Boy X Boy Werewolf

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An omega's fight Ty was born unlucky. An omega wolf of a cruel pack, he was used and abused, and no matter what he did was always getting in trouble.

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He's made peace with his shitty life though, and was seemingly content. Realizing that he couldn't even stomach the thought of his kids being raised in h...

B x by || h x she m THIS BOOK IS DISCONTINUED I DON'T OWN ANY OF THE PICTURES IN THIS STORY James is a shy omega who has been both verbally and physically abused, he has huge social Anxiety and has recently been diagnosed with depression. He's afraid of finding his mate because he thinks he's worthless and doesn't deserve love.

When the two dukes come together for the Hillsdale fox hunt in Yorkshire, Harry finds himself drawn into Louis' bed. But when secrets from Louis' dark past come to light, Harry fears that the fox isn't the only o...

Kenyon Hiroshi, a young boy who is abused by his step-mother, is found by his two protective mates. Without knowing that they are his mates, they take him into their pack along with Oak, his familiar, and Limbo, his best Fri...

One day, while chase down Jackie (his crazy best friend). Our pack ~ Bandeau Omega verse A lonely omega, a dominant alpha.

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-- Izuku strummed his pale fingers atop of then oak desk, listing to the shallow, quiet tapping beat he was creating. He wishes he could find someone who didn't think his secondary gender could be a nuisance to their p...

Two Mates (BBB) When Elliott Davis catches alpha twins Tate and Oliver Moore making out in the school bathroom, he figured they'd beat him up to keep him quiet. After all, he was no match for the two most dominant boys at Kingston High.

Then 17-year-old twins Tyler and Troy are turning 18 today, and will soon find their mate. Since they are starting at a new school, they have a better chance at finding their mate.

Little Omega (BoyXBoyXBoy) (Under Edit) Scotty is the only openly gay kid around. Omegas are to be cherished and protected, not tormented and ridiculed.

What happens when Ryder, Drake, and Ashton the future leaders of the pack come back from special... My Little Omega Mate Baba- This is soon to be Alpha in the Blue Moon Star's.

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He hopes on finding a nice girl that can provide his pups and love him for ever. Inhaling my scent deeply, my wolf whimpered under his touch.

“Mine” I repeated slightly confused, his eyes flashed a bright red, and I knew righter than that I was his. The poor omega finally finds his mate, which is a soon-to-be Alpha of a different pack.

Boy's Don't Cry (Complete) An abused little is auctioned off to a future Alpha. Jumper News are not common and many people haven't ever seen one in person.

Most think they are just a small percent of the population (which they are) but they hide it to the best of their abilities. The Alpha Benjamin is found in the forest while it's raining, cold and weak.

A werewolf Alpha comes across him while patrolling the land and immediately knows he's his mate. Skylar is a cute Nero boy sadly he was born in a pretty fucked up family.

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His mom (Maybelle) is a drunk, druggy and will sell her body for... (Toyboy) (MPEG) Riley Conner is the Omega of the Sliver Moon Pack, Riley is the weakest wolf of the pack, and he gets picked on because of it, but that was until he bumped into the future Alpha Ace Grey and felt a spark.

He was reserved, had an introverted soul, and struggled to communicate with even those closest to him. Paul continued to smirk and stalk closer to me, blocking off any escape now.

Taming Ferris The twin brothers Evader and Leandro, born from the Greek gods of Love and Chaos, regularly bring all the Pantheons and realms in an uproar with their little games of finding love in the utmost chaotic way possible. You see, they search for the mates of every creature they set their eyes on and relocate them on...

Arctic Wolf The new cover is thanks to a fan of mine, and I think they did a very wonderful job! @mwontobey Jamie, small, fragile, a major nerd.

Ross, tall, strong, a major jock. Jamie is a runaway, he ran from the place that tortured him for being different and ended up in a different pack.

Rev, a twenty four-year-old marauding tiger was enjoying his life of solitude until a certain adorable omega stumbles into his PE... The Last Of Us Michael Hayes grew up as the pack slave.

Michael became the pack slave at the age of four and his first beating happen... It took a moment before he realized it was soft teeth around his neck, and he was vibrating from a larger animals growl surrounding his body.

And the sweet thick smell that made Evan weak entered these nostrils calming his racing heart, before it jumped up into fear. It was doing this, making my feet lead and my mind crazy.

One night his life changed, his aunt was killed, and he was kidnapped by the killers. “Rare Breed”(toyboy) An has just reached the age of 16.

His Getaway (BXB) | Throughout the whole of Evan's life, he was convinced he was a sinner. Evan is a damaged and broken teenager who just wanted to get away from his past life.

Won't Obey (BXB) (MPEG) Winter Woods and Omega that was kicked out by his father, meets his mate who is into BDSM Jack Williams an Alpha that is into BDSM find his mate who just won't obey Alpha Obsession Before school even begins, 17-year-old Jake Kent is attacked by an enormous gray wolf.

He's saved by a mysterious blonde, but things get even more unbelievable when he watches the wolf transform into a human. When he sees this woman is a teacher at his new school, you'd think Jake would file for a transfer, but he does...

Property of Father “'Look, Baby,' Caleb smirked, his buff arms crossed in front of his massive chest as he blocked the doorway, 'I know that you're not exactly thrilled with the idea of being my mate; and for that, I apologize and swear that I'll make it all better.' An Idol for the Omega When Braden Sorenson accompanies his Alpha to the airport, to welcome the Luna home from his trip he's not expecting to meet his mate: a famous K-pop idol.

“Well, I won't lie and say that throwing the kiss in her face wasn't part of the plan... But I also do want to be with you, I'm just not sure we should.” He wakes up with no memory of the night before and how he got into bed at a hotel.

Twilight Lovers - (Soon To Be Rewritten) Haunted by his coven. Luke, a 500-year-old vampire found peace in a small town known as Rosewood.

But everything changed when he met Tristan, the alpha of werewolves living in Rosewood. Language: Tagalog CREDITS GOES TO THE OWNER OF THE IMAGE THAT WAS USED IN THE COVER.

Colton was a rogue borne omega; a rarity in the least. Raised in a small, rogue community hidden in the depths of the woods Colton has no cares in the world.

Omega's Broken Soul (Mm) Originally known as “The Alpha's Submissive Beta” This book is ***Under Light Editing*** Atari has been struggling with self-acceptance since he was eight years old. The day his mother was murdered changed his life forever.

After being adopted into a new pack and faced with regrets about that incident, Atari falls int... He's been called that for his entire life by everyone he knows, and cannot remember being addressed as anything else.

Runt is an albino in both wolf form and human, and is abused by his pack for it. When his brother, the alpha of the pack, sees an opportunity to throw him away...

I sneer, and he rubs his eye as he stands up strain... Finally, (Manx boy) Because their Alpha angered many packs in the past, the whole pack undergoes strict training to prepare themselves from any attacks headed their way.

~~~ is s , s is is is s, is is less is is. He strengthens the pack, defying the logic of status, and the fearful alpha couldn't cherish him more.

Father's Little Wolf (Mm Fantasy) *Unedited* Aspen is an omega. It makes him weak and vulnerable to attacks, both emotionally and physically.

He'd lived for thirteen years as a rogue, avoiding all other packs with a honed skill of era... Supernatural High (FANBOY) (Book 1) Aidan is a 14-year-old boy who lost his parents at a young age and lives with his two twin cousins.

He doesn't have any friends, he is horrible in school, and he has never ONCE dated anybody. And Trinity knows that the alpha would not want him, even if he knew that they were mates.

The Cruel Rejection (Toyboy) The first book of Rejection Series: Ralph Meyer is member of largest and strongest Pack, Midnight Silent. He is unsocial and outcast by his family and pack society.

The Alpha's Love Bailey James is an Omega of the Howling Wind Pack. When he was 14, his mother died in a rogue attack while trying to protect him, and ever since, his “father” and Alpha have beaten him every day and have been treating him as though he's a slave.

A Teacher's Secrets Mr. Olson is an Alpha for the strongest pack in the world and has been mate less ever since he was 16. It's been 5 years since then, and he's lost hope for ever finding his other half.

He teaches at Westlake and finds life to be a drag without his other half. Do As Alpha Says Emery is a normal boy, nineteen years old, getting ready for college.

Training to be a war wolf, oh yeah did I mention Emery is a werewolf ? He has drool worthy muscles, tanned skin that you just want...

The Alpha's Mute Quiet, Shy and mute, Nicklaus Wade harbors a past that haunts him and leaves him unable to speak. Violent, Reckless and Dominant, Gnash ton Wade is unable to keep himself in check.

With anger management issues and a distorted view on life, his initial raging Alpha ways makes a turn for the better when Nicklaus enters hi...

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