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• Saturday, 27 November, 2021
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But 30 damage will one hit link with 0 defense. Fully maxed ancient armor with attack boost 3 vs fully maxed barbarian armor with defense boost 3.

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I tested how many hearts it takes with a direct it with the big giant scary laser beam will give you: The thing that I found interesting is that it has a different minimal damage you can take.

Tested with for 60 defense it gives you 3.5 hearts of damage too. So what I found out the minimal damage to a guardian laser beam does 3.5 hearts of damage It is impossible to get lower than that expect for hacking the game.

You need just 44 defense to take the minimal guardian laser damage. Guardian resistance was a nightmare to calculate and still didn't find any formula.

If you have sometime to say for improvements (English is not my first language) go ahead and can someone tell if master mode has a different minimum damage or not. While the developer is certainly one of the greatest and most important gaming companies of all time, they were known more for experimentation with new gameplay forms and opposed to conforming to established norms.

However, this perception was completely turned over its head with the release of The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, which just might be the greatest open-world game ever made. The combat, difficulty, progression, story, and a wondrous sense of exploration are just a few of the many elements that this game has executed with the highest level of excellence.

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Death Mountain is an absolute pain for most gamers to get through when they reach this area for the first time, with everything burning up at a moment's notice... including Link himself! The Flame breaker Armor is a massive help in this regard, allowing Link to bear the heat emanating from Death Mountain and also preventing him from any damage that he might incur from fire attacks.

Honestly, both the Snow quill and Flame breaker armor are useful in their own ways, but Breath Of The Wild has more regions that are afflicted by cold, as opposed to heat. After all, with the sheer level of climbing that you perform in the game, it's imperative to find a set that can speed up this process, which can admittedly get somewhat arduous at times.

All three parts of this armor set are present in the three labyrinths of the game, making for a wildly entertaining journey to attain all three pieces. The best part about the Barbarian Armor is its set bonus, allowing Link to consume less stamina while charging up attacks.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has done away with finding hearts to replenish health. Instead, you’re going to have to cook to stay strong, create elixirs and reap plenty of other benefits.

You’ll find ingredients all around Rule, ready to stash in your pouch. It’s also worth noting that you can cook by setting fire to the environment, but don’t expect to be rustling up a five-star dinner.

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You’ll need to experiment to see what you can make and how that boosts Link; A truffle, for example, will temporarily increase your maximum hearts, or creating a Chilly elixir will make you resistant to heat for a short period of time. When you use an ingredient that contains a buff, it will have a prefix; Chilly, Energizing, Enduring, Electron, Fireproof, Hasty, Hearty, Mighty, Sneaky, Spicy and Tough.

These are some of the best recipes in the game, restoring bountiful amounts of health and stamina, combat boosts, buffs and other benefits. Fish and Mushroom Skewer Ingredients: Fleet-Lotus Seeds, Washroom, Stamina Bass.

You’ll need cold resistance early on in Breath of the Wild and all these ingredients are fairly common. Effect: Restores 5 hearts and gives cold resistance for 6 mins, 30 secs.

Effects: Restores 6 hearts and gives cold resistance for 6 mins, 40 secs. Chilly Steamed Fish Ingredients: Dylan Shroom, Cool Baffling, Rule Bass.

Electron Omelette Ingredients: Electric Affine (2), Acorn, Bird Egg (2). Effects: Restores 5 hearts, gives electricity resistance for 7 mins 50 secs.

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Effects: restores 10 hearts, gives electricity resistance for 8 mins 30 secs. These recipes boost your attack power for a short duration and restore hearts.

Effects: Restores 4 hearts, gives attack boost for 4 mins, 10 secs. Mighty Steamed Fish Ingredients: Bird Egg, Rule Herb, Razor claw Crab.

Effects: Restores 6 hearts and gives attack boost for 2 mins 50 secs. Tough Fish and Mushroom Skewer Ingredients: Dylan Shroom, Armored Carp.

Effects: Restores 3 hearts, gives defense boost for 1 min 20 secs. Effects: Restores 2 hearts, gives defense boost for 3 mins 30 secs.

Hasty Fish and Mushroom Skewer Ingredients: Fleet-Lotus Seeds, Dylan Shroom, Rule Bass. Effects: Restores 1 heart, gives speed boost for 2 mins 10 secs.

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Don’t overlook stamina in Breath of Wild, as you can’t do a lot of climbing or running without it. Energizing Fish Skewer Ingredients: Stamina Bass Effects: Restores 2 hearts, refills stamina to max.

Whether you want to sneak up on enemies or avoid a fight altogether, here’s some cracking recipes for staying hidden. Spicy Elixir ingredients: Warm Darner, Monster Parts.

Sneaky Elixir ingredients: Geese Eyeball, Sunset Firefly. Electron Elixir ingredients: Thundering Butterfly, Yellow Lizards tail.

Electron Elixir ingredients: Thundering Butterfly, Electric Darner, Yellow Lizards tail. Chilly Elixir ingredients: Cold Darner, Red Lizards tail.

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Wish those accessories gave the set bonus like their helm brethren! Wearing champion's Tunic (32) Soldier's Greaves (28) and Amber Earrings (28) I have 88 defense.

Silver Levels only take a nick off a heart. Conversely, equip all Dark Link gear if you want minimal defense and a cool costume to wear while slaughtering bad guys.

Wearing champion's Tunic (32) Soldier's Greaves (28) and Amber Earrings (28) I have 88 defense. I just care about raw defense right now. I'm wearing the above mentioned except the Guardian Tiara.

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