Blow Up Whack A Mole

Elaine Sutton
• Saturday, 16 October, 2021
• 9 min read

Well, if you're looking for a new thrill to liven up your backyard, look no further: EZ Inflatables sells a human-sized game of Whack -A- Mole. Hearst Magazines amazon.comfort those who don't know, the game of Whack -A- Mole is quite simple (and usually on a much smaller scale than the one offered here).

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Received the product very quickly, Quality is good, look nice! Six players pop up from their Mole Holes” and snag the balls on the surface.

Duck back down before the player in the center of it all can WHACK your Mole Head” with the inflatable mallet! Six players pop up from their Mole Holes” and snag the balls on the surface.

Duck back down before the player in the center of it all can WHACK your Mole Head” with the inflatable mallet! Games are fast and furious with the human moles trying to grab as many balls from around the central position as possible within a set time while avoiding being whacked by the hammer.

Remember the retro Whack -A- Mole arcade game growing up ? They will have an inflatable hammer where they will whack the moles” to try and stop them from taking their collection of balls.

Human Whack a Mole Rental for The Best Parties and Events (707) 528-7529 ITEM DESCRIPTION: Party Jump Interactive party rentals brings an arcade favorite to life with the Interactive Human Whack -a- Mole game.

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The goal is to pop up and grab as many balls as you can and put them down below in your bag without getting ‘whacked’. The hammer is similar material to blowup beach balls.

Click Share to make it public. This leaderboard has been disabled by the resource owner. This leaderboard is disabled as your options are different to the resource owner. Connie Chung just cut loose about working at ABC News.

Periodically, her husband, TV host Mary Police, would have to interpret the male mindset she was experiencing at the office, because she said she had “this incredible ability to be naïve.” Chung also had a vivid description of what it felt like to work with Dan Rather at CBS News.

At the close of the podcast, host Andrew Goldman asked Chung to name the “most despicable man” she'd ever worked with. Quite simply, if you are making investment decisions based on what happened in markets in the last week or the last day, you risk chasing past winners or perceiving as the greatest risk something that has already occurred and been priced in.

We have seen that in dramatic terms in recent months with many people turning defensive in March at the peak of the coronavirus crisis, only to see risk assets bouncing back in equally dramatic fashion in the second quarter of the year. Just as we did when we were hunter-gatherers more than ten thousand years ago, our brains are programmed to respond to what we perceive as the most immediate threats.

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Our short-term memories (the human equivalent of computer RAM) dominate our decision-making process, extrapolating recent returns into the future. The consequences of this behavior too are often that people buy stocks at or near the top of the cycle or sell them at or near the bottom.

The view here is that something fundamentally has changed in markets and a more tactical approach is required when everything is so unsettled. The problem with that argument is that while every crisis is certainly different in one way or another, that doesn’t make it any wiser for investors to base their strategy on what might have been a good approach to the last one.

How to respond So, if this is human nature, how do we resist the impulse to put the greatest weight in our investment decision-making on what happened last? By far the biggest influence in your investment outcomes is how you distribute your money across growth and defensive assets.

If you have decided at your most rational moments, that your desired allocation is 50% growth (shares, property) and 50% defensive (bonds, cash), then that’s what you should stick with. If you respond to the market fall by selling down shares and buying bonds, you might end up with 40-60.

In other words, the recency effect can drive you away from your target portfolio by encouraging you to change your strategy based on a small sample size over a short period. If stocks have fallen sharply during the intervening rebalancing period, the adviser at the next opportunity will sell some bonds and buy stocks to bring your desired asset allocation back on target.

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The important point is your investment decisions are based this way on your risk appetite, goals and circumstances, not on what happened in markets in the past quarter. Here are some recent TBI posts you may have missed which we think you’ll find interesting: OUR STRATEGIC PARTNERSContent such as this would not be possible without the support of our strategic partners, to whom we are very grateful. We have three partners in the UK: Bloomsbury Wealth, a London-based financial planning firm; Sparrows Capital, which manages assets for family offices and institutions and also provides model portfolios to advice firms; and Penney, which offers access to financial advice and low-cost portfolios to ordinary investors. We also have a strategic partner in Ireland: PFP Financial Services, a financial planning firming Dublin. We are currently seeking strategic partnerships in North America and Australasia with firms that share our evidence-based and client-focused philosophy.

This chapter is from the book There’s a specific situation that causes cost overruns and stretches out the last 10% of a project. I call it the whack -a- mole problem, after the carnival game where a player with a hammer tries to hit mechanical creatures as they pop up out of holes.

Imagine a banking app with a button that says Account History on the main screen. Then someone asks, “What should that button do if the user isn’t logged in?” So the programmer is tasked with writing code so that if the user is logged in, that button shows the account history screen but otherwise shows the login screen.

Then later in the project, someone says, “We shouldn’t open the login screen if the network isn’t available since the user won’t be able to log in; that would be confusing.” Now the programmer goes through the code and finds all the places that the login screen is called and puts a check at each one to see if the network is available, and if it isn’t, it shows the screen that says the network isn’t connected and asks the user to connect to Wi-Fi. At this point, the code that is executed when the button is pressed depends on two states: whether the user is logged in and whether the network is available.

Multiply that by the number of buttons in the app, and you see how big the whack -a- mole problem can be. If they’re put in place too early, they are more trouble than they are worth, but if the programmer waits too long, it becomes tedious and time-consuming to move all the existing behavior to the new architecture.

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The task for the player is to hit the five randomly appearing plastic moles that surface from holes in a waist-high, flat-surfaced console with a mallet. There is an inherent satisfaction for a kid, who is otherwise discouraged from hitting anything, to be holding a mallet with an acceptable target.

Some developmental experts might point to the benefits of the game in stimulating eye-hand coordination and response time, while others may be concerned about an emerging pattern of violence. Parents may be pleased to simply have an opportunity for energy to be spent, even at the risk of transference from the mole to a sibling.

I sometimes wonder if a prehistoric version of Whack- Mole existed to train youngsters with the skills needed for survival in a potentially life-threatening environment. At that point in human history, Whack- Mole was not really a game, but the everyday reality of life.

As I watched the game played for the first time, I experienced an immediate aversion to the experience. Like the game, in the course of modern life we are presented with things that simply appear, seemingly at random.

For kids, homework assignments are a version of Whack- Mole when coupled with many athletic, arts and community activities. The experience is actually quite rewarding as effort turns to achievement and kids lay waste to the land of life’s moles.

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As we proceed into adulthood the clock does seem to turn faster, and we learn that our moles breed. The pathways of education, career and family invariably introduce new things that need to be whacked.

For most this is anticipated, in fact welcomed, as we grow in our capacity to hit hard and fast. What is sometimes a surprise is the realization that other people can add moles to our game whether we like it or not.

Eventually the pile was tossed (hopefully recycled) and life continued. The problem is sometimes when we allow things to become O.B.E., a choice has been made, whether it is the loss of an opportunity or the consequences of inaction.

The arcade version of Whack- Mole also has the capacity for multiple players. The difference between the game and the real is everyone playing in the arcade begins and ends with five moles.

The task of leadership is to manage the mole herd effectively. It used to be in Whack- Mole you could be certain to win with a score of 150, at which time you would receive a prize.

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What’s new is the owners of the arcade now decide what serves as a winning score, the number points you receive for a single hit and the speed at which the game is played. We spend a lot of time in society today just trying to understand the rules.

We cannot ignore one additional key element that brings excitement to the game. For some though, there can be great satisfaction in devoting focused energy on a specific task.

As someone who ranges widely in life’s experiences, I sometimes envy the single- mole players. I'm the lucky individual who carries the title, 21st president of Central College in Ella, Iowa.

Passionate about higher education and the issues facing it and the world today, I hope to invoke an engaging conversation with all who are ready to dig in, make a difference and build for the future.

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