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The Blood Moon is an eerie mechanic in The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild that enhances Canon's power, allowing the spirits of fallen enemies to return to life by the red glow. The first time unsettling music plays, ashes levitate in the air, and the sky glows red, Princess Zelda will narrate the scene: explaining how Canon's creatures will be created anew.

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Every time the Blood Moon rises, everything in The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild comes back to life (except your horses. If you remember where the combat trial shrines are, you will always be able to stock back up on free, incredibly powerful Ancient Weapons, perfect for defeating Guardians in the over world.

You may want to avoid entering enemy camps or engaging Minibosses and bosses until after the Blood Moon passes at midnight. Good things come back with the Blood Moon, too, including weapons lying on the ground, items, and enemy encampment chests.

Consider placing stamps where you can find your favorite weapons lying around, so you can return to collect them after a Blood Moon. There's a small window at night during a Blood Moon where all of your cooking endeavors will result in a critical success, guaranteed.

There's an easy-to-access cooking pot across from Ha Bahamas Shrine at Dueling Peaks Stable you can fast travel to in a hurry if you want to take advantage of a Blood Moon. This is seemingly random after every few days pass in-game, but some players have theorized it will occur more often the more enemies are slain.

Hind is the first character Link meets who explain the phenomenon; from 10:00 p.m. to midnight, based on in-game time, this event has a chance of occurring. The moon and the sky around turn red and the dark aura that is normally seen around Calamity Canon will be seen everywhere.

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She explains that its glow causes the aimless spirits of monsters that were slain in the name of the light to return to flesh. This is a point in time in which Calamity Canon's power will rise to its peak, hence the resurrection of foes that Link has already felled prior to this event.

This can frighten players with their guard down, as the sudden roar and shock of red on the screen is very startling. Oddly, Master Kong is not revived after he is slain, though this may be a form of punishment for his laziness and failure to prevent Link from reclaiming the Thunder Helm, and/or Canon's way of using the Yoga Clan's desire to avenge him to his advantage to motivate them into being more aggressive and dedicated to their mission in defeating Link.

Alternatively after they are defeated, Monk May Bosnia seals their souls within the Illusory Realm preventing Canon from resurrecting their corporal forms while the Illusory Realm allows them to take on the illusion of a corporal form as part of Link's trials before the Final Trial. Aside from Guardians, a Blood Moon also restores Malice pools connected Glowing Eyeballs, presumably due to Canon's power reaching its peak.

As a result of this phenomenon, Link can never truly rid Rule of monsters, Guardians, or Yoga Clansmen. However, there are positives to a Blood Moon, such as being able to collect items, parts, or weaponry from enemies that Link has felled without worry of said resources being limited.

However, this generally causes the Blood Moon event to keep on occurring each night until the cutscene is triggered and the enemies respawned. Presumably the Shrines where designed by the Shaka to reset at that time, so the hero could return to them for training or to obtain Guardian Scout spoils which could prove useful to Link in acquiring these weapons to combat the slain enemies which have resurrected by Canon.

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Given the Shaka Monks are implied to have taken part in the ancient war with Calamity Canon 10,000 years prior, presumably they were well aware of the Blood Moon phenomenon and designed the shrines to reset and restore any defeated Guardian Scouts similarly though do not inform Link of it presumably assuming he would discover it when making return trips in search for treasure or items he was unable to collect upon his initial run. Presumably this itself is a surprise lesson to teach Link the importance of being cautious when returning to areas he explored previously after a Blood Moon has occurred in addition to materials and equipment gained from defeating Guardian Scouts.

When the console is using 90% or more of its system memory, a Panic Blood Moon can be triggered as part of a garbage collection routine. This allows the console to clean up its system memory and restore performance to an optimal state.

Blood Moon Game(s) Breath of the Wild Location(s) Rule Kingdom Blood Moons occur at midnight on nights when Calamity Ganon's power reaches its peak and escapes from Zelda's control within Rule Castle, dyeing the night sky and the Moon red with Malice. The effects of this Malice revive any fallen monsters and enemies, returning them to where they once were prior to being slain.

In addition to reviving enemies and Over world Bosses, Ore Deposits are replenished, and Materials ranging from plants and trees, to gear left lying in the field, effectively respawn, allowing Link to collect them again if the ones he took before the Blood Moon broke in the interim period. Mechanically, Blood Moons are a way to refresh Breath of the Wild's long-term memory and appear to purge the game's cache.

Consequently, data stored within the game's long-term memory is reset, including the presence or lack thereof of Materials and Weapons. Blood Moons do not affect things handled through short-term memory, such as Creatures, Grass, Trees, and Barrels.

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Blood Moons can be initiated by overloading the long-term memory through slaying monsters and enemies, visiting several locations, Sitting past midnight at Campfires and Cooking Pots, sleeping past midnight at Inns, or by playing the game uninterrupted for three real-world hours. Blood Moons can be interrupted by entering specific areas such as Ancient Shrines and Rule Castle before midnight, though they will simply appear again the next night.

Hind of the Dueling Peaks Stable is the primary source of information on Blood Moons, and can be seen acting strangely during the time period that it affects the over world. An odd exception to the Blood Moon failing to trigger at midnight while in Rule Castle is during the first fight against Calamity Canon.

If midnight strikes on a Blood Moon night during this first battle, Calamity Ganon's health will refill to maximum as if neither Link nor the Divine Beasts had done him any damage. The sky turning red at 11:50 PM also occurs when Dark Beast Canon reveals its core, allowing Link to deal the final blow.

When the console is using 90% or more of its system memory, a panic Blood Moon can be triggered as part of a garbage collection routine. 1.0 1.1 Whenever the clock strikes midnight on unlucky nights, the sky turns blood-red.

The first and primary reason a Blood Moon appears is so the game can revive any common enemies that the player defeated while exploring Rule. This ensures that a balance is kept between how many enemies the player will need to fight and how much time they will have to peacefully explore the environment.

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Routine revivals also offer the player additional chances to collect more items that enemies typically carry. If the enemies remained dead for too long, players would risk quickly running out of the finite resources they drop.

Similar to the case with common enemies, over world bosses, such as the Hines and the Modules, can only be revived by a Blood Moon. They are a different class of enemy compared to other monsters and even the story bosses such as the ones found in the Divine Beasts (which are never revived by a Blood Moon).

The gems, (such as rubies, sapphires, and Luminous Stones) typically reside in ore deposits, which the player must destroy to collect the precious resources. Swords, bows, shields, and other combat tools will eventually need to be replenished once the player has either broken too many of them thanks to Breath of the Wild's weapon stamina system or discarded them to make room in their inventories.

Travelling across a wide expanse of Rule causes the game to populate the regions with the monsters, animals, materials, foliage, and people that inhabit them. Defeating enemies and collecting weapons and materials are the primary ways to summon a Blood Moon, but the player can speed up this process if they explore multiple locations rather than staying in the same spots.

Sitting until morning will allow the player to transition past midnight, which is the time-frame when a Blood Moon is meant to appear. If this trick is done on the night when a Blood Moon is scheduled, the player can avoid the entire sequence (though the cutscene will still play).

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Making Link sleep past midnight moves the game clock forward, allowing the player to cause a Blood Moon while also avoiding stronger enemies. If they make Link sleep for too long, they can skip the Blood Moon hours accidentally and miss the chance to take advantage of them.

The Blood Moon ensures that the entire game refreshes itself, which needs to be done even if the player has not been consuming resources. A player could potentially prevent the Blood Moon from ever appearing if the game relied on them to first use a certain amount of memory.

As of now, the exact reason that the glitch happens is unknown, but the cause is commonly attributed to when the game faults and reads the in-game clock incorrectly. Unfortunately, this glitch can be very frustrating for players, as it can leave them in dangerous situations if they are in a location that was home to slain monsters.

When the memory becomes this full, the game needs to ignore the normal schedule time of midnight and instead perform the sequence immediately. The moon and skies turn red, and all enemies that you’ve defeated up to that point come back to life.

Now, Breath of the Wild takes a slightly similar route with the Moon playing a large role in being a pain in our behinds. While the Moon played the ticking clock element in Major’s Mask, here, it takes on a more “active” approach.

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When the clock strikes midnight, the Moon and skies turn blood-red (obviously). Now, as scary and dramatic as the Blood Moon is presented in Breath of the Wild, the intent behind this mechanic is pretty clear.

Normally, enemies popping back in areas that you’ve cleaned out is just something gamers take in stride, in that “because video games” kind of way. Some items replicate this, like star fire fragments and dragon body parts, but they’re relatively hard to get, while the blood moon is a regular occurrence.

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