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Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts I have tried to get a game where I’d cross the 10 kill threshold and that has eluded me since launch in 2018.

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One of the new heroes, Scarlett, appears in the Black Ops 4: Zombies maps “Ix” and “Voyage of Despair”. She is the first confirmed hero that can be unlocked with an Easter Egg Quest in Blackout Mode.

How To Unlock Scarlett : Kill zombies until one drops the “Red Scarf & Goggles” item. Travel to a zombie-infested zone, and kill zombies until one randomly drops an item related to one of the playable hero skins.

Take note that you need to create a custom game to be able to play solo, or with bots. Fight against Zombies in an arena with a bloodthirsty crowd cheering for you to lose.

Uncover the secrets of the Sentinel Artifact as you try to stay alive in a cruise ship, after recently hitting an iceberg. Fight to stay alive in a prison crawling with Zombies.

Classified is a Zombies' mode map that comes with the Black Ops Pass. The Classified Map is part of the Black Ops Pass and will be available to play on the Deluxe, Pro, and Collectors Editions of the game.

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Damaging and Killing Zombies Repairing Barriers Reviving Teammates Collecting Power ups First priority for the point consumption. Opening doors will allow you to unlock new areas for you to explore.

The Pack A Punch Machine will upgrade your currently equipped weapons into stronger versions of themselves. Power Ups are gold icons dropped by zombies.

Dealing any amount of damage will instantly kill a zombie. Talismans are permanent boosts that toucan equip to your character in before the match starts.

These talismans offer different gameplay advantages, and can range from common to legendary rarities. If you have played Blackout, you will have noticed that there are over 30 different characters available for you to choose from in the main menu.

Many of these characters such as Frank Woods, Alex Mason, and Richthofen will all sound very familiar, as the vast majority of these characters will have all played a major part in the Black Ops series at some point in time, whether it be from the campaign, Multiplayer, or even Zombies. If you fail the Character Missions during the match, items and tasks will not carry over to your next game.

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It's important to remember, that most Character Missions will require you to keep the item in your inventory throughout the match. Not all characters require missions to be completed, as certain Blackout characters such as Ranger, Frogman, Airborne, Seal, and Battle Hardened can be unlocked by achieving specific Echelon levels or by simply purchasing the Battle Pass.

Echelon levels are tied into Call of Duty's leveling system, in which players will receive merits (experience) every time they get a kill, win, complete a challenge, or even place high within the match. These merits will slowly begin to build up, raising your Echelon level.

Players can expect to receive the following merits for each specific task. With the help of Reddit users such as Max_Rockwell, we have managed to compile the following list that details how to unlock each of the different character skins available in Blackout.

It is also worth noting that some characters are still yet to have their requirements unlocked, so be sure keep an eye on this page for any new updates. Wake the Sleeper Agent by activating the Emergency Broadcast at the Array.

Hudson Unlocked from Contraband in the Black Market (Tier 200) in Operations: First Strike. This can be acquired inside the Nuke town Bunk, Mystery Boxes, or the Blight father Special Event.

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Nikolai Obtain the Russian Tanker Hat mission item. This can be acquired inside the Graveyard by throwing a cymbal monkey at the locked mausoleum door.

Richthofen Play as either Dempsey, Nikolai, or Take and have either Nikolai's Russian Tanker Hat, Dempsey's Juggling Bottle, or Take's Letter to the Emperor mission item in your inventory. To obtain the Blood Vial item, interact with the Blood Fountain in the Asylum with either the Russian Tanker Hat or Letter to the Emperor item in your inventory.

This can be acquired by interacting with the Typewriter/Blight father Event in either the Lighthouse, Asylum, or Boxing Gym. Don't use any equipment during the match such as Grenades, Barricades, or Sensor Darts.

This can be acquired from Supply Drops or the Blight father Special Event. This can be acquired by killing zombies or the Blight father Special Event.

Scarlett Obtain the Racing Goggles & Scarf mission item. This can be acquired by killing Zombies or the Blight father Special Event.

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Finish the match with the Racing Goggles & Scarf in your inventory. This can be acquired by Mystery Boxes or the Blight father Special Event.

Kill 2 enemies with either a Wraith Fire or Acid Bomb. Ultimo Nikolai Unlocked from Contraband in Black Market (Tier 45) in Operation: Absolute Zero.

Ultimo Dempsey Unlocked from Contraband in Black Market (Tier 95) in Operation: Absolute Zero. IX Bruno Obtain the Lion Cauldron mission item.

Confirm a Kill or Clean Up a downed player with fire. Win the match while you have 3 perks active, along with the Ocular Prosthetic in your inventory.

This can be acquired by searching the Red Crane at the Construction Site, the Lighthouse, the Rafters at the Turbine Hangar 2, and on top of the Asylum Roof. This can be done through melee or simply shooting an enemy at close range.

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The Annihilator can be acquired by shooting the target at the Firing Range. Once shot, loot the green box that can be found inside the building at the front of the range.

Ajax Obtain the Destroyed Armored Plating mission items. Finish the match with 3 Destroyed Armored Plating pieces in your inventory.

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