Boy Names Meaning Werewolf

Daniel Brown
• Saturday, 28 November, 2020
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Werewolf baby names are definitely cool, from the Twilight-approved Embryo and Jacob to the celebrity-endorsed Novella and Rafael. Along with Jacob and Rafael, other werewolf baby names in the US Top 1000 include Collin, Elena, Grady, Hayley, Lucian, Marcus, Rain, and Sylvie.

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Check out our blog on werewolf baby names for more information and consult our comprehensive roster of werewolf names below. Wolves are one of the world’s most majestic and magnificent creatures that look incredibly powerful, fierce, and strong.

This list consists of names that mean “wolf” that are derived from various origins, languages, and cultures. This beautiful German baby boy name means “Noble Wolf”.

This nice name has an Old English origin and the meaning of the name is “bee wolf” (believed to be equal to “bear”) and is a classic option for your little one. This name was also the title of a popular epic poem in the 8th -century.

This is a very popular one from the list of names meaning wolf king. The name has an English origin, and it means “famous wolf”.

This name has a Hungarian origin, and it means “Wolf”. A strong Germanic option for your baby boy, the meaning of this name is “the grim wolf”.

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A handsome German name for your little one, the meaning of “Rolf” is “renowned wolf”. A unique Bulgarian option for your little one, the medieval name “Italy” means “wolf”.

A strong name with a Norman origin, it means “Warrior” or “Adviser wolf”. The name has a Germanic origin, and it means “A Victorious wolf”.

Here are some interesting baby girl names that mean wolf: It is the name of the foster mother of Remus and Romulus in mythology.

It is a unique, powerful, and ethnic option for your little baby girl. This is a charming and unique German name that means “Wolf”.

The name has an Old English origin, and it means “A woman pure as a wolf”. A popular combination is “Luna Lowell” and is a great name that means moon wolf.

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In Spanish, the meaning of the name is “valley of the Wolf”. This beautiful name has a Spanish origin, and it means “The River of the Wolf”.

Lyell is derived from Old Norse and was found in Scotland many centuries ago. The meaning of the name is “Wolf” and is growing in popularity.

The meaning of this name is “Female wolf” and it is pronounced as “Aor-Fih-Liyah”. “Rickey”, the name has an Old German Origin; the meaning of the name is “peaceful ruler”, “Power of the wolf” or “Complete ruler”.

This is a strong, feminine name for your little baby girl. This is a classy Old Norse or Old English name that means “Wolf”.

This name is popular in mythology and fantasy fiction. They are at the top of the animal kingdom’s food chain, as there are no natural predators that prey on wolves.

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Werewolves are very exciting fictional creatures and owing to their popularity, werewolf fans are constantly in quest information about them. Even a man who is pure in heartland says his prayers by night, may become a wolf when the wolf bane bloom sand the autumn moon is bright.

It is, in fact, their nightmarish appearance, their fearfulness quotient, and their extra mundane abilities such as shape shifting, which tend to add to their popular appeal. The werewolf is one such creature that tends to stir our senses every time we read or watch a movie based on it.

Legends tell us that werewolf is essentially a man who shape shifts into a wolf every full moon night, owing to a dreadful curse. Furthermore, werewolves are also being studied by cryptologists throughout the world; however, no sufficient evidence to prove their existence have ever been found till date.

We have ample amount of literature and movies on these, albeit mythical creatures, and it is absolutely needless to say that there have been numerous famous fictional werewolves. These characters have been influencing and inspiring people, especially children, over the ages, mainly owing to their unparalleled power and strength.

Those bitten by the so-called werewolf bug” are always on a lookout for all major and minor bits of information about these creatures. Before we begin with our list of some really nice werewolf names, let us have a look at the names of some famous fictional werewolves and where they appear.

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We generally do not find female werewolves making an appearance in the famous werewolf stories. Wolves are some of the world’s most magnificent, majestic creatures, and often have incredibly powerful and strong names to reflect this.

Whether you are looking to name your fierce pet with a word that means wolf, or you own a pet who channels the wild and ferocious traits of a wolf, we have over 175 wolf names complete with meanings! Many of our examples derive from other languages and cultures, making them unique and quirky names to make your pet stand out from the crowd.

Sultan from the Old English ‘wolf’ and ‘Stan’, meaning ‘stone’ That ends our article on the wild and fascinating world of names meaning wolf.

We hope you have enjoyed discovering the brilliant and wide range of wolf names, and other words relating to wolves. Whether it was the fierce ‘Beowulf’, the feminine ‘Rudolf’, or the adorable ‘Fill an’ that caught your eye, we hope you found the perfect name to suit your wild and wolfish pet.

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