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Day Wheel Of FortuneBonusPuzzle Solution January 4, 2021January 5, 2021QUACKING DUCKLINGS January 6, 2021FUDGE POPSICLEJanuary 7, 2021WE QUICKLY FOUND OUT January 8, 2021A WORD PUZZLE January 11, 2021A WILD BUFFALO January 12, 2021MAKING IT HAPPEN January 13, 2021January 14, 2021LOCAL HOBBY SHOP January 15, 2021PAIR OF CHOPSTICKS January 25, 2021A BLOOMING ORCHID January 26, 2021January 27, 2021January 28, 2021January 29, 2021 It’s Wheel of Fortune, America’s Game, and we’re posting the BonusPuzzle with the winner’s final prize amount.

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Payoff is also included with a link to the recap of that game. Sarah won $38,000 on top of the $17,600 she picked up in the main game.

During the Sweepstakes period, Watch Wheel of Fortune game show each weeknight from January 18 – January 22, 2021. And write down the Wheel Of FortuneBonusPuzzle Answer / Bonus Round Puzzle Solution, To enter that day’s drawing participant will be required to enter the correct Wheel Of FortuneBonusPuzzle of the day answer on the entry page for a chance to win amazing prizes. Fill out the entry form, which includes your full name, address, City, State/Province/Territory ZIP code, phone number, email address and Wheel Of Fortune bonus puzzle solution / answer today from the corresponding episode of the Show for a chance to win.

Entry Period: Wheel Of FortuneBonus Round Puzzle Solution:January 18, 2021Focus Your Mind January 19, 2021QUIET HIDEAWAY January 20, 2021I Am Overjoyed January 21, 2021MY HUMBLE ABODE January 22, 2021Joining a Band Please note, Wheel Watchers Club members can also get an extra entry each night. Wheel of Fortune is an American television game show created by Mere Griffin that debuted in 1975.

The show features a sweepstake in which contestants solve word puzzles, similar to those used in Hangman, to win cash and prizes determined by spinning a giant carnival wheel. We search through hundreds of websites, Social media, Forums, Blogs, to deliver you the best online giveaways and contests.

Guess letters to uncover hidden words and phrases, competing against other players and the clock. Bonus games help you unlock power-ups, which give you hints and other advantages.

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The word puzzles are entertaining, but this isn't a game for long, in-depth play. Other fans delight in schadenfreude and actually root for the bankrupt slide whistle to sound when there’s a super-easy puzzle on the board.

Contestants compete on ‘ Wheel of Fortune | Eric McCandless/Walt Disney Television via Getty ImagesLike another iconic game show, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune was created by Mere Griffin, who was also well known for his talk shows. The show’s female contestants solved puzzles à la Hangman, but the wheel was vertical, and was operated only by Foolery.

Although there have been various changes through the years, including a temporary departure by Speak to start an ill-fated talk show, Wheel has stayed basically consistent. One of the million-dollar winners was not an English wiz but a math teacher, Sarah Manchester, who won $1,017,500 in 2014, according to Time.

In addition to winning the show’s top prize of $1,000,000 with a spot on the wheel, Manchester also won a trip to the Dominican Republic. To win the million-dollar prize, the contestant must first collect the wedge, and make it to the Bonus Round without hitting the dreaded bankrupt.

As detailed by Entertainment Tonight Matt Delano pulled off a win that was arguably more impressive in 2015. That was initially set by the notorious Michael Larson, who obsessively studied Press Your Luck and figured out a way to get the biggest money prizes on that show’s board.

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Please read the Rule Book before you start playing, so everything goes smoothly when you go live. Tweaked the host's control panel to be more intuitive by only showing possible actions that can be made based on the situation.

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