Brave Frontier Wild Edge Serge

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1459 Data ID 30846 Element Earth Gender Male Rarity 7 Max LV. 120 Cost 44 Arena Type 2 Colosseum Legality Stats HP ATK DEF REC Base 5,012 2,145 1,696 1,812 Lord 7,166 2,903 2,306 2,443 Anima 8,059 2,903 2,306 2,205 Breaker 7,166 3,141 2,068 2,443 Guardian 7,166 2,903 2,544 2,324 Oracle 7,166 2,903 2,187 2,800 Rex8,654 3,082 2,485 2,622 Final, in-game stats may differ slightlyUnit Types also provide special passive bonuses.

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I'm a man who pays his debts, after all. Fusion Enough, stop already! It scares me just to think of what you're going to ask of me. Unit Lore An assassin who served a lion demon and their daughter. Born in another world, he was originally an ordinary acrobat who adapted his skills for combat in order to survive in Sharia.

He also began a journey to Grand Gaia in order to aid her in claiming vengeance, but he encountered an Elder Summoner along the way who had come to search for the daughter of the dragon demon clan's leader. 1460 Data ID 30847 Element Earth Gender Male Rarity OFNI Max LV.

150 Cost 48 Arena Type 2 Colosseum Legality Stats HP ATK DEF REC Base 6,180 2,612 2,075 2,199 Lord 8,034 3,236 2,594 2,736 Anima 9,152 3,236 2,594 2,438 Breaker 8,034 3,534 2,296 2,736 Guardian 8,034 3,236 2,892 2,587 Oracle 8,034 3,236 2,445 3,183 Rex9,897 3,460 2,818 2,960 Final, in-game stats may differ slightlyUnit Types also provide special passive bonuses. Bonuses HP ATK DEF REC Max Imp 1,250 (×25) 800 (×40) 400 (×20) 500 (×25)OFNI+1 1,400 (×28) 860 (×43) 460 (×23) 560 (×28)OFNI+2 1,700 (×34) 980 (×49) 580 (×29) 680 (×34)OFNI+3 2,150 (×43) 1,160 (×58) 760 (×38) 860 (×43) Note: OFNI+ Boost stats are only available in the Global version of BraveFrontier.

How about you? Fusion Who do you want me to kill? Since you're giving me power, that must mean you want something for it, right? Evolution I've already let go of emotion... If I hadn't, there's no way I could've survived in Sharia! Unit Lore He attempted to extract vengeance against the dragon demon clan alongside Viktor's daughter, but the stories hold that he was quite reluctant to target the child of the dragon demon clan's leader. One theory holds that this conflict dulled his edge and even led to his defeat at the hands of an Elder Summoner in Grand Gaia.

Had his days in Sharia changed him more deeply and left him callous in all matters, the outcome of the battle likely would have been very different. They are favored as the weapon of choice of the Pharaoh and its protectors in Ancient Egypt.

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SEURA was an apprentice of the “War Demon,” and underwent rigorous training alongside another pupil who was his senior. He is said to have added a part of his dear friend's name to his own afterwards, eventually surrendering himself to the unending chaos of war.

At his master's request, His and his younger and brash training partner set off on a journey across the land as part of their tutelage, until his chronic illness took a turn for the worse. Knowing he wasn't much longer for this world, he challenged his partner to battle in order to pass his knowledge onto him.

This would eventually result in His's own defeat at the hands of his younger opponent, but he is rumored to have perished with an expression of satisfaction upon his face. Shnen : When you look at his face again, he almost looks like a girl trapped inside a dude's body..... Just like Griffith Green Thumb : Is an Earth Unit.

Because of their reservoirs of flammable oil and its ability to shoot fire from their arms, Flamers were thought to be used in iron foundries for incinerating rubbish. They are already as powerful as demons in Sharia, but they have an upgraded model, the Fla veils, which can attack with a wider range.

Cyber Cyclops : Is a robot with a single, green eye at the center of its face. Their upgraded counterparts are the Defrays, which fly on higher altitudes and cannot be seen from normal ground.

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Models BG-E750 are worm-like automatons that are thought to be built for excavations and demolitions of rocky grounds, but they become menaces as they reshape the land and expand the barren areas. Whenever an area with multiple unusual caverns is discovered, it is highly likely to already be their “work zone” and all surveillance must come to a halt.

They work under the Menacing Ragbarretts, who acts like a control towel, commanding the Rabbits to gather information. As these types of automatons hinders opposing surveys, finding and destroying them is a high priority, but not to be done with carelessness.

Pint size Powerhouse : Although Rabbits' small size limit their destructive power, caution should be exercised as they are smart and aggressive. He was later rescued by the female demon who ruled LEM, and chose to be used by her in order to continue his research.

Casting a Shadow : One of his special enhancements adds Dark element to attack for 3 turns effect to BB/SBB. Green Thumb : One of his special enhancements adds Earth element to attack for 3 turns effect to BB/SBB.

Healing Factor : Part of his Extra Skill lets him restore back a portion of damage received. Making a Splash : One of his special enhancements adds Water element to attack for 3 turns effect to BB/SBB.

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Caymanian Limbs : Parch Misfit Male shows his hands and legs separated from his body, with no arms or waist. Torch Eccentric Male has his arms patched back, but his waist is still missing.

Amazing Technicolor Population : Only in her Ocean Slasher form, in which she has blue skin. Four-Element Ensemble : One of her special enhancements allow her to attack with Fire, Earth and Thunder, in addition to her own Water Element.

Hot Scientist : Well, she, along with Male is an inventor who tries to seek a power by creating a bioengineered demon called Size. Meganewton No Blood Ties : Despite the fact that Hola looks identical to her daughter, Size.

Sadly Hola is not her biological mother and instead Size was created by a bio-engineer Stripperific : She wore a dress that bares her midriff and her legs. Although Laura held immense power from the moment of his creation, his sense of self was weak, and he was little more than a tool for fulfilling his creator's orders.

Tales of the battle between the two demons hold that their clash annihilated all signs of life in the area. Titled “Princess of the Wind”, she ruled over a small kingdom after her father's passing.

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When Gregor, an evil sorcerer, tried to take the jewel, a gallant thief named Elite came to Romania's rescue. The personal guard of Princess Romania, who trusted her completely, and held her in high regards amongst her subordinates.

When Romania was kidnapped by Gregor for her family jewel, Fizz turned to Elite, a chivalrous thief, to rescue her from his clutches. After Romania was cursed from using her family jewel and hid away from public eye, Fizz continued to support her.

His first kidnapped her, demanding the jewel in exchange for her safety, but the chivalrous thief Elite rescued her. Click here for OFNI Evolution]]Karl's mother who was a princess of a local kingdom under the jurisdiction of the Randall Empire.

In his clan, it is a custom to marry up stronger, and with that goal, he abducted Mariela, a princess with divination abilities, to make her his wife. However, Marion, his mortal enemy, intercepted as he took Mariela from him, while laying waste to his clan.

Viktor would then challenge a revenge match against Marion, only to be defeated for the final time. Fatal Flaw : Rashly fighting Marion after he wiped his tribe out got him killed.

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Had he carried out the situation with a cool head, he might have in reverse cornered the dragon tribe instead. Karl's maternal grandfather who was king of a local kingdom under the jurisdiction of the Randall Empire.

When Viktor, a demon from Sharia, appeared to take Mariela, he fought hard to fend his daughter from him, even calling his old Summoner friends to back him up. Serge was not originally from Sharia, but he managed to adapt its harshest environment with his acrobatic skills.

Serge managed to save Sonia from the clan's destruction at the hands of Marion. Serge accompanied Songs to help her avenge her clan, but he died in an unexpected encounter to an Elder Summoner, who happened to be looking for the daughter of his late friend.

The Golf pack adapts to Financial's cold climates, turning its body to hard ice for hunting while heightening its senses to be comparable to wolves'. The Golf pack were once held in high regard as noble creatures who lived alongside humans, but as they started to attack them in recent years, they are currently seen as dangerous animals instead.

He convinced Agrees to build his own army, and from there, he prides in molding and encouraging young cadets into real soldiers. When Agrees rose to unify Ellie, he saved the entire army from a great crisis during its war, but at a cost of his own life.

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Unhappy with the state of Ellie after the recurring battles amongst the elite, he was one of the first to join the Randall Guard, becoming the commander of the vigilant corps, serving as an extension of the emperor on the battlefield when the army was established. Following the founding of the empire, Gyros was among the first to be named commander of the new Imperial Guard, and dedicated his entire life to overseeing the emperor's ambitions.

The first emperor of the Randall Empire, and a charismatic leader who descended from the heroes who lead humanity to Ellie. Frustrated with the government who continued to let the people suffer, he led an army to unify Ellie and succeed.

However, he would later fall out of favor of his close associates and even the volunteer army who supported him through battle, and he never lived to see the peace he fought for. She then went on to ally with nations that opposed the empire and to continue her earlier efforts, signaling the inception of the Ellie Federation.

A swordsman who served under the volunteer army, which was led by his childhood friend, Alyssa. Calm, collected, and skilled in covert operations, he followed her orders quietly in most cases, but also kept her in check whenever she ran out of control if necessary.

While on a mission after the founding of the empire, he later learned that a death warrant was issued on Alyssa on the pretense of treason. He is the one who identified his talents and publicized that he descended from the heroes who lead humanity to Ellie, contributing to his ascension.

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After the empire's founding, Johan laid the foundations for its government and the current system of aristocracy. However, he also set about permanently eliminating all obstacles to his own personal ideals, even going as far as to execute Alyssa for objecting combining her volunteer army with the Randall Guards.

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