before there either is an eruption or the inflow of molten rock stops and the caldera deflates again’. The Yellowstone Caldera is one of nature’s most awesome creations and sits atop North America’s largest volcanic field.

They have also been keeping an eye on a ‘pancake-shaped blob’ of molten rock he size of Los Angeles which was pressed into the volcano some time ago. They filled the caldera with ash and lava and made the flat landscape that draws thousands of tourists to Yellowstone National Park every year.

‘There is so much heat coming out of Yellowstone right now that if it wasn't being reheated by magma, the whole system would have gone stone-cold since the time of the last eruption 70,000 years ago.’ Peer through one of the largest amateur built telescopes in the country at Golden dale Observatory or step inside a historic lighthouse at Cape Disappointment State Park.

Yellowstone Super Volcano May Be In Early Stages Of Eruption The volcano would also eject sulfuric acid into the air forming an aerosol that remains in the atmosphere for years screening out sunlight causing global.

A volcanic eruption of the Yellowstone super volcano in Wyoming would devastate the United States and affect the entire world for years. But based on many synchronicities and predictive programming I believe that one day the Yellowstone super volcano will erupt.

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Cooperation zones are the only areas where humans will be allowed to live and presumably work. To form the y on this map locate the Yellowstone park in the extreme north-western corner of Wyoming realizing this is the upper right part of a y.

I buy all guesstimates live in the secondary ash zone in Idaho and I have already. Millions trapped in kill zone of hot ash and lava a Yellowstone volcano eruption could potentially trap or displace millions of people caught in the direct volcanic.

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