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Maria Garcia
• Monday, 17 January, 2022
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Nope, you won’t need to learn to train paths, or use convoluted glitches to earn tons of XP on maps. Sure, AI bots will steal your kills, but they’ll also watch your back and revive you if you die.

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How To Level Up Fast | XP Farming Guide Black Ops 4 Zombies .mp4_000155470 To farm XP in Black Ops 4: Zombies, you’ll just need to jump online.

Bots will steal kills from you, but they make surviving the later rounds much easier solo. Bots will revive you when you’re downed (if they aren’t busy) and are pretty efficient at killing zombies.

You’ll get a ton of kills once you get the Wonder Weapons or Pack-a-Punch, so don’t worry about those early-round zombies that bots will steal from you. Bring 3 bots into ‘ Blood of the Dead ‘ and reach the Warden’s House past the office and Eagle Plaza.

At the top of the stairs, you’ll have easy access to Titan LEG ammo, and plenty of defense against zombie hordes. For easy XP, you can also aim to complete Headshot / Calling Card challenges.

Zombies that spawn when four players are present give you more XP per kill. At first, the bots will take lots of kills from you, but eventually you’ll be able to arm-up and unlock a powerful arsenal.

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Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts I and my friend just got into BO4zombies, and we would really like to unlock perks like PhD but it's so high in the ranks.

One player has demonstrated incredible patience to prestige in Black Ops Cold War without killing even a single person in the game. One dedicated Call of Duty player opted to prestige in Black Ops Cold War in a very unconventional way.

So it seems remarkable that someone has been able to persevere for 37 hours of in-game time to achieve this, steering clear of any assist-giving damage and taking great care to avoid any accidental kills. Plus, in certain modes, it was great news for their teammates as Pilgore1 primarily focused on taking down enemy score streaks and completing the objective.

Objectives and “Clearing the sky” were the keys to victory, and you’d have to imagine they didn’t focus too much on Team Deathwatch and kill-heavy modes. We’re not saying that everyone needs to stop camping in a corner for a Sentry Turret (you’ve all done it), but it just goes to show that people can find new ways to enjoy Black Ops Cold War.

The Sniper’s Nest score streak may be arriving in Black Ops Cold War soon after a player’s video showed the existence of it. Despite the addition of the H.A.R.P score streak with Season 1, it seems that Trey arch could be welcoming the return of the Black Ops 4 Sniper’s Nest kill streak into BOW.

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Black Ops Cold War already has a wealth of score streaks for players to use in matches, from the tactical Spy Plane to the simply devastating Gunship. Whether it’s due to unused assets from a previous Call of Duty, or because of future content that has conspicuously been left in, there is a likelihood that Sniper’s Nest does exist.

The MW2 OG Twitter page has been sent a video showing how one player managed to reveal this piece of information. Debuting in Black Ops 4, the Sniper’s Nest score streak allowed players to call in a helicopter with two absolutely pin-point marksmen that could laser enemies with one shot.

The latest video by COD YouTuber ‘GOD’ revealed the best barrels to equip in War zone to improve bullet velocity. Call of Duty YouTuber ‘GOD’ uploaded a video in which he studied how each barrel affects the bullet velocity of most primary Black Ops Cold War weapons in War zone and revealed the best ones to equip.

Unlike Black Ops Cold War; you won’t know the exact stats and percentages, so you’ll have to test your loadout in battle. GOD tried out all his primary Black Ops Cold War weapons in War zone for the video, with shotguns being the exception.

This is also true for weapons within the same class since the Calvary barrel can greatly improve the bullet velocity on Legs while having no real effect when equipping it on Assault Rifles. GOD put in proper effort to collect this data, and you can take a look at the full breakdown of his results here.

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Ethereum Crystals are one of the currencies in Cod Black Ops: Cold War’s Zombies mode. In this guide, we’ll talk you through how to get Ethereum Crystals in Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies, and all upgrades you can buy with them.

There are two ways to get Ethereum Crystals in Black Ops Cold War. The first is to simply reach wave milestones in any zombies game mode.

Once you reach round 10, you’ll be rewarded with one Ethereum Crystal. The second way to get Ethereum Crystals in Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies mode is to email.

Email sees you essentially finishing the round and evacuating to safety before you die. If you successfully email, you’ll be awarded bonus XP and Ethereum Crystals.

If you don’t know how to email in Cold War’s Zombies, check out our guide. There are a ton of different things you can spend your Ethereum Crystals on in Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies.

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